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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

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December 26th, 2007, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Nigel and Jack piled into Michelle's Eurocar, which was an uncomfortable squeeze, the thing just wasn't made to accommodate trolls.

"Why do we have to leave, Nigel?" Giggy asked.

"Giggy," Michelle said, pulling away from the curb, "don't question him. It's the only good recommendation anyone's had all night."

"D?" Giggy called over the radio, "you hang back and watch. We're leaving, their mage made us."

"Giggy," Nigel asked, "is someone hanging back?"

"Yeah, I asked Lil'D to keep an eye on things."

"That's a bad idea. They managed to get her truck tied to us."

"OK," Giggy grumbled, "I'll call her back." He flipped on his radio again and asked Rainbow and Lil'D to meet them at the near-by Wal*Mart.

To make the connection less obvious to anyone else who was possibly watching, Lil'D took her truck through a car wash before going to meet them. Once they ere all together, they went to an all-you-can-eat buffet to feed the troll. They hung around until about 10:40, and then Jack and Nigel got into the trailer, and the group returned to the docks.

Once they were there, Michelle and Giggy went in. They noticed two guys waiting outside of the building, who looked a little out of place, Giggy commented to Michelle that they seemed curious and impatient.

As they entered the building, they saw a bank of detectors that they would have to walk through to get to the dock. There was only one guard stationed there, so Giggy just walked through, His sidearm set off the detector and it started beeping, and the guard shouted at him.

When Giggy didn't stop, the guard started after him, continuing to shout, and finally shot Giggy in the back with his taser.

During the confusion, Michelle managed to get over and disconnect the bank of detectors, then cam through.

As Giggy started to get up, the guard said, "Sir, I'll need your weapon."

"What weapon?" Giggy asked.

"Look, I don't have time for this," the guard said. "Just hand it over."

Giggy stalked back to the detector an walked through. The detector was silent. "What weapon?" Giggy asked again.

"Sir," the guard said, "you set off the system,and I need you to empty your pockets to see what set it off. Otherwise, I will need you to leave."

With that, Giggy turned around and walked out in a huff.

Another guard walked up to Michelle as she exited the building on the dock side.

"Can I help you, ma'am?" he asked.

"I'm supposed to pick up a friend at 11."

"Do you know what ship?"

"No. Do you have the schedule of arrivals?"

"You could get that in the office."

"Where's that, then?"

"Over there. The building labeled 'office.'"

"Thank you for your assistance," Michelle replied.

"You're welcome," the guard replied, "but I will need to ask you to open your handbag."

"Um, sure," Michelle said, opening the bag so the guard could look in, "but why?"

"We were just wondering why you unplugged disconnected the scanners at the entry?"

"That man," Michelle explained, "who set the thing off, he's my business partner. He's been having a really bad week, and has been in a foul mood. His wife's cheating on him, and I didn't want the scene to get any worse.

"Besides," Michelle continued fast talking the guard, "I there wasn't anyone else there."

"Well, you don't seem to have anything else on you, and he has left the building, so you can go about your business, but don't try anything funny, or we'll be on top of you before you can think."

"Certainly," Michelle replied.

As Michelle got herself situated on a bench where she could watch the people coming and going, and her chrysanthemum was visible to anyone walking up, Jack opened the door to the trailer and stepped out.

At the other end of the trailer, Nigel looked at Jack astrally, only to