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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, March 15th, 2007

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March 15th, 2007, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

After Sonny got off the phone, he dropped Giggy off and then went and dropped his car off at the mechanic and walked to his boat. As always, Elvis was there waiting to be fed.

Giggy called the Gutshot to check on his order, even though it had only been three days. Mike assured him that they had gotten one in, but it had the internal Smartlink II, so Jackelyn had sad he wouldn't want it. After confirming that the Smartlink II would work with SmartGoggles, but no better than the original Smartlink, Giggy decided to go in and get it anyhow.

On his way back from the Gutshot, Lois called. Giggy flipped up the visor on his helmet and switched the Pinto to autopilot.

"It's me!" Giggy said, flipping open his wrist phone and looking into the camera.

"Is that an illegal firearm poking over your shoulder," Lois responded, "or are you just happy to see me?"

"Oh, I'm always happy to see you," Giggy replied.

"well, I've got some news for you."


"That camera was shut off at 11:55 this morning."

"What?" Giggy exclaimed. "When did it come back on?"

"I turned it back on about 5 minutes ago."

"Do you have any cameras down the freeway from there?"

"Just a couple of speed triggers.

"Have you checked those?"

"There doesn't seem to be anything, but I'll look again."

"Well, let me drop a little something into that Lone Star officer's health fund here," Giggy said, slotting another 10,000 nuyen to Lois. "There. Well, keep me informed if anything comes up.

"By the way, would you like to come over for dinner tonight?" Giggy asked. "I'll show you my assault rifle."

"Thanks, but I've seen your assault rifle," Lois replied, smiling. "You'll have to come up with a better offer. Besides, I have the night shift tonight."

"Maybe next time. Thanks for the info," Giggy said and hung up.

Giggy called Sonny and let him know what the story was. He passed on the footage from 11:00 to 11:55 which Lois had sent him. Sonny called Trinny.

"What news do you have?" Trinny asked.

"Not much," Sonny replied. "The cameras in the rest area were disabled at 11:55."

"Look. I want to believe you. However, you're not giving me much to go on. We got a guy with a good rep - been working here a lot longer than you - and he's saying you never showed. What are we supposed to make of that?

"Right now, I'm taking one for you, 'cause I like you. But at this point you really need to prove your case, and video footage that doesn't show anything because it as turned off before the drop is useless," Trinny said.

While Trinny was talking, Sonny was scanning through the footage Giggy had forwarded. "I do have something more for you," Sonny said, his spirits beginning to lift, and his anger beginning to shift from Trinny to Martin.

"Just check out the last five minutes of this," Sonny continued. "You'll see my car in the corner with two people in it - and the interior all burnt out. We were there at 11:55 and didn't move until Martin came up just after noon. But the vid shows we were there."

"Let me look through this," Trinny replied. "I'll get back to you."

Lois called Giggy back a while later.

"Hey there!" Giggy answered enthusiastically, flipping up the visor on his helmet as he arrived home.

"You know," Lois replied, "You'd think I'd ged used to that face when you answer the phone."

"Oh, sorry," Giggy replied, "just a sec." He took off his helmet and shook is hair loose. "How's that?"

"Did you just do a Charlie's Angels head shake?"

"Well, maybe," Giggy responded. "Anyway, did you find more footage?"


"Oh, then are you getting off early and coming over for dinner?"



"It appears that today someone checked out the records from a camera, and this tripped another system, so there is now an investigation going on."


"I'll try to steer people away from anyone I know who might be in the truncated end of the footage, but I can't guarantee that I'll be able to stop people from checking a license plate or stopping by someone's house to ask questions."

"All right..."

"I just wanted to give you a heads up," Lois finished and hung up.

Trinny called Sonny back. "We have another offer for you. You only get this once."

"OK," Sonny said, "what is it?"

"You go and get Martin and find out what happened to the package," Trinny explained, "then call us for further instructions."

"OK, then what."

"When you have completed what we ask, we'll double the original payment."

"Done," sonny said. "What are the details?"

"Martin operates out of an office in Adelaide. It's on the second floor of the 320 Building on Front Street." Trinny hung up.

Sonny called Giggy and gave him the details.

"Great," Giggy said, "I'll meet you on your boat."

Ming gave Giggy a look as he walked through the living room putting on his armored jacket and grabbing his guns.

"Tile cleaner's gotta soak," he said by way of explanation as he walked out the door.

Sonny called Michelle and Nova, and had them come down to meet as well. On Michelle's insistence, once everyone was there, they went over to a nearby bar to talk, rather than sitting on Sonny's sailboat.

Giggy ordered four of 'something with an umbrella in it,' and joined the rest of the group.

Nova looked up the building on her pocket secretary. It was a 6 story building and from the partial directory she could find it seemed to be offices of the kind of accountants that don't ask questions, the kind of lawyers that don't ask questions, private investigators, USAA insurance agents, and other seedy types.

