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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, August 30th, 2007

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August 30th, 2007, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Nigel, Giggy, and Michelle got into Betty-Boop and headed back to Agolai, Nigel paying close attention to astral space to see when it started to get "blurry."

Once they got there, he confirmed that the phenomenon seemed to be localized to the compound, or an area very similar in size and shape.

They drove around the facility so Nigel could confirm the size of the astral effect, then stopped on the north side, where they were closer to the buildings. Nigel mind-controlled a swallow he saw flying around, and then had it fly into the compound. When nothing happened to it, he had it land on the old truck that was parked there. Giggy and Michelle were watching the guns, and a few tracked the bird, but not all of them. Nigel had the bird flit to the ground, and fewer of the guns tracked it.

A few hours later, when nothing had happened, Nigel tried to have it fly into one of the windows of the largest building. However, somewhere over the compound, his spell was broken. Unfortunately, in the darkness, Giggy and Michelle had lost track of the bird, so they weren't sure what had happened to it.

Rainbow left for Delhi with Jack and Sonny when the rest headed back to Agolai. When they arrived, Rainbow called John.

"You're in Delhi?" John asked. "I thought you were somewhere else."

"Well, I need missiles," Rainbow responded.

"I'll have to get back to you."

As Rainbow was getting to Delhi, the group in Agolai were watching the sun rise after a relatively fruitless night. Giggy got out his pocket secretary and looked up a number for Oxford.

"Hello," he said when the call was connected, "I'm Nigel Quicksilver, the well-known author, and I'm trying to contact someone about some magical phenomena I'm working up for my new novel. Particularly, I'm interested in the effects of technological devises on magic. I was wondering if one of your professors of magic may be able to answer a couple of quick questions for me?"

"One moment," the woman on the other end of the line said, "Let me connect you with someone in our Thaumaturgical Sciences department." She mumbled to herself briefly, then the line began ringing again.

"This is Bernard," a man answered.

Hello," Giggy replied, "this is Nigel Quicksilver. I'm doing some preliminary research on the effects of technology on magic for a new thriller I'm working on. I was wondering if you could help me with some basic information?"

"What were you interested in?"

"Well, could an artificial intelligence prevent spells from working?"


"Well, would a complex technological device make magic not work around it?"

"Er, no."

"OK. What if something had killed all the vegetation in an area, would that have an effect on spell-casting?"


"What if my character liked to control gophers, so they would salute before they were shot, would a yard that had been poisoned prevent him casting the spell on gophers on the other side?"

"Well, not on that scale."

"Well, what scale?"

"Something that killed off all the vegetation in Europe would have that kind of effect, but that would be pretty grandiose."

"All right. Thanks for your time. I'll make sure you get a copy when the book comes out," Giggy said, and hung up.

A couple hours later John called Rainbow, while he and Sonny were still watching Jack eat at the buffet they had found.

"OK," John said, "there's a pawn shop called Teva's somewhere on the north side of Delhi. Go in and ask for Sheila."

"So, Sheila will have the stuff?"

"I really don't know," John replied. "They'll tell you that Sheila isn't there."

"Then why ask for her?" Rainbow asked.

"Because that's what they want.

"After they tell you Sheila's not there, tell them you're Vishnu. Then they should tell you were to go."

"OK, but do you know where Teva's is?"

"Just that it's on the north side of Delhi."

"All right. I guess we'll just have to find it."

They managed to track down Teva's rather quickly, and just a couple hours later, Rainbow was walking through the door alone.

"Can I help you?" the clerk at the counter asked, peaking around a stack of electronic equipment when the door chimed.

"I was looking for Sheila," Rainbow responded.

"sorry, she's not in today," the clerk replied.

"Oh, but I'm Vishnu," Rainbow said, feeling a little awkward.

"Well," the clerk said, "in that case, you need to go to the site where they demolished the old hotel last week, down by Ozren off Helios. There's an old board shed in the back of the lot. Tell the woman that Mishu sent you and you're from Sydney."

"But I am from Sydney," Rainbow replied.

"Yes. We know." The clerk went back to his paperwork, and Rainbow turned around and left.

Rainbow got into the van and started the engine. Jack looked over to him, then looked forward again. "You don't have missiles," Jack said.

"Nope, not yet. We'll have to look downtown."

Having been given street names, it only took about half an hour to get to the construction site. Rainbow parked the van on the street, and he an Jack got out.

"You'd probably better wait here," Rainbow said to Jack. "If I need you, I'll scream."

Rainbow walked past the gate, which was clearly padlocked shut, and found a hole that had been cut in the fence. He stepped through and made his way through the rubble to the back of the lot, where there was, in fact, a small wooden shack made of boards from the debris pile.

He knocked on the door, and a short woman in traditional Muslim garb opened it a moment later. She looked up at him in silence.

"I'm from Sydney," Rainbow said. "Mishu sent me."

She raised on eyebrow and it nearly crept behind her cowl. "How long have you known John?" she asked in a very quiet voice.

"About ten years."

"And how long have you been in India?"

"About five days."

"Very well. What do you need?"

Rainbow looked down at her, wondering what she could be concealing beneath her clothing - guns, radio transmitters, explosives... He looked back over his shoulder to the pile of rubble hiding the shack and them from view from the road - and from the van and sighed.

