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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, September 20th, 2007

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September 20th, 2007, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Sonny and Giggy headed to Agolai in Betty Boop the morning after everyone regrouped in Jodhpur. When they got into town, Sonny directed Giggy to the real estate office and they went in. The same woman was in the office, and like before, she was on the phone and gestured them to sit down.

When she got off the phone, the woman dug through some papers on her desk saying, "Well, I did find something for you, Sir. It appears that the properly was purchased by Saeder-Krup eight or nine years ago."

"Um," Giggy said, "that's interesting."

"I was going to call you today," she continued, looking at Sonny, "but as you're here, I just want to know if you want us to continue looking into this property?"

"I have platinum Docwagon," Sonny replied, "you can keep looking."

"All right. I'll probably be in touch with you in a couple of days. Is this still your suite number in Jodhpur?"

"Yeah, that's the right number, or here's my cell."

Giggy and Sonny got up and left.

On the way back to Jodhpur, Giggy tried searching the matrix for the address of the compound. Since there was not an address posted anywhere that they had seen, he was guessing the address based on nearby buildings that did have a listed address. What he was able to find was the address for the coffee shop across the street, a self-storage place up the street, and a chemical processing plant across town.

Giggy also looked for information on security for Agolai, and found that the city police was farmed out to Knight Errant, and that there was a small KE office in Agolai, which was a satellite to a larger office in Jodhpur.

He then checked on Saeder-Krup facilities in Agolai, but could only find references to an office in Jaipur. His searches for information on Saeder-Krup's security devision only returned very general information - primarily that they did have a security devision.

When Giggy and Sonny got back to Jodhpur, Rainbow had already made a dozen small explosives to use to take down the perimeter guns.

That evening as the sun was setting, they headed back to Agolai. Jack and Nigel rode with Rainbow in the Van, while Michelle and Sonny went with Giggy in Betty Boop.

After some discussion, Nigel, Rainbow, and Jack had decided what order Jack was going to place the explosives, so that Nigel could keep him invisible. Then Nigel turned Jack invisible, Jack picked up the charges, and got out of the van.

Nigel watched closely as Jack started with a post at the far end of the facility, then walked back along the fence to the near corner. As he turned the corner, Nigel asked Rainbow to pull up to the other corner so that he could keep jack in sight.

Jack walked carefully placed each charge under each gun, and Nigel told Rainbow when Jack was at the last post.

"Tell him to run across the street. I'm going to blow the fence," rainbow said.

"You tell him," Nigel replied, "they're your radios."

Rainbow told jack to cross the street, and Nigel reported when he was across the street.

"OK," Rainbow said as there was a rap on the window.

Rainbow and Nigel looked over to see a Knight Errant officer at the window.

"Yes, officer?" Rainbow said, rolling down his window.

"You doing all right here this evening?" the officer asked.

"Just some mechanical problems," Rainbow said, stalling the van. "Usually I can get it back under control after a few tries."

"It's flooded," Nigel offered knowingly.

Rainbow tried starting the van, but kept the gas cut off so it just ground and sputtered, "See?"

"Do you need me to call for a wrecker?" the officer offered.

"No, I don't think so," Rainbow replied, "I'll get it started in a few minutes."

"All right. Get it running and move along, we can't have you here interfering with traffic."

"Yes, officer."

The officer went back to his Harley, and Rainbow failed to start the van a couple more times for good show. When he did get the van started and started to pull away, the cop started his bike and passed the van, driving off into town.

They started over to where Jack was waiting, and Nigel dropped the invisibility spell, revealing the troll on the street corner. Fortunately, no body seemed to notice.

Jack calmly crossed the street in front of the van and walked over to the near gate. Several guns trained on him as expected, but none fired.

Jack swung his axe at the chain holding the gate closed, and easily sliced through. As the gate started to swing open one of the guns fired at Jack. However, since Rainbow had detonated the charges Jack placed earlier as the gun fired, its trajectory was off.

Jack was caught in the blast from the two charges at the top of the gate posts, but it was pretty minor.

Rainbow turned the van toward the compound and took aim on one of the guns on one of the buildings. That gun seemed to stop moving as he drove into the compound.

"U guess that's our signal," Giggy said, starting Betty Boop and heading toward the chopped-open, crashed through gate on the east side of the compound.

Several guns took shots at the van, some hitting, and Rainbow returned fire, taking cover along the edge of one of the buildings.

Several guns shot at Rainbow's van, again making contact, Rainbow backed up around the corner of the building to get better cover, as Jack and Nigel dove out of the van.

Another gun shot at Betty Boop as Giggy rounded the corner toward the gate. Betty Boop stopped in her tracks. Giggy and Michelle dove out of her passenger side. Sonny wrenched the gun in the back off of its make-shift mount and calmly got out of the van, adjusting the sunglasses in his suit pocket while he shouldered the gun.

Rainbow pulled forward and took another couple shots at the guns on the buildings. Three of the guns returned fire.

"Looks like you took out another one," Jack said over the radio, peeking around the corner of the building.

"I know," Rainbow returned, firing again. This time two of the guns hit the van.

