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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, August 16th, 2007

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August 16th, 2007, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Rainbow got the van fixed, and then set about, at Michelle's suggestion, building a mount in Betty-Boop for the light machine gun Jack had stolen off one of the jeeps when they were on the military facility a few days ago. After seeing that he could see the gun through the windows, Giggy went out and purchased as many different bumper stickers as he could, nd plastered them all over the rear and side windows. Making it difficult to see out was, in his opinion, better than having everyone they drive past see the gun.

After repairs were completed, they headed on toward Agolai, Giggy, Michelle and Nigel in Betty-Boop; Jack, Sonny and Rainbow in the van. Rainbow had them stop in Jodhpur, where they could get a hotel that would meet Nigel's standards. After three days in the best Nathdwara could offer, he was becoming unbearable.

They got into town about three in the afternoon, and got settled into their rooms. Giggy, Sonny, and Nigel started in on the wet bar in Sonny's penthouse, risking Nigel's complaints since he only had gotten a luxury suite.

Jack went with Rainbow and Michelle in Betty-Boop to take their first look at the facility. It took just under half an hour to get from the hotel in Jodhpur to the site on the edge of Agolai.

They were somewhat surprised when the site was just four buildings on a bare lot with a chain link fence, just over a kilometer square. However, on further examination, the the ground was completely bare, which, in itself was odd, and there was no sign of disturbance in the dirt.

Rainbow kept looking for any signs of the blackness they saw on their satellite photos, while Jack pointed out the eleven swivel mounted guns he could see as they drove past.

Michelle picked up her binoculars (well, actually Nigel's) and looked closely at the three signs on the gate to the facility. They were just your basic 'keep out' and 'hazard' signs, each in three different languages. However, as she was looking away, she saw a smaller sign, which said, "WARNING: KNOWN TOXIC ZONE! Do not access - do not enter by order of the Shiawaze Corporate Council."

"Well," Michelle said, "that's interesting?"

"What, that astral space is blurry over there?" Jack asked.

"No, a warning that the area is toxic. What does it mean that it's blurry?"

"I don't know."

Rainbow turned the corner so they could drive along the second side of the perimeter. Michelle was able to confirm that the same signs were on the toher gate, and Jack found six more guns.

"Lets go find a bar and see who we can talk to," Michelle suggested, then pulled out her phone to make a call.

"Hey, Andy," she said when the line was answered by a decker she knew. "I know it's been a while, but I have a question for you." She slotted 2 grand to him.

"I'm listening," Andy responded.

"Can you find me anything about the activity at the Shiawaze compound in Agolai? An employee roster would be great."

"Sure. I'll get on it."

Rainbow parked Betty-Boop in front of a bar in the middle of town. People were starting to trickle in since it was the end of the work day.

Michelle ordered drinks for herself and Rainbow, and struck up a conversation with a couple of locals. After about half an hour, they were able to determine that the people who worked in the compound didn't interact with the rest of the town much, and that the facility had been closed down about tow and a half years earlier, when some corporate busy-bodies had come down, taken two vehicles off the grounds, and chained the gates shut. Since then, anyone who gets over the fence is shot, and their body is not there in the morning.

On the drive back to Jodhpur, they noticed that there were a couple of lights on in the larger of the four buildings, which they had determined was probably an on-campus dormitory, but they did not stop to investigate further.

As they drove back, Andy called. He reported to Michelle that he was unable to find any record of Shiawaze having a facility in Agolai, let alone employee records.

Having looked at the guns on the various buildings and on the fence of the compound, Rainbow called John, his fixer, to see if he could hook him up with any missiles in India, as he was down to just 1.

"Who's paying us to do this?" Nigel asked when this information was relayed to the rest of the group that evening, "And how much are they paying?"

The next morning Andy called back again. After following up on Michelle's further request for information on Dr. Yametsu, listed in the information Giggy had on his chip about the site as the project or team lead, his first pass showed that he was, in fact researching and writing on artificial intelligence, and was listed as working for Shiawaze and Renraku, depending on which papers you were reading. Michelle asked him to see what else he could find, and slotted him some more cred.

