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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, March 29th, 2007

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March 29th, 2007, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Michelle and Nova went through the car, determining that the only items worth anything were the car itself and the sniper rifle. Nova called Rainbow and sent him a picture of the rifle so he could get an idea of what they could get for it. While waiting for Rainbow's call back, they searched the driver's body and then disposed of it. When Rainbow called back to say that he thought he could get 8k for the gun, they mentioned the car. Rainbow agreed that they should drive back in the car, then see how best to deal with it. That also solved the issue on how to transfer the gun from Adelaide to Sydney.

Nova and Michelle had found two credsticks on the driver's body. Both were secured by thumbprint scan, so Nova discreetly obtained one of the corpse's thumbs and put it in a plastic bag.

Michelle and Nova drove back to Sydney and turned the car and the gun over to Rainbow. Nova was able to transfer some funds off of the driver's credsitcks, and distributed that to the group.

A little over a month later, when Giggy and Sonny had gotten out of the hospital and back to Sydney, Giggy got a call from Charlotte Page, an elf stripper he knew. She had a lead on a job he might be interested in, and asked him to have his team meet at the Twisted Troll Titty, the strip club where she worked, that Thursday evening. Giggy got a hold of the others and he, Sonny, and Rainbow planned to meet at the club. Nova, Nigel, and Michelle weren't available.

At the club, they guys hung around waiting for Charlotte to come off the stage and give them more information. Rainbow saw a contact of his, Jethro, talking to an elf nearby.

Approaching them, Rainbow could see that th3e elf looked a bit out of place - his dress was a bit too neat, and his pocket secretary looked a little too professional for a club that didn't check for weapons at the door.

"Hello, Jethro," Rainbow said, "It's been a while."

"Yes it has," Jethro replied.

The elf looked a little more uncomfortable.

"Look me up when you get done here," Rainbow said and excused himself.

About then the music was slowing down, and Charlotte made her way off the stage. As Giggy approached, a troll stepped out in front of him and walked up to Charlotte. He said something to her and extended his hand. She seemed taken aback for a moment, then beamed her trademark smile. she took his hand while putting on her robe.

Charlotte stepped over to Giggy, with the troll close behind. "Hi, Giggy," she said, "Do you remember my friend Thom?"

Giggy looked at the troll, "I don't believe we've met," he said.

"Really, he lived next door for three years," Charlotte said.

"Anyway," she continued, "this is Jack." She gestured to the troll standing over her right shoulder, "He's a troll. Thom sent him over for this same thing. Anyway, Giggy, could you show Jack back to the back room, the one with the lock on the door? It's about time for you to meet. I think there should be someone else back there too."

Giggy looked up at Jack. "Well, you want a drink?" he asked.

They made their way back to the back room, Sonny and Rainbow falling in line with them without asking any questions about Jack. They entered the back room, and the nervous elf was already in there. The room had four chairs, lashed back to back in pairs against each of the two columns. The elf was standing at one end of the room.

Rainbow took a few steps toward the elf, followed by Sonny when the door opened behind them. Jethro stepped in in his pin-striped grey suit and starched white shirt, looking very much the gangster. He looked up at Jack, "You're the troll."

"Yes, I'm the troll," Jack said, looking at everyone else in the room who was at least a quarter meter shorter than him.

"Some of you know me," Jethro said, nodding to the elf, "though some of you don't keep in touch," he continued, looking at Rainbow.

"None of you are likely aware," Jethro continued, "that a celebrity will be in town this weekend.

"We have two offers for you.

"First, if you can insure that he has a good time and leaves Tuesday evening alive an well, we will pay you 20,000.

"On the other hand, if you can meet him tomorrow night, collect him, and deliver him to us, alive and relatively intact, by noon on Saturday, we will pay you 90,000."

"Who's the target?" Giggy asked.

"Some of you may not know him, but he his somewhat high profile in the hacking and matrix circles," Jethro replied. "His name is Marcet, though those of you who have only seen it in writing may have mistakenly through it was MarSET."

Giggy pulled out his pocket secretary and looked up the name. "All right, we've got a picture," Giggy said.

"Who else wants him?" Rainbow asked.

"Probably any software or cyberware company out there."

"And is he expecting us?" Rainbow asked again.

"He's expecting a nice weekend of clubbing alone in Sydney."

"How do we find him?" Sonny asked.

"He'll be at Vinyl tomorrow night. He'll probably be there by 9 and is unlikely to leave until they close at 5 in the morning."

Jethro waited a couple of minutes in the middle of the silent room. "Very well, then," he said, "a couple of you have my number. Call me when you have him to deliver and I'll give you a location."

Then Jethro briskly walked out of the room.

"OK," Giggy said, "how do we get him out of the club."

"Easy," Rainbow suggested, "we just slip a drug into his drink to make him pass out until noon the next day and not remember anything."

"I can write a prescription for one of you for something that will do than when mixed with alcohol," the elf offered.

"OK," Giggy said. "Now, we need to have something to get him to want to leave the club. we can throw a party somewhere and get a bunch of college kids to show up."

Giggy rented a couple of units at a U-Stor-It near campus, and Sonny got some kegs. They had a little less luck with the DJs, leaving messages with a couple to call them back, but that was probably just that it was now 10:30 on a Thursday night.

Sonny didn't have much luck with the first sorority he called, the house mother was upset about the late call on a school night, and when he did get to talk to one of them members and let her know that Hambone was throwing another party, she responded cooly with, "I'll be sure to warn everyone." Apparently she hadn't been impressed with the last party they threw on campus. His next call to one of the frats on campus was possibly less successful, the guy who answered the phone obviously high enough to be incoherent.

After some prodding from Giggy, Rainbow tried his hand at it, and let the girl who answered the phone at the sorority he called know that there was a party and gave her the time and location.

Sonny and Giggy called another couple of DJs, but still didn't get through to a person. Then they called a few more frats and sororities, but still didn't have the greatest of luck. Then Sonny decided to call the Illuminated Order and let them know about the party. The gentleman there was glad to take down the information about the party.

Later that night, Jack called Thom. "These guys you hooked me up with must be really good," Jack said. "They spend just a couple of minutes planning how we are going to pull this thin goof, then spent over an hour planning the after party!"

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