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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, December 13th, 2007

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December 13th, 2007, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Bob (Tim) started down the stairs of the tower, still invisible. Jack, standing by the security building saw a camera on the eves swivel toward the tower. He stretched, accidentally knocking the camera loose, then tried to straighten it out again, but the mount had been snapped.

Nigel knew something was wrong when the sniper's bullet hit Bob (Tim), but before he could do anything, his spell dropped as it was attacked in astral space. This attack immediately switched over to Nigel directly, as he was engulfed in flames.

Nigel quickly shrugged off the elemental, as Rainbow saw the sniper on another rooftop and took him out from within the truck - still shooting gel rounds.

Nigel, ignoring the fact that his clothing was mostly destroyed by the fire, immediately began to heal himself, while Michelle and Giggy ran to Michelle's car.

Jack made his way over to the tower, calling for an ambulance on the way. When the line was answered, he told the operator where he was, and that someone had been shot, and he was going over to give first aid.

As Jack mounted the tower, Lone Star arrived. One car came screeching around the corner, while tow others remained behind the corner of the building. The car stopped just short of Nigel, who was crossing the street toward the Lil'D's truck.

"Stop and put your hands up," an officer said over the bullhorn as he started to open the door.

"Howdy," Nigel said, turning toward the car with his hands raised.

Two other officers were sneaking around the corner, and Jack waved to them from the tower. Seeing that Nigel didn't seem to be a threat, they started toward Jack on the tower.

"Don't try anything," the cop crouching behind the car door said to Nigel, keeping his gun trained on him while his partner came around from the toher side of the car and cuffed Nigel.

Nigel was unceremoniously shoved into the back seat of the patrol car, his near-naked scuffed across the seat as the door slammed.

The two officers looked around the area. while their colleagues mounted the stairs up to the tower.

"Troll," one of the officers on te tower said, "back away."

Jack stepped back a couple of steps up the staircase, as one of the officers was examining the fallen bodies.

A Docwagon ambulance cam around the corner and pulled up onto the sidewalk at the gate to the tower. Two medics got out and ran to the stairs carrying a stretcher between them. They came up, carefully avoiding the unconscious guards.

"Stand back," the one medics said to the Lone Star officers leaning over Bob (Tim)'s body with a tone of authority.

The two cops quickly got out of the way, and the medics made quick work of strapping Bob (Tim)'s body to their stretcher. They quickly carried him down the stairs and into their ambulance and drove off.

"All right, Troll," the chastised officer said once the medics were out of ear shot, "drop the axe and step away from it."

Jack dropped his axe and stepped across the platform away from the door.

"OK," the officer continued once Jack was several feet from his axe, "What were you doing here?"

"I was waiting for my friend, who is supposed to get in some time tonight, when there was a gunshot," Jack explained. "Then I came over here where these people were on the stairs. I tried to help, and I called for an ambulance. Then you guys got here and told me to stop."

"There was a call for an ambulance," the one officer said to the other.

"where were you when that man was on fire?" the first officer asked.

"There was a man that was on fire?" Jack replied.

After a few more questions, the officers returned Jack's axe to him, and escorted him from the tower. The got a phone number from him and instructed him not to leave town, but as he was unarmed apart from the axe, and it had not been used, they let him go. Carrying an ornamental axe like that was not a crime in Port MacQuarie.

Up the street, the other pair of officers had reached Michelle's car. One rapped on the passenger window.

"Yes, how ca I help you, officer?" Giggy asked.

"There's been an incident just down the street here," the officer explained. "Did either of you see anything out of the ordinary?"

"We're with Shelly's Cake Delivery, out of Sydney. We were delivering and serving birthday cake and flowers for Steve's birthday," Giggy explained.

"Yes, but did you see anything out of the ordinary?" the officer repeated. "Well, more out of the ordinary than a cake delivery service."

"Well," Michelle started, "when people started running and screaming, we figured we'd be better off in the car. But we do have to go back and pick up, and we have to return the table. We borrowed it from the office."

"All, right," the officer continued. "Can we see some ID?"

Giggy and Michelle both provided IDs to the cop, and were likewise instructed not to leave town.

The two officers who had cuffed Nigel came back to the car and got in. Nigel was still cuffed in the back seat. "Well, boy," the officer who had shoved him into the back seat said, "what happened for you to end up half-naked and singed, walking down the middle of a street by the docks?"

"Well," Nigel responded, "I was standing over there by the table, eating my cake. They were giving away cake over there, but it wasn't very good. But it was free, so I didn't complain. But I was eating it over there by the table and talking to the lady when I burst into flame. It pretty much sucked and I dropped my cake and it burnt my clothes and then I wasn't on fire any more, but the other people had left, and I didn't know where they went so I figured they went down here, then you stopped me."

"If you were on fire," the second officer asked, "why aren't you burned?"

"Why?" Nigel asked. "I healed myself."

"You're a mage?"

"Well, yeah."

"I'll need to see your license."

"It sort of burned up. I was kind of on fire."

"All right," the first officer continued, "what's your name, boy?"

"Brecken Miller."

"We won't keep you any longer, but we can't let you go without any clothes. Where are you staying?"

"At the Holiday Inn Express."

"We'll give you a ride there so you can get some clothes."

"You don't have to take me that far, if you can just take me somewhere to get some clothes, that'll be brilliant."

The two cops gave Nigel a lift to a nearby tourist shop, where one of them went in and, wit Nigel's money, got him a cheap pair of pants and a "My parents went to Port MacQuarie and all i got was this lousy t-shirt" shirt. Then, after instructing Nigel not to leave town, they dropped him, freshly dressed in the parking lot.

Nigel called a cab to get a ride back to the port, and met up with Michelle and Giggy. Jack was on his way over as well. At Giggy's suggestion, Nigel projected to see if there was anything in astral space. Sure enough, there was a mage right there watching them.

"Did you send the elemental after me?" Nigel asked.

"Why would I want to do that?" the age replied.

"Did you have that thing attack me?"

"Look, I know what your little friend did there, and if you don't want more trouble, I'd suggest you leave. Just remember, I'm keeping an eye on you, and I know what your friends there were doing with the cake and the flowers. So, you can move along, or I'll call Lone Star back and start giving them more information than you and your friends have been. So, move along - and take your truck and your troll with you."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Nigel responded, hurling a bold of magical energy at the mage. The mage returned in kind, then dropped out of astral space. Nigel took the hit and returned to his body, blood streaming form his nose, just as Jack ran up.

"You were supposed to keep him here until I got here," Jack explained.

"sorry," Nigel retorted, "I'll try harder next time. Now we need to leave."

Nigel ad Jack squished into Michelle's sports car, and they left, Giggy radioing the recommendation on to Lil'D.

Now we'll have to see what happens next time.

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