They decided to head to Adelaide and try to meet Martin, so Giggy called and rented a van and had them auto-pilot it over to a nearby park so they could pick it up. He slotted the cred, and made sure they included the full insurance.

They gathered their stuff together and loaded up. Nova started driving, but before too long, they just set the autopilot and all drifted off to sleep. With the exception of a couple of gas tops, the drive was uneventful, and they pulled into Adelaide at about 9:30 in the morning. Michelle drove them to a not too seedy looking rest area just off the freeway and went in to change clothes and get showered. Nova followed her, leaving Giggy and Sonny to deal with gassing up again.

After everyone was cleaned up, they got back in the van, and Giggy drove them to the office building. They went in, and Sonny went up to the digital directory which was scrolling up one of the columns in the lobby. The building was not in too bad of shape, but was obviously not being well maintained.

Giggy looked around the deserted lobby and, though he did see what appeared to be metal or weapon detectors on the archway leading from the lobby to the elevators and stairs, he did not see any cameras.

Sonny came back to where Giggy was standing with the girls. "He's in unit 263, listed as James Shahan, CPA," he said.

"I'll go up," Giggy offered.

"I'll go with you," Nova said.

"No," Michelle commented thoughtfully, "Nova and I will go up. he's seen you two," she indicated Giggy and Sonny.

"She's right," Sonny said, "We don't want him to spook right away."

"OK," Giggy replied. "Keep your radios on. I'll be out front."

"Great," Sonny said, "I'll head around to the side and check out the fire escape."

"Here, take this," Michelle said, handing her gun over to Giggy.

Nova and Michelle went up to the office. Michelle knocked politely on the door, but Nova just reached past her and opened it. They stepped through into a messy old office. There was a receptionist's desk, but it obviously hadn't been used for anything other than stacking files for quite some time.

A moment later, Martin - or James - stepped out of the back office.

"Can I help you ladies?"

"Yes, we need some bookkeeping," Michelle said.

"And you came highly recommended," Nova continued.

"Very well," Martin said, "what line of business are you in?"

"Entertainment," Nova replied.

Martin's eyes lit up. "Really?" he said. "Well, I'll need a piece of ID and you'll need to sign this contract." He handed them each a copy of about 150 pages.

Michelle took hers and flipped to the last page where a piece of pink tape had been affixed to the edge of the page. she was just reaching for a pen when Nova looked at the file front and back. Looking at Martin she said, "Could we look at this over a cup of coffee?"

"Really?" Michelle said.

"Sure. I've got a pot just here," Martin said.

"I was wondering if we could go out somewhere, get a Capuchino or something."

"Um, sure, just bring the contracts back when you finish."

"I was wondering if you could come with us," Nova said, leaning in seductively, "in case we have any questions."

"I suppose I could. I'll just need to lock up."

"Where should we go?" Nova asked as they started down the hall toward the elevators. "We're not familiar with this part of town."

"Well, there's a Starbuck's across the street," Martin offered.

"I was kind of hoping for something nicer than that," Michelle said.

"We could go down to Sally Lee's over by the wharf."

"Where's that?" Nova asked.

"Just a couple of blocks. We could walk down to it."

"You're kidding, right?" Nova said, "In these shoes?"

"Our van's parked right outside the front door," Michelle offered.

Giggy had hidden himself under the rear seat of the van while they were coming down the elevator.

They came out and walked over to the van. sonny came around the corner of the building behind them. Michelle walked around the front of the van to the driver's door.

"Why don't you ride in the middle with me," Nova offered, sliding the side door open.

As the door opened, Martin saw Giggy hidden under the rear seat. Pointing, he started to back away. Turning quickly, Nova punched him. Martin fell backward into Sonny's gun.

"Hello again Martin. Get in the back seat," Sonny said.

Giggy slid to the right side of the seat while Martin grudgingly got in beside him, followed by Sonny.

Sonny kept his pistol against Martin's ribs while buckling him into his seat belt, then fastening his own.

"So, why don't you tell us what happened yesterday?" Sonny asked as Michelle pulled into traffic.

"What do you mean?" Martin asked.

"Don't get cheeky," Sonny said, his tone restrained. "We put a package in your trunk. You closed it. We left. Then what?"

"You weren't even out of the parking lot when your van hit me."


"Your van pulled up behind me, blocking me in my parking space, and a machine gun popped out of the roof and swiveled to me. Then your black elf walked up to me and drew a heavy pistol. He pointed it at my head and told me to open the trunk. You guys had me completely outnumbered."

"I think he's telling the truth," Giggy said.

Michelle kept driving.

Sonny called Trinny. It was approaching noon.

"We've got him, Trinny," Sonny said. "He says someone hit him after we made te drop."

"Who hit him?"

"Someone with a van with a machine gun and a black elf."

"Let me talk to Martin."

