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Keith's Holiday Amber Throne War - Friday, October 5th, 2007

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October 5th, 2007, 6:00pm to October 6th, 2007, 12:00am

Carroll College Campus Center
Campus Center
199 Ralph St
Helena, MT 59601

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South West Corner of the Carroll Campus, down the stairs to the bottom level of the building.

NOTE: This session is part of Montana Game Faire - You must be registered with Montana Game Faire to participate!

It's a throne war!

The king (your father) has died.

Unfortunately, he died without a clear successor.

As you and your siblings (or at least half-siblings) really don't know the order of your conception - or birth - you all have an equal claim on the throne.

Actually, correct that, all your siblings are undeserving, pretentious, self-serving, arrogant, incompetent scum, so it's clear that the throne is yours. Really, now, would dear old dad have meant for anyone like that to take the throne on his demise? Since you're the only member of the family with a grain of common sense or human decency (well, at least Amberite decency), it's obvious you were meant to be the successor. The throne is yours - if you can take it!

You need to push, pull, bribe, fight, outwit, deceive, align, surpass, kill, or whatever else it takes, to get the badges of office and get yourself coronated before one of your blood relatives defiles the throne with his or her filthy person. Remember, they're as tough or tougher than you, as cunning or more cunning than you, as fast or faster than you, and they all have this internal drive to seize power and rule over the universe that you do.

Unfortunately, your siblings all have the same idea!

We'll start with a bidding war and character generation, then degenerate into the chaos that is Amber until such time as we pass out or someone takes the throne.

Time subject to change pending finalization of Game Faire game schedule.

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