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Zoe: The Faery Return - Friday, May 11th, 2007

Montana Role-Playing Calendar

May 11th, 2007, 5:00pm to May 12th, 2007, 12:00am

Scott's House
6937 Green Meadow Drive
Helena, MT 59602

Interstate 15 to Exit 200 (Lincoln Road, HWY 279), West on Lincoln Road to Green Meadow Drive (4-way flashing light. about 1.5 mi W of I-15).

Left onto Green Meadow Drive. Straight about 1.5 mi to 6937 Green Meadow Drive (number is on mailbox).

From Helena, go West on Custer Avenue to Green Meadow Drive. Turn right onto Green Meadow (Capital High is on SW corner of intersection). Drive 4.7 mi to house (0.7mi from MilePost 4 on Green Meadow).

LAST WEEK: The party finished equipping themselves for the climb of Mt. Shasta and hired a guide for their trip. They wangled a Forest Service truck so that they could reach higher up the mountain. Veronica met the enigmatic ex-priest, Giovanni, at the shop where Giovanni revealed that he was sent from her organization to aid the party in their quest.

Upon arrival at their base camp, they found a small party of "mountaineering accidents waiting to happen". Antonia, the Park Service Ranger, called to HQ in town to get someone up to talk to the party of "babes on the mountain". The rest of the party pitched camp fairly near the party's first objective, the Gate [between worlds]. Giovanni immediately got off Cody's Christmas card list by placing blessings around the party's campsite, causing Cody much discomfort.

Meanwhile, Cody discovered that vampires are highly susceptible to hypothermia. He was saved when Veronica and Antonia bundled him up in their tent.

That night, two of the inexperienced Wiccans from the clueless group went down to the Gate in the teeth of a bad, sudden, storm (gale force winds and moderate snowfall), Antonia, the guide and Veronica tried to chase them down before they died in the storm.

In the forest near the Gate, Antonia and Veronica encountered the Wiccans, the woman was apparently "turned" and was killing her boyfriend. After several shots, the possessed woman was put down and her severely wounded boyfriend put down (Antonia knew from the party's last encounter that victims do rise again).

Meanwhile in camp, Cody heard unearthly chanting being carried on the wind. He mobilized the rest of the party for the return of the rest of the party.

NEXT SESSION: The CIL has made their final gambit clear. The party must now activate the artifact Cody got in the High Desert and seek the counsel of the Lemurians. Yet the storm is worsening. Is it worth it to press on through one of the Mountain's infamous sudden storms? Or risk the undead plague spreading into the North State and wait out the storm.

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