"I need 20 radio detonators with variable frequencies and 3 Bandit ATG Armor piercing missiles," he requested.

"I can have you 5 detonators for 2,500 this afternoon, and another 15 for 9,000 later this afternoon," she said after a moment's thought.

"And the missiles?" Rainbow asked.

"I can get you ten tomorrow morning at 9, but you have to take all ten."

"How much?"


After a few minutes negotiation, they had agreed that Rainbow would pick everything up at 9 the next morning, for 100k. He then made his way back through the debris to the hole in the fence and out to the van.

Michelle and Nigel went along with Giggy on his hunt for an electronics store in the small town of Agolai. The eventually found one, and to the confusion of the clerk, purchased a laptop, but had him remove the internal modem, network card, and wireless antenna, then he purchased an external wireless card and boosting antenna.

They returned to the facility, and pulled over on the edge of the highway. Giggy booted the laptop and plugged in the wireless card. "oK, I'm going to connect," he said.

"Don't you want to see how many networks you have before giving them access to the computer?" Michelle asked. "I thought we wanted to make sure we didn't give it a way out."

"You're right," Giggy replied. "There's three networks here."

"Well, if you connect to the right one, and don't connect to the others, then it shouldn't be able to get any farther than the laptop," Nigel offered, "right?"

"What are the networks called?" Michelle asked.

"Well, there isn't one called Shiawaze Rouge AI," Giggy replied. "We've got I334-RUIZ, and two called Linksys A803-1A."

"That doesn't tell us much," Nigel said.

"Get in the van," Michelle said. "We'll drive around the complex and you can watch for changing signals. Then you should be able to find the correct network to link to."

A few minutes later, they had driven around the complex - as much as they could, and Giggy had isolated the one network that had been available the whole time. However, they could not find a place where they only had one network available. After some discussion of ways to isolate the laptop to just one network, they decided to just try connecting.

Giggy connected to the network and found three servers available: Ramish, Rajish, and Hamish. They decided to leave note on one of the machines. Giggy opened a text editor and typed:

I have something you might be interested in. I don't want to hurt you.
You could probably kill me in an instant.
I'll check this tomorrow.

he saved the file on the server named Rajish.

"Tomorrow?" Nigel asked. "Why wait 'til tomorrow?"

"OK," Giggy said, "I'll change it." He opened the file and changed the last line to "I'll check this in ten minutes."

They waited ten minutes, but the file remained unchanged. Giggy then copied the file onto the other two computers, and they waited another ten minutes. When nothing was changed, they decided to go back to the hotel, but before leaving, Giggy changed the files to say that they would check them in the morning.

The next morning Rainbow, Sonny, and Jack went back to the construction site. They pulled up just before 9, and Rainbow got out of the van and headed to the cut in the fence. He found the woman standing outside her shack. He checked his watch to make sure it was 9, then walked up to her.

"Are the missiles here?" he asked without preamble.

She looked up at him through the slit in her head dress. "Soon."

Just then Rainbow hear a helicopter coming in. It was very quiet, and he had not noticed it until it was practically on top of them. He looked up at it, and it was a military 'copter - the same model and with the same markings as the three they had taken out two days earlier.

Rainbow dropped behind a large block of plascrete, flipping on his radio. "Jack? Sonny?" he whispered.

"Yeah?" Jack replied.

"We might have a really big problem."

"I saw it. What do you want us to do?"

"I'm not sure yet."

As the chopper landed, the woman walked up to it her clothing blowing around her. The pilot climbed out, followed by his gunner, and they spoke to the woman briefly. Then the gunner went to the side of the chopper and entered something into a keypad. A pannel opened, and the men started removing missiles.

"I think it's actually all right," Rainbow said over the radio, cautiously walking out to the woman was was standing to the edge of the make-shift heli-pad.

"Could I open the gate and bring my truck here?" he asked her when he could be heard over the noise from the chopper.

"People might get overly suspicious if the gate were left unlocked," she replied.

"I've got a padlock that looks just like that one," Rainbow offered. "We can leave it looking the way we found it.

"All right, you can come in."

"Jack," Rainbow radioed, "can you quietly unlock the gate so I can drive in?"


A couple minutes later, the chopper was taking off and Rainbow drove the van in remotely. He paid the woman, and then he, Jack, and Sonny - but mostly Jack - loaded the missiles into the back of the van. Once it was loaded, they left, locking the gate behind them.

Giggy drove back out to Agolai with Nigel and Michelle in the morning. It took them four tries to find the same network and get logged back on, all for disappointment. The file on the machine named Ramish had been deleted, and the other two were unchanged.

Seeing this, Giggy made a new file:

I have information you want. Please reply in this document. I have something that belongs to you. We would like to talk to you.
I know the truth about Dr. Yametsu's alumni association donations and would like to talk. Please reply in this file.

He saved this file on all three machines, in the same folder as the other file.

While Giggy was doing this, Nigel turned himself invisible and walked up to the fence. The guns ignored him, confirming his and Michelle's suspicions that the guns were completely visually cued. When he dropped the spell, four guns immediately tracked on him, but as he walked away, the guns all returned to their relaxed position. It was at this point that Michelle and Giggy noticed that wen they weren't tracking something in particular, all the guns were pointing into the compound, not out of it, indicating that they were not there so much to keep people out, as they were to keep something in.

Now we'll have to see what happens next time...

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