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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, July 19th, 2007

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July 19th, 2007, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

The next morning they got up and, after breakfast, headed north out of Udaipur toward Jodhpur. Michelle was again riding behind Giggy on the Pinto, while Nigel, Sonny, and Jack were in the van with Rainbow.

About a mile from the hotel, Rainbow noticed a suspicious car following them. he radioed to Giggy and they pulled into a gas station and filled up both vehicles.

The suspicious care just drove on down the street past their stop.

They resumed travel, and again, just before they got out of town, another suspicious car pulled in behind Giggy. Rainbow checked the plates, and they were definitely different than those on the first suspicious car.

Rainbow slowed the van and stuck his arm out the window to wave Giggy and the car around, but Giggy just honked and yelled.

"Look," Rainbow said over the radio, "I'll just shoot him, OK. Then he won't be any problem."

"No!" Michelle replied. "He hasn't even done anything."

"She's right," Giggy said. "We don't want to be the ones starting anything."

"Fine," Rainbow retorted, and he sped away.

Giggy did not speed up, and the car pulled out and passed him, speeding after Rainbow. Michelle looked over her shoulder, and then tapped Giggy. There was another car behind them.

"Well," he said over the still open channel, "there's two."

Rainbow slowed gently to the speed limit. "Great. Next time, let me take care of them. Why don't you catch up."

Giggy was already accelerating. They hadn't covered much distance, so it did not take long to get back closer together. The four vehicles were scattered over about 100 meters when a helicopter approached form the east.

"I'm taking out the chopper," Rainbow said."

"No!" Giggy shouted. "They haven't done anything."

"Do you recall that we took out eight of their vehicles yesterday?"

"They don't know that was us," Giggy said.

"Then how do you explain an attack helicopter with military insignia rapidly approaching us?" Rainbow asked.

Nigel dozed on Jack's arm while this was gong on.

"They're probably just on drill," Giggy said.

"Are you sure?" Michelle asked. "He seems to be slowing down."

Jack looked over Nigel and out the window astrally. He shook Nigel. "There's a mage in the helicopter."

"So?" Nigel responded.

"What do you guys think I should do?" Rainbow asked those in the van.

"I don't care," Jack said. "You're the boss."

"Oh, drek!" Giggy shouted. The car in front of him had just slammed on the brakes.

Michelle tightened her grip on Giggy as he slammed on the brakes.

A missile dropped from the chopper and hit the van broadside. Rainbow swerved and corrected.

"Are you happy now?" Rainbow asked deploying the turret with the minigun. "Is it OK to shoot?"

The helicopter exploded as Rainbow hit it on full auto, the explosion doing further damage to the van and the Pinto, due to the extremely close range.

Giggy drove up onto the car in front of him, as the other skidded to a halt inches away. Rainbow eased into the other lane, and fired at the rear car, which exploded, causing further damage to the Pinto and spraying Michelle with shards of broken glass while engulfing her in flame.

Giggy drove off the car, and Michelle lost her grip, falling to the ground beside the lead car.

"What's going on?" Nigel asked.

"The local military just doesn't like us," Rainbow said.

They started driving again, going slow so the damaged Pinto could keep up. "Is it wise to stay on the road, if they're after us?" Nigel asked.

"We definitely could go off road," Giggy replied.

"With the bike in that shape, that probably isn't a good idea," Rainbow responded.

"Yeah," Michelle continued, "we'd also leave a pretty wide swath for them to follow anyway. I don't see it giving us an advantage."

"Michelle," Nigel asked, "How bad are you hurt?"

"I'll be fine until we get to stop tonight."

"Are you sure? Maybe we should stop so you can come up into the van here and I can heal you."

"No, we shouldn't stop."

"Um," Jack interrupted, "maybe we should speed up. There's two more helicopters."

Everyone looked to the east and they could see the two choppers making very good time toward them. To the south there were two columns of greasy black smoke indicating where they were. It wouldn't take long to find the van,if they hadn't already.