Sonny handed the phone over and martin spoke quietly for a couple of minutes, then handed the phone back.

"Sonny," Trinny said, "keep him with you. I'll get in touch later."

Michelle was driving through the winding roads of a residential area when she pointed Nova to the mirror. "That car has been following us. I don't think I've been taking a reasonable path to anywhere, I've just been driving around randomly, and he's made too many turns with us."

"I can't get a good look at them astrally, they're too far away. Try to find a cul-de-sac or a dead end, so we will have to turn around and drive past them."

"I'll see what I can find," Michelle replied.

"Three blocks up take a left," Giggy offered. "It's a two block long street that ends in a cul-de-sac."

"Thanks." Michelle took the turn, and Giggy watched behind them as the sedan went right past.

"Maybe he wasn't following us," Giggy said.

Michelle got to the end of the block and turned around. When she got back to where she turned off following Giggy's instruction, she went back the way she had come. A few blocks later she and Nova spotted the same gray sedan following them again. "Sorry, Giggy," she said, "guess again."

They tried to work out ways to ditch their tail without drawing too much attention to themselves or their hostage, but rejected each in turn.

Sonny, always impatient, tried calling Trinny back, though it had only been about twenty minutes. The line was busy.

"Oh, drek!" Michelle shouted. "Hold on." She and Nova has simultaneously realized that they were not only being followed by the gray sedan. but that a van had pulled in front of them. As they realized that it was with the other car and they were boxed in, it dropped into reverse and backed into her. She had neither time nor room to maneuver out of the way. The hood crumpled ad steam started pouring out of the radiator.

Everyone in the van was snapped forward. Sonny pushed Martin further down with the muzzle of his gun, just as his phone rang. "Hello," he said.

"Sonny," the voice on the other end of the line said, "This is Marcus."

"Who?" Sonny replied.

"Marcus. Trinny called me."


"Do you still have Martin?"


The front of the van was strafed with machine gun fire from the van in front of them. Nova ducked down in her seat while Michelle grabbed her handgun from the console.

"Does he have the package?" Marcus asked.


"Are you armed?"

The car behind them rolled forward slightly and moved to the left into the other lane. Another round of machine gun fire from ahead rattled the van. Michelle looked at her handgun and slid down into her chair. Nova rolled onto the console and into the mid-section of the van.

"Yes," Sonny replied, still keeping his head low and his gun to the base of Martin's skull.

"Discharge him," Marcus said flatly.

Sonny cocked his gun.

"Giggy swung his gun to Sonny's head. "Cap 'im and you're next," he said.

The rear glass of the van exploded inward, showering Giggy, Sonny, and Martin in fragments. Giggy's gun dropped to the seat as he grabbed his head, where blood was streaming from the sniper wound. Nova grabbed her gun and slid out the passenger side side door. Michelle slid under the steering column, and Giggy dropped to the floor.

"Call off your guys, and I'll do it," Sonny said over the phone, kicking the other door open and pushing Martin forward.

Nova rolled up to her knee and took a shot at the man holding the sniper rifle in the rear seat of the sedan. Her shot as true. A shot was fired at her from the window of the van. Nova took another shot at the driver of the sedan as he continued to drive forward toward her. He slumped in his seat. Giggy rolled out of the van next to Nova and took a shot at the guy who had shot Nova, but missed. The man in the van took another shot at Nova, but her padded vest protected her.

The machine gun on the other van fired at Sonny as he stepped out of the van with Martin in front of him, his gun still to Martin's skull.

"You're my guy there Sonny," Marcus said. "It's just you."

Giggy rolled up to the other van and grabbed the bumper. Nova stood to take a step to the sedan as it rolled to a stop against the curb. The guy in the van took another shot at her and connected.

Sonny pulled the trigger.

"Is it done?" Marcus asked.

"Yes," Sonny replied. Marcus hung up.

Nova dropped and turned as the van started to drive away. Giggy struck one of his road flares, shoved it into the undercarriage, and let go of the bumper. Nova took one last shot at the gunman in the van, and at least shattered the window he was targeting through. The van sped off around the corner.

Michelle got up and out of the van and walked over to Sonny. Giggy laid on the street for a moment while Nova went up to the sedan with her gun ahead of her.

Nova looked in through the rear window. The sniper was laying across the back seat, but was still breathing.

Sonny called Trinny.

"You're bloody," Trinny said, answering the phone.


"Marcus got a hold of you?"


"Were there any problems?"

"Not really," sonny replied.

"Good. Here's your cred," Trinny said. "And Sonny..."


"Don't be a Martin."


A few minutes later DocWagon showed up to collect Giggy, Sonny, and the sniper from the sedan.

"well, Michelle," Nova said after DocWagon left, "You want to return the van now?"

"Michelle and Nova took the van and returned it to the local branch of the rental agency, then to the sedan and got it cleaned up.

So, now what...

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