Giggy took advantage of the commotion in the middle of the compound to enter, followed stealthily by Michelle.

Jack and Nigel snuck to the door of the first office building, using the eves of the building as cover from the guns as Rainbow shot again. The buildings returned fire. Jack tried the doorknob, and the door was locked. He jammed his shoulder against it as Rainbow and the building exchanged another burst of fire.

When the door didn't budge from his weight and strength, Jack swung his axe into the door. The gunfire between Rainbow's van and the buildings was decreasing, but still a constant reminder that he and Nigel were a hair's breadth from harm's way. Jack's axe clanged off the door and he swung it a second time as Giggy and Michelle arrived.

"Maybe we could try a window," Michelle offered.

"No," Giggy replied as Rainbow fired at the guns on the rooftops again, "Let me take a swing at the door."

"Not to rain on anyone's parade or anything," Sonny said over the radio as he walked calmly across the compound in his pastel suit with the heavy gun they had stolen from one of the jeeps when they first landed over his shoulder, "but does anyone else hear the sirens? I suspect something may have set off an alarm."

Giggy swung at the door once, but when it still did not budge, he, Michelle, Jack, and Nigel all piled into the van. Rainbow had disabled all the guns facing the center of the compound, so he retracted the turret as they headed back toward the gate, picking up Sonny on the way.

The lights of the police cars were visible as they sped out of the compound. Rainbow went in the opposite direction and started navigating through alleys to try to lose them. However, there did not appear to be any pursuit.

Rainbow drove around for a few minutes, then started out of town to the northeast, turning onto progressively smaller roads until he turned off the road into the scrub once they had gotten about 20km from Agolai.

"Are we stopping here for a while?" Nigel asked.

"Yeah," Rainbow replied. "Why?"

"Good," Nigel said, and got out of the van. He walked a few meters into the darkness, the sat down and leaned against a rock and projected his presence back to the compound.

It took him a few minutes to find it, but he could tell that it was still very cloudy from astral space, but he could see that there were several people walking around, and several more vehicles there. there were also some dead people, and he could not tell for sure, but some of the people seemed to be taking pictures. Everyone was nervous or scared. He could also see that there were some kind of flying things there. Maybe helicopters. And something seemed to be moving in the heart of the cloudy area over the compound.

Nigel returned to his body to see that Michelle and Jack had walked over to him.

"What did you see?" Michelle asked when Nigel opened his eyes. He described the scene as he saw it, and Giggy flipped on his pocket secretary to see if there was any news coverage.

"I'm not seeing any coverage," Giggy reported. "Can you go back and see if you can get a better idea of what's going on, Nigel?"

Nigel shrugged and made himself comfortable against the rock before projecting again.

This time when he arrived on the scene, he made his way to Betty Boop. There wasn't anyone inside, so he got into the back and manifested. Looking around while manifest, he could see more normally, and he was able to identify several military helicopters and two KE Banshees, as well as a man-like thing in the middle of the compound. The thing appeared to have two extra arms.

Nigel returned to his body and reported this.

"OK," Rainbow said, "get back in the van. We can get better telemetry from the drone, but I've got a 15km range on it for a direct data feed. That means we need to get back closer to town."

Rainbow got in and started the van. Once everyone else was crowded in, he started retracing his path to town. Just before he got within range, he released the drone. he flipped on a monitor in the van, so everyone could see te video feed from the drone.

Giggy called Mr. Sama. "Sorry to interrupt breakfast. Here's what we found inside," he said when he was finally connected, patching the feed on to Sama.

The thing in the middle of the compound definitely had four arms, and did appear to be slinging around spells pretty well. One of the Banshees was down, as were two of the military choppers. The thing had big round eyes that made its head look distorted, and had a strange mouth that appeared to be able to open in any direction...

"Just what are you doing now," Mr Sama asked calmly.

"I think we're getting out of India," Giggy replied.

"Also," Sama asked, "just what does the Indian military want with your van?"

"I understand that the abandoned military training ground we chose to land in wasn't very abandoned..."

"That thing is a menace," Rainbow said, "and it's taken out several of those choppers." He fired one of the drone's missiles at the thing on the ground. With that and a couple more shots from the remaining Banshee, the thing dropped to the ground.

Then one of the military helicopters turned on the drone, and fired a volley of rockets, and Rainbow's feed was dropped.

Sama had hung up, and Giggy was already on the phone to Connie.

"Hey, Connie," Giggy said, "I was wondering if you could come to pick up up?"

"When do you need me?" Connie asked.


"Just a sec," the line was silent for almost a minute, while Rainbow started driving East, away from Agolai. "I can pick you up in 14 hours if you want to pay me to drop my cargo. Otherwise it will be 48 hours."

"48 hours works," Giggy replied. "Where?"

"There's an old air strip north of Islamabad. Here are the coordinates. And I won't be able to stay long."

"All right. That should be fine. See you in a couple of days."

Giggy hung up. "Rainbow," he said, "here are the coordinates of an air strip. Get there in 48 hours."

Rainbow turned the van around and started heading north toward Islamabad.

So, what's next...

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