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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, May 10th, 2007

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May 10th, 2007, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

A couple of weeks later, Rainbow called Jethro to see if everything went all right with Marcet after they dropped him off at the pawn shop. Jethro assured him that everything went well.

"Well," Rainbow said, uncomfortable with the vague initial assurance, "he knows where I live. Should I move?"

"Shouldn't be a problem," Jethro replied.

Giggy looked into the Illuminated Order again, and was able to find a picture of Timmy on their site. He called Sama's secretary to arrange to have a team hired to find or extract him. He offered 40k if they can find him, and 120k if they can get him out absolutely unharmed. There was a 20k hiring fee, which Giggy paid without hesitation.

Rainbow spent some time hunting through the Matrix for Marcet, and was finally able to find a board he had posted to in the past. Rainbow left a personal message for Marcet to get in touch with him.

Giggy called Connie, his smuggler contact, to see when she could pick them up to take them to India. As it turned out, she was coming into the Camden Aerodrome in two days. She said she'd call when she touched ground.

They spent the next two days making final preparations, and convincing Jack that he wanted to go with them (Nigel didn't take much convincing). Then, when Giggy got the call from Connie that his flight to Brisbane was leaving in 6 hours, he rounded everybody up, making sure to get in early so they could get everything loaded up.

While the men were loading things into Connie's cargo plane, Michelle went into the facilities and purchased some chips and peanuts, as well a a couple bottles of water. When she got back to the plane, Jack was finishing tying down the motorcycles, while Sonny and Rainbow were strapping down the van.

"All right," Connie said, "we're about ready to take off. Get strapped in."

"Seats?" Nigel asked. "Up there?" He pointed up the ladder to the cockpit.

"No," Jack replied, beginning to strap himself in, "jocky rack."

Rainbow and Sonny helped get Nigel strapped in, while Jack helped Michelle. Giggy put on his helmet and got on his Pinto, which Jack had strapped down, and held on. They took off, and about half an hour later, while everyone was still strapped in, and beginning to talk about when they should get out of the harnesses, the plane banked hard to port and began across the continent, rather than up the coast.

Connie came down and had everyone untie. "So," she asked, "Where, exactly, are we going?"

Giggy got out his map of the area, and found Agolai, just east of Jodhpur. "There," he clarified.

Connie looked at the map for a minute, then went back up to the cockpit. A few minutes later she came down and walked over to where Rainbow and Sonny were lounging against the van.

"Rig's yours, right," she asked Rainbow.


"How far can I drop it?" she asked.

"Maybe three meters," Rainbow responded, "maybe twenty if you drop it into water."

"Well, we've got several hours to get this figured out," she said and pulled out her charts and a ground map.

Sonny, Rainbow and Connie finally figured out a drop plan, and Connie announced that they would be landing soon, and that everyone had better strap in and then keep themselves hidden if anyone came into the plane.

Several hours later, the copilot came down the ladder. "OK, you," he said, pointing to Jack, "Chuck the bikes."

Jack grabbed Nigel's Rapier, which had been strapped into a cargo 'chute, and walked to the rear hatch, which was opening. Once the hatch was open, he slid the bike down the rollers in the center of the ramp. He repeated this with the pinto.

"You ever done this?" the copilot shouted to Nigel and Michelle.

They both shook their heads.

"All right," he continued, "When it gets loud, pull that cord.

"Now, you first," he pushed Michelle toward the hatch.

She braced herself, closed her eyes, and walked off the end of the ramp.

Sonny discretely got into the van and put on his seat belt.

"Now you," the copilot shouted to Nigel.

Nigel ran to the end of the ramp and jumped.

Giggy jumped next, followed quickly by Jack.

The copilot came around to the driver's window of the van and tapped on it. Rainbow rolled it down.

"Get out," he said to Sonny.

"Keep the van from moving," he said to Rainbow.

"But, I'm going in the van," Sonny replied.

"Not if it's still tied down," the copilot replied.

The plane dropped sharply as Sonny and the copilot were undoing the straps holding the van in place. Then Sonny climbed back in to the van and strapped in again.

"This'll be fun," Rainbow said, a mild look of concern on his face.

The copilot waved them out, and Rainbow backed out of the flying plane.

Michelle caught her breath after she landed, then stoof up and looked around. She could see Jack folding up his parachute a few meters away, and she could see Giggy's Pinto near him. Looking around, she saw Nigel's rapier in the other directly, but very close to her. She unstrapped her 'chute and walked over to Jack.

Giggy was in some trees, and he could smell old motor oil and fresh diesel exhaust, but he didn't hear anything. He's twisted his leg coming down, due to the 'chute getting caught by a branch at the last minute, but it wasn't bad.

Nigel was in a ravine, about 7 meters deep, and with crumbly shale sides. He had caught one leg on the side as he landed, and had probably pulled something, but it wasn't too bad. What was worse was that his purple suit was dirty.

As the van fell into the water and began to sink, Sonny started to panic. "Calm down," Rainbow said sharply.

The van settled to the bottom of the lake, and Rainbow started up and drove out. "And now it's clean," he said.

Sonny give him a dirty look.

"All right," Giggy said over the radio, "whose down?"

"Jack and I are here with the bikes," Michelle replied. "Where are you."

"I'm in some trees," Giggy replied.

"I'm in a ravine," Nigel said. "I can probably..."

"We've got trees to the west and trees to the south, Giggy," Michelle said. "Any idea which ones you're in?"

"You didn't need to cut Nigel off," Giggy said.

"I didn't hear Nigel on the line," Michelle clarified.

"Michelle cut me off?" Nigel asked. "I didn't hear her."

"All right," Giggy replied, "you two are in opposite directions, and out of each other's range. Has anyone heard from Rainbow?"

"Nothing," Jack replied.

"I've got GPS coords on my pocket secretary," Giggy said. "Michelle, do you?"

"Yep." They checked and found that Giggy was almost due south of Michelle, so Jack and Michelle started toward those trees.

"I've also got phone service," Giggy said. I'll call Rainbow.

It turned out that Rainbow as about 20km west of Giggy and Michelle. He started driving toward them.

Nigel climbed out of the ravine on the north edge, and was then better able to determine that north was, indeed, the direction he needed to go. He started out that direction to meet up with Giggy, and theoretically Jack and Michelle.

Rainbow deployed his drone to start scouting ahead as he headed to a nearby road and then followed that east to meet up with the others. After a few minutes, the drone spotted a group of 18 military-looking trucks grouped together, parked off the side of the road. Unfortunately someone from the vehicles spotted the drone, and started a commotion. They uncovered a rocket launcher, and knowing that his drone could not outrun a rocket, Rainbow launched a missile off of the drone to the rocket launcher, while turning the van around and heading the opposite direction.

Rainbow called Giggy back.

"Yep, I though that was your style," Giggy said, looking at the column of smoke to the west.

"Well, they have at least one fewer trucks, and probably several fewer men, but I don't quite think this is the landing we were hoping for."

And we'll have to see what happens next time...

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