John got back to Rainbow, letting him know that he had a contact in Delhi who could probably sell him some missiles, if he could get to Delhi...

Sonny got a limo to Agolai, and took a brief look at the facility as they drove by on the highway coming in to town.He had the driver drop him off at a realtor's office on the far side of Agolai, and walked in.

The woman gestured to Sonny that she would be off the phone momentarily and that he should have a seat. When she got off the phone, she addressed Sonny and offered him a cup of tea, which he accepted.

"How can I help you today?"

"I'm interested in the vacant property on the east side of town," Sonny said.

"Oh, I can find you something much nicer. That location is toxic and clearly hazardous. How about something closer to here, maybe on the south side of town?" she offered, opening a drawer in her desk.

"Actually, that's the reason I'm looking for the property," Sonny said. He pulled out his pocket secretary and had it run off a card for her. "I represent an investment firm working on site cleaning technology, and I would like a price on that facility."

"Well," She stammered, surprised by his forwardness, "I don't have any information, and the property isn't listed."

"You have my card. Call me when you find anything." He got up and left.

Michelle and Rainbow had gone down to the library in Jodhpur to do a little additional research. After several hours looking through the newspaper archives, they had both managed to find short articles from around when the plant had been closed. Michelle's mentioned that the plant had closed, and Rainbow's, dated a couple weeks later, mentioned the site being "cleaned up," but neither mentioned anything about employees or what had been done, or why it needed to be cleaned up.

Giggy, meanwhile, called Dr. Yametsu's school in Tokyo to try to get some information. The woman who answered answered in Japanese, which Giggy couldn't understand.

"English, please?" he asked.

There was some conversation in the background, and then another woman answered, "How can I help you, sir?"

"Yes, I'm doing some research here at Jodhpur Polytechnic, and was writing on some of the works of Dr. Yametsu, and I was wondering if I could get any further information from you?"

"Yes, he graduated from here twelve years ago, with a degree in computer science specializing in life-systems modeling," the woman responded after a couple minutes searching through a computerized records system.

"Could you give me his last known address, I'd really like to get in touch with him for an interview for this paper."

"I'm sorry, that information is not available."

"Well, does he make payments to the alumni foundation?"

"Yes, a payment is made every couple years."

"well, when did the last one come in?"

Just a couple weeks ago."

"All right, could you give me the address that came from?"

"I'm sorry, that information is not available, sir."

"All right," Giggy said, "thanks anyway."

Andy called Michelle back while she and Rainbow were sharing the information they had gotten with Giggy.

"Well," he said when Michelle put him on speaker phone, "your guy gets interesting."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Michelle asked.

"He's been dead for 18 years. Died at the tender young age of 16."

"You sure you got the right guy?" Giggy asked. "His school thinks he graduated 12 years ago."

"That would be consistent with his published works, which start about six years after his death."

"All right," Giggy suggested, "how about this: He just made a payment to his Alma Mater two weeks ago. Can you figure out who made that payment?"

"OK," Andy said and hung up.

The group went back out to the place, and this time, Michelle made sure to take pictures of the buildings. The could see bot microwave and satellite antenave on the buildings, but still no evidence of activity inside.

On the way back, Andy called again. The payments had come from a certified Zurich account. Michelle would have to pay him a lot more to get much further on that front.

The got back to the hotel, and Giggy called Sama. They relayed most of their information to him.

"You're sure it's Shiawaze, not Renraku?" Sama asked.

"Yeah," Giggy replied. "That seems to be unclear."

"It would be interesting to see what's actually inside those buildings," Sama suggested when Michelle mentioned that the didn't think they could get much more on the facility.

"What more would you want to find?"

"Someone went to a lot to trouble to hide whatever is in those buildings. That much effort implies that it would be worth something. If there isn't anything worth taking, then the information may still be very negotiable..."

We'll have to see what's next...

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