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Role-Playing Calendar Updates and New Functionality

Montana Role-Playing Calendar

I strive to continuously improve the functionality of the Montana Role-Playing Calendar. Here are updates and alterations that hae been made to the calendar over time, mostly baed on member feedback.

Remember to check out the FAQ for the naswers to common questions and some how-tos to get you started. The questions people ask through the FAQ provide much of the ideas for improvements and new functionality, so you can make your suggestions for new calendar functionaligy through the ask a question form to suggest a change or modificaiton.

Recent Modifications and Improvements:

  • Multi-Session Generator 2017-06-30

    There is now a multi-session generator that will allow you to create recurring events - as long as the recurrence is regular and reasonable. For example, you can create sessions the first Saturday of each month, or every other Thursday, or every Sunday.

  • Database API Update 2013-04-16

    The database API has been updated to improve speed and security, and just to keep it up to date.

  • Form formatting updates 2009-09-29

    Made some minor updates to the formatting on the forms for editing games, sessions, systems, etc., so they should now look better for those of you using various versions of Internet explorer.

  • Comment notification 2009-05-18

    Notifications are sent nightly to alert members when comments are posted on their games or sessions.

  • Comments Enabled 2009-05-17

    You can now comment on games, events, and sessions.

  • Updated Games and Sessions 2009-05-11

    New gaming systems, new games, campaigns, and gaming events, and games or events with recently updated sessions are available from the homepage so you can find them quickly.

  • Calendar Changes Published 2009-05-10

    Recent updates to functionality in the Montana Role-Playing Calendar can now be posted to the site so you can see what changes are happening on the site quickly.

  • New Members' Area 2009-05-04

    The old calendar admin has been replaced with a "Members' Area."

    The Members' Area of the Montana Role-Playing Calendar is split into four sections to make it easier to use: Your Profile, Your Games, Game Systems, and Types and Categories.

    "Your Profile" will allow you to update your contact information as well as your game subscriptions.

    "Your Games" is where you can update your games, events, sessions, and gaming locations.

    "Game Systems" will allow you to submit or update gaming systems and publishers.

    "Types and Categories" will allow you to submit or edit game types and gaming categories.

  • Edit from event 2009-04-30

    When you are logged in, you can edit or copy your game sessions or gaming events directly from the event details page. Look for the edit/copy this event button at the top of the page.

  • Locations Can Be Mapped 2009-04-27

    You can now map your locations if you choose to (and if you enter correct and valid address information).

    The Montana Role-Playing Calendar uses Google Maps to produce the maps on event, game and session pages.

  • Image Resizer 2009-04-21

    When you add or update images on game systems (for the "logo" image or the game icon), the uploader will automatically resize the image as necessary.

  • Merged Different User 2009-04-15

    There used to be two user types: Players, who could subscribe to games to get updates, and Calendar Admins, who could create post, and edit games, sessions, events, etc.

    These two types of calendar users have now been combined into "Members."

    You do need to sign up as a member to subscribe to get notifications about games and events you want to keep up to date on, but once you have joined, you can start posting your own game.

    This also means that you no longer need to keep track of two passwords and usernames for the Montana Role-Playing Calendar.

  • Cookie Login Management 2009-03-07

    The login functionality in the calendar has now been updated to use cookies to help streamline the administration process, and to keep members logged in if they leave the calendar.

  • CAPTCHA validation 2009-02-10

    Captcha validation has been added to forms to prevent (or at least reduce) spam submissions, particularly through contact GM/Storyteller (well, game contacts) forms.