Nigel looked at the two helicopters that were closing on them, but were still out of (the rather impressive) range of the minigun. "So, what should I have him do?"

"What?" Jack asked.

"Have him crash into the other one," Rainbow suggested.

"OK." They watched as the two helicopters got closer together.

"That's not working," Nigel said, and suddenly one of the helicopters exploded. "That was better."

They watched as the second helicopter continued toward them. "I can have him roll it," Nigel suggested, and the helicopter started banking side to side.

Suddenly, the van skidded several meters sideways. Rainbow fought to keep control.

Rainbow and Giggy both stopped their vehicles.

"What was that?" Michelle asked.

"What are you doing, Nigel?" Jack asked. "Nigel did it. He's casting another spell."

"It's not Nigel," Rainbow reported.

"Why won't he roll the helicopter?" Nigel asked. "I think something's interfering with the spell."

"Rainbow," Giggy yelled, "you're always all fired up to do something, do something."

"He's still out of range," Rainbow replied.

There was a crashing noise and the van slid several meters further to the left, gouging the earth with its wheels and nearly tipping over.

"What ae you doing, Nigel?" Jack shouted in the confines of the van, grabbing Nigel in one huge hand.

"What if you have him come over here and give us an escort?" Michelle asked.

"No," Rainbow said, "I think that's too risky. Especially if Nigel's losing control of him."

"Not to mention that they can probably track their own helicopters and know exactly where we are," Giggy added.

"Well, then we need to do something."

"Why isn't he rolling?" Nigel asked again, trying to squirm out of Jack's grip.

"Have him eject," Michelle suggested.

"He doesn't seem to be doing that either," Nigel said.

Rainbow turned and started toward the helicopter.

"Why don't you just have him land to see if you still have control?" Rainbow asked.

Giggy started the bike and resumed limping along the road.

"I can make him turn," Nigel responded. "Watch." And the pilot turned to the left.

The van lurched and skidded backwards.

"Wow!" Nigel exclaimed. "That was like there was an explosion that wasn't really here!"

"What on earth are you talking about?" Rainbow demanded.

"I think he's lost it," Jack said.

"Nigel," Rainbow shouted, "make him land."

"No," Nigel replied, "I can make him crash.

"No, we can salvage the helicopter," Rainbow said.

"I still don't think that's a good idea," Giggy suggested.

"I could have him crash down sideways."

"No, just have him land."

"Or he could nose dive!"

"No," Rainbow was shouting again, "just have him land. Just stop him from getting closer to us."

"OK," Nigel said, sounding somewhat disappointed, "he's landing."

The helicopter landed on a ridge about a kilometer away.

"Hey, I know," Nigel said, and the helicopter exploded.

"What did you do?" Rainbow asked.

"I had him shoot all his missiles at the ground."

"Well, we definitely don't have a helicopter," Rainbow said, looking at the new column of black, greasy smoke rising from the hill.

They returned to the road and quickly overtook Giggy and Michelle on the Pinto.

"Giggy," Rainbow said, "I don't think it's gonna make it. You should crowd in here."

"You're probably right. Do we have explosives? We'll want to blow the bike."

"Yeah. I've got some in back."

They rigged the Pinto for demolition, and Giggy salvaged the plates. As they pulled away, the bike detonated, adding another plume of greasy smoke.

They made best time to Nathdwara, which wasn't very good time at all, and found an automated storage rental facility. While Rainbow got started on repairs to the van, Michelle and Giggy went to look for another vehicle. They picked up a Leyland-Rover minibus, which Michelle christened the Betty-Boop, from a used car lot.

When they got back to the storage unit, Rainbow declared that he could have the van fixed - except some of the body work - in another two days, so they decided to wait it out, rather than go on without the fire-power, even though the minibus could hold all of them.

We'll have to see what's in for next time...

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