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About My Games:

I run d&d 3.5, and some odd "furri" games, two of which involve simple rules to hit, damage, and miss, as well as use skills, while another one I've yet to run but it looks interesting, since the only gamers I know nit pick or try the Uber, munchkin route and/or crossover to solve their messed up ideas......
I run most games simply and am open to new PCs and usually along the lines of d 20, or 20-19 full hit and damages, and on down, reducing the amount of damage, until 5-1 is a miss with a 1 meaning you messed up badly and one of 4 things happens (roll a 1d4), unless the system calls for otherwise...
I want to play at least once a week towards evening until the heat passes, and/or more if players are up for it, and because of where I live i can make a lot of noise without bothering anyone...all i ask of players is to bring own drinks food, and take it with you when you leave...

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