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Zoe: The Faery Return - Friday, February 16th, 2007

Montana Role-Playing Calendar

February 16th, 2007, 7:00pm to February 17th, 2007, 12:00am

Scott's House
6937 Green Meadow Drive
Helena, MT 59602

Interstate 15 to Exit 200 (Lincoln Road, HWY 279), West on Lincoln Road to Green Meadow Drive (4-way flashing light. about 1.5 mi W of I-15).

Left onto Green Meadow Drive. Straight about 1.5 mi to 6937 Green Meadow Drive (number is on mailbox).

From Helena, go West on Custer Avenue to Green Meadow Drive. Turn right onto Green Meadow (Capital High is on SW corner of intersection). Drive 4.7 mi to house (0.7mi from MilePost 4 on Green Meadow).

No COC this week. This week is a Twilight Imperium session. Zoe campaign resumes next Friday.
Recap of last ZOE session: The party decided to thwart the revival meeting that Reverand Jim was planning. Party learned that Rev. Jim was planning to hold the ritual at Red Rock Canyon State Park in the Mojave. Party simply “reserved the park” on the day the ritual was to occur so cultists could not be there easily.
Party discovered that cult decided to move the ritual site to the El Paso Mountains Wilderness. Party flew to Bakersfield (a warped, nightmare, Billings-like place) and rented 4wd vehicles for the clash in the High Desert. Party set an ambush for Rev. Jim and drove a car bomb down into the middle of the cultists' camp area.
Ambush road mine failed, but a Fae warrior sniped Jim's driver just as he started down a steep downgrade into Indian Wells Valley. At the same time, Veronica detonated the car bomb, wiping out the cultists, and starting a desert fire. Party was able to get their car renters' insurance to cover the destroyed car [bomb], thanks to the convenient desertland fire (luckily, only 20acres!). Also, Cody and the Israeli emissary received a mysterious artifact from the hand of an old prospector at the Burro Schmidt Mine.

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