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Zoe: The Faery Return - Friday, May 4th, 2007

Montana Role-Playing Calendar

May 4th, 2007, 7:00pm to May 5th, 2007, 12:00am

Scott's House
6937 Green Meadow Drive
Helena, MT 59602

Interstate 15 to Exit 200 (Lincoln Road, HWY 279), West on Lincoln Road to Green Meadow Drive (4-way flashing light. about 1.5 mi W of I-15).

Left onto Green Meadow Drive. Straight about 1.5 mi to 6937 Green Meadow Drive (number is on mailbox).

From Helena, go West on Custer Avenue to Green Meadow Drive. Turn right onto Green Meadow (Capital High is on SW corner of intersection). Drive 4.7 mi to house (0.7mi from MilePost 4 on Green Meadow).

PREVIOUS SESSION: The party helped capture some undead "for scientific study", saving a nurse at the clinic in the process. Amir, the Zorastrian "Watcher" gave the party the information needed to make the trip to the Sacred Mountain.

The party drove to Mt. Shasta City where they found their contact a bit over-the-top-New Agey. They visited the local mountaineering shop where they discovered that climbing the mountain will be an arduous feat. Cody realized that he will need SPF 2,000 kit if he is to survive the ascent. The objectives were clear, shopping for mountaineering gear was nearly done. The mountain awaited.

THIS SESSION: Up the Sacred Mountain! The party is truly of varying physical condition; from a PI with MS to a merc' and a Vampire. Teamwork will be critical as they climb one of the lower 48s most stunning peaks. Keen intellect will help, yet sheer mental and physical endurance is what will truly carry the day.

The Gate is said to link several worlds, can the party win the favor of the Oracle? The Konwakiton Glacier lies in one of the most dangerous areas of the mountain, can the party reach the Home of the Lemurians? The summit awaits, with the knowledge and the artifacts, the party can end the undead plague gambit of the CIL. How will Cody, the Vampire musician, deal with the UV at 14,161 feet in altitude?

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