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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Montana Role-Playing Calendar

December 6th, 2007, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Jack and Nigel were waiting at Samoan Joe's when Lil'D arrived. Though a little tipsy, Nigel recognized her from Rainbow's description, and Jack waved.

Lil'D saw the troll waving at her from the corner booth, but didn't approach, not knowing who to meet other than Rainbow.

When Bob (Tim), Michelle, Rainbow and Giggy arrived a few minutes later, they went over to Jack and Nigel's table and Giggy went up to the bar to get drinks for the group. Rainbow saw Lil'D and waved her over.

They explained what they needed Lil'D to do, and decided that they would head up to Port Macquarie around three the next afternoon, after Michelle picked up flowers for everyone in the group, as well as a bunch of flowers to give away to pother people at the port.

The next day, before getting together, Giggy decided that it would be a good idea to have some birthday cake to give away with the flowers to make giving away flowers seem less conspicuous.

They headed north with Michelle, Giggy and Rainbow in Michelle's Eurocar, Lil'D, Jack, and Nigel in Lil'D's truck, and Bob (Tim) following on his bike.

When they got to Port Macquarie, Giggy got out of the car and went into the office. He quickly explained to the woman at the desk that he had been sent by Steve's wife to give everyone cake and flowers for Steve's birthday, and he needed a table to get set up on. The flustered receptionist had a dock hand help Giggy get a long folding table out of a closet and set it up by the corner of the building, where Giggy and Michelle got set up to start giving away flowers and cake.

By 6:30, they were starting to give people pieces of cake, and flowers to those who were interested, but they had to wait until about 11 for the ship they were waiting for to arrive.

Rainbow had walked around the block a couple of times,a nd determined that the best area to get good coverage of the area in case anything went wrong was from a tower about half way along the docks. Unfortunately, the tower was surrounded by a fence with a chained gate, and there were two people up in the tower.

Rainbow walked back to the truck, and got in where Bob (Tim) and Lil'D were sitting. He told them about the tower, and that he wanted to get up there to look around, and to be able to provide cover in case anything went wrong with the pick up.

Bob (Tim) looked at the tower, and said, "Well, I could go up there and tranquilize the two guards if you want."

"The gate's locked, and someone will see you climbing six flights of stairs," Rainbow responded.

"I thought you guys said the elf could make people invisible."

"Yeah, but that doesn't open the gate."

"I can climb the fence. Quietly."

Rainbow got Nigel to come over so he could turn Bob (Tim) invisible, while Bob (Tim) got his Narcojet pistol ready. Once he was invisible, Bob (Tim) walked over to the tower and climbed the fence. Surprisingly, this was unnoticeable. He went over to the stairs, and tested how creaky they were, and then carefully snuck up to the last landing, about two and a half stories off the ground.

Looking up, he could see that the door opened through the floor, hinged along the long edge. He paused for a moment, then knocked on the door.

The two guards above scrambled around for a moment, then carefully opened the door. Carefully, one of the guards looked down through the opening in the floor of the tower, from the edge away from the stairs. Not having seen anything, he looked again, leaning a little further out. Bob (Tim) took his shot, and the guard fell. Unfortunately, the guard fell on Bob (Tim).

From under the guard, Bob (Tim) could hear the other guard talking. He squirmed out from under the body and quickly ascended the stairs, taking out the remaining guard. Unfortunately, there were two more coming across from one of the buildings of the port authority.

The two guards made it across the street, opened the gate, and began the ascent of the stairs. Rainbow carefully watched through his sniping scope, in case he needed to take a shot. Standing by the cake table, Jack nudged Nigel and suggested that maybe when the guards got to the top of the tower, one of them should just jump off.

Still invisible, Bob (Tim) waited at the top of the stairs. The two guards were cautious coming up, and one stopped at the fallen body of their comrade on the top landing, while the other proceeded cautiously. Bob (Tim) let him get as close as he dared, then fired his Narcojet a third time. The guard slumped. When the last guard stood turning to see what had happened, Rainbow was able to drop him with his sniper rifle. The guards had not fired a shot.

"It's jut gel rounds," Rainbow replied to Lil'D's shocked look at him shooting from the cab of her truck.

we'll have to see what happens next week...

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