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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, October 4th, 2007

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October 4th, 2007, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Sonny called Trinny, his fixer, as Rainbow started north.

"What is it?" Trinny answered groggily.

"Do you have any pull in any Indian ports?"


"Suffice it to say I'm a little leery about crossing the India-Pakistan border, and would rather not have to."

"What are you looking for?" Trinny asked. "A passenger? A briefcase?"

"A van with a bad rap," Sonny replied. "If you can do that, the rest'll be a cakewalk."

"Let me poke around. I'll call you back.

"When do you need it?"

"Now would be nice," Sonny replied, "but really just as soon as possible."

"I'll see what I can find."

"How long will it take to get there, Rainbow?" Sonny asked after hanging up his phone.

"Well, between 8 and 10 hours, plus whatever the border crossing takes," Rainbow replied.

"OK. We may hear back about a seaport egress shortly."

About and hour later, Sonny's phone rang. Trinny had tracked down a container ship leaving port that evening from Cuddalore. After a few minutes of tracking down Cuddalore on the southeast coast of India, they had to turn Trinny down and resume planning for a border crossing.

Nigel suggested that they just pick a busy crossing and he control the guard they had to deal with if anything came up. Though there was general concent for this plan, Rainbow thought it would be better to find a smaller crossing, or maybe even cut across the border through the wilderness.

After some discussion, it was decided to go with Nigel's plan. However, on the drive up Rainbow headed off the main road about mid-morning to follow a side road that had a spur that went over to the border.

"Nigel," Rainbow said, stopping for gas at the little town at the fort in the road about 5 kilometers from the border crossing, "why don't you go check out the crossing here and tell us what's there."

A few minutes later Nigel returned. "There are two mages and a small group of other people," he reported.

"I still think we should go to a busier crossing," Giggy said. "There will be much more opportunity for distraction if there are more people around, and it will be easier to just blend into the crowd."

They drove on, and Rainbow kept trying to see what was down in the river bottom to their left. Several times on the way to Amritsar, Rainbow again suggested cutting across the fields, into the river, and then traveling downstream several kilometers before exiting the river on the other side. This was repeatedly refused by the rest of the group.

When they got to Amritsar shortly after noon, Rainbow stopped near the border crossing. The area was crowed and there were many cars and people stopped everywhere.

Nigel went on astrally and looked around. There was a fire elemental who was not manifest waiting near one of the gatehouses. There was also a single mage in one of the buildings, and innumerable people milling about.

Giggy and Sonny watched the process at the gates as best they could without getting too far from the van. There were three lanes each way, and they seemed to get stopped on both sides of the border, though the exit inspection on the Indian side actually seemed to be more detailed than the entrance inspection.

Nigel returned, and Rainbow radioed to Sonny and Giggy to get back and they started toward the gate. Nigel and Giggy were in front, with Giggy in the driver's seat and Nigel beside him, with Michelle, Sonny, Rainbow and Jack crowded in back.

Michelle watched closely as they approached the gate, and as they approached they formulated another plan. Michelle took Giggy's motorcycle helmet from beside the rockets and C-12 on the floor under the bench seat and stuffed it under her shirt. If they couldn't just get through the gate, she was planning to pretend to be pregnant and hopefully the border guards would not want to deal with a pregnant woman about to give birth and would just let them through.

They pulled up to the gate, and the guard tapped on Giggy's window. "Papers, please," he said.

Giggy handed him a forged passport, and the man accepted it. After a cursory glance, he smiled at Giggy and turned, with the passport still in hand, and walked back to one of the buildings. Giggy rolled up the window to wait.

A few minutes later, after Michelle commented that no other cars had been treated this way, the guard returned, with two other soldiers of higher rank than him.

Giggy opened the window again as they approached. One of the new men asked that the rear hatch be opened, and Rainbow obliged, then the original guard asked for the papers of the rest of those in the van.

Concerned about some of them not having papers, and possible some not having good forged papers, Nigel attempted to control the senior officer, but his spell was cut off immediately after he cast it. "Frag it all," he grumbled, pulling his assault rifle out from under the seat.

Hearing that, Rainbow hit the gas and deployed the turret, driving through the gate and over one of the gunmen standing behind it. Immediately the van was surrounded by fire and something stopped the rear wheels all together.

Spotting an unarmed man in a military uniform at the door to one of the buildings, Rainbow shot him, dropping him before he could react.

Nigel started to take aim past Giggy out the open window, when Jack shouted, "Open the door!" pulling has axe out from between his legs.

Rainbow opened the door, and Jack leaned out, slicing into the fire elemental and nearly pushing Sonny out of the van. Rainbow was unceremoniously dumped onto the floor in the back seat.

Giggy punched through the open window, into the fire elemental as Michelle shot, and the fire elemental disappeared. Rainbow managed to get the van to break free of the grip of the earth elemental holding the back of the van just as flame erupted again, this time it went completely through the van.

The van continued to roll toward the Pakistani gate, clearly through the Indian side as the whole scene was engulfed in a series of explosions. From the remains of the van, Giggy was able to call for help and asylum from the Pakistani soldiers at their gate.

The Pakistani soldiers came up to the van and their mage immediately took to Nigel, who was clearly in the worst shape. Miraculously, Giggy and Jack had managed to retain consciousness. The soldiers took the five bodies to a building on their side of the border, and waited for Docwagon to show up. In the mean time, their mage worked on Michelle and Sonny.

When they came to in the hospital, they each realized that they were clearly under guard. The Pakistani government was not interested in them slipping away in the night, apparently.

Over the course of the next several weeks, the group were interviewed by Pakistani intelligence. Fortunately, all the group's electronics had been destroyed in the explosions, so their contact numbers could not be retrieved, nor could Rainbow's RC deck's logs.

From the information they gathered, the Pakistani investigators were able to piece together that the group had illegally entered India, done something to disturb the military, and then released an insect spirit which had subsequently been destroyed by Knight Errant and the Indian military. However, since India refused to give Pakistan an acceptable, official reason for extradition, Pakistan did not turn them over to the Indian authorities. However, as Pakistan did not want them in Pakistan any longer than necessary, once they were all released from the hospital and their hospital bills were all paid, Pakistan sent them off - Nigel and Giggy to London by suborbital, and Rainbow, Jack, Sonny and Michelle to Australia by intercontinental flight.

Now we'll have to see what's in order for next time...

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