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Zoe: The Faery Return - Friday, February 9th, 2007

Montana Role-Playing Calendar

February 9th, 2007, 7:00pm to February 10th, 2007, 12:00am

Scott's House
6937 Green Meadow Drive
Helena, MT 59602

Interstate 15 to Exit 200 (Lincoln Road, HWY 279), West on Lincoln Road to Green Meadow Drive (4-way flashing light. about 1.5 mi W of I-15).

Left onto Green Meadow Drive. Straight about 1.5 mi to 6937 Green Meadow Drive (number is on mailbox).

From Helena, go West on Custer Avenue to Green Meadow Drive. Turn right onto Green Meadow (Capital High is on SW corner of intersection). Drive 4.7 mi to house (0.7mi from MilePost 4 on Green Meadow).

The group retreats from the concert to plan how to disrupt the CIL conference. Meanwhile, the rescued prisoners must reach the safehouse before dawn.

The Fae unleash their fury on the CIL rioters as the party escapes with the emissary. Where is a sanctuary from a protean enemy?

(Recap of Last Week's Session):

CAST OF CHARCTERS: PI (Pete), Sec. Consultant (Piet), CIA guy (Bob), Gladio financier (Veronica), Punk (Will), Filmmaker (Al), Industrial Musician (Cody)

The PI and the security consultant disrupted the ambush/kidnapping of the Israeli emissaries group. Together with the CIA tail guy, they managed to save the emissary and of her body guards through judicious use of vehicular ramming and accurate shooting.

The PI came up with a good plan for getting the emissary to the safe house. Divide the party into several vehicles and give the CIL hit groups more potential targets to try to track. It worked, the CIL tailed the two decoy parties, leaving the security consultant free to drive the emissary to the safehouse in total safety.

Meanwhile, at the safe house, the film maker and the punk (his "soundman") interview the US director of the Renewal Foundation re: their social work programs. The Punk used evil drugs so he sees the safe house in a "different light", and runs afoul of one of the security guards. The Punk attempted to steal a grant check from Cody, which earned the Punk a kick to the curb.

The Punk wandered down from the Berkeley Hills, colliding (literally) with the impromptu prisoner rescue party. The Punk assaulted one of the rescuers and was knocked unconscious. He was later "rescued" by a CIL security team who took the Punk down to the club where Cody was to perform for the Foundation. The CIL was to use him to track down the party. The Punk ended up in the middle of a CIL-inspired riot at the club, and was thankfully killed before he could lead the CIL troopies to the party.

Meanwhile, at the safehouse/headquarters, Al completed his interview with the director and prepared to go with her and the rest of the party to watch Cody's show at the Tir Tair gairne in South Berkeley.

Veronica prepared to argue over the line items in the director's grant (for armored vehicles and many guns). The director showed Veronica and Al news paper artiucles about recent CIL-sponsored urban battles in which Foundation equipped forces intervention saved amny innocent lives. Plus the letter from the Italian PM requesting Veronica's aid in expediting the grant application.

At the club, the show started ok. Went rapidly downhill as CIL protesters gathered outside and prepared to riot. The party decided to escape out the back door of the club, and exfil' in the PI and security consultant's cars.

The body count mounts as the party tries to decide their next move.

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