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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, April 12th, 2007

Montana Role-Playing Calendar

April 12th, 2007, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

The next morning, Nigel called Rainbow, who caught him up on the run du jour. They caught Michelle up as well, and agreed to meet u pat the Soy Hut about two miles from the the club they hoped to pick the guy up at.

Giggy and Sonny simultaneously got calls back from two of the DJs they had left messages with the night before, and booked both.

Rainbow took the prescription the Ben had given him, and got it filled. Then he called Jack, his street doc contact, to confirm the dosage.

He proceeded to the building the club was in and looked around. The ground floor had a Meadery and restaurant, while the first floor has an art studio and school. The club was on the upper floor.

Rainbow and Jack walked into the Soy Hut and found Michelle already seated at a table, drinking tea. Rainbow introduced Jack and they sat down.

Nigel pulled up on his bike and switched on his radio, but did not go in.

A moment later, Giggy pulled up and radioed Rainbow, "Hey, open up the side door on your van. I want to drop off the shotgun."

"No problem," Rainbow replied.

Giggy dropped off his guns and then walked in.

"How long are you guys going to be in there?" Nigel asked over the radio a few minutes later.

"I don't know," Michelle replied, "Giggy and, um, Jack just got the buffet. It will probably be a while."

Nigel got off his bick and enabled the security system then walked in, looking none to pleased to enter an establishment this low class.

At about 10, they went over to Vinyl. They pulled into the lot, and Nigel, Michelle, and Rainbow got into line. Jack and Giggy stayed outside.

As they got toward the front of the line, Michelle noticed that the two troll bouncers were ignoring the fact that the doorman was selling drugs out of the till. She assumed that this also meant that the camera over his shoulder was not operational.

They made their way up the stairs to the club. This was definitely a dance club - the music was vibrating the windows. Michelle made her way to the bar and ordered a drink. Nigel did the same, but made sure not to be next to her. When Michelle was served, she made her way out of the packed group next to the bar and toward the more open dance floor.

Nigel got up to the bar and eventually flagged down a bartender and ordered a Jack and Coke. As he ordered, Rainbow called over the radio that Marcet was in the crowd, standing right behind Nigel, wearing a wine-colored sport jacket.

Nigel turned casually, waiting to get his drink. He and Marcet nodded to each other, and Nigel tried to look puzzled for a moment, then pointed to Marcet and said, "I know you! I've admired your work for years."

"Yeah," Marcet leaned in to be heard over the noise, "you in the Biz, or you in the Box?"

"Neither, man," Nigel replied, "Let me get you a drink. What are you having?"

"Whiskey. Neat."

The bartender returned with Nigel's drink, and Nigel ordered for Marcet. "What are your guys having?" Nigel asked, before the bartender could leave. "I'll refill theirs, too."

"No, flying solo tonight," Marcet replied.

Nigel let the bartender go to get Marcet's drink.

"You're not a local," Marcet observed.

"Nope, coming in from London, just trying to get the groove of the town, you know."

"Yeah, been through that. I try to get someplace new every couple months, just to take the edge off."

Just then, Nigel looked up and saw a bright red light across the room.

Rainbow had pushed his way up to them through the crowd, and saw the pinpoint of a laser sight coming across Nigel's face and to the back of Marcet's head.

Michelle saw it as well and screamed, pointing, and started forcing her way into the crowd again.

Rainbow, thinking fast, dropped and swept Marcet's and Nigel's feet out from under them and they dropped, just as the face of the blond behind Nigel turned into a cloud of red mist.

Those right next to the blond began to panic, but the crowd was very dense, and nothing could be heard over the music.

"Is the ork with you?" Rainbow asked Marcet.

"What? No," Marcet replied. "I'm here alone."

"Then stay down," Rainbow responded.

And we'll have to see how this turns out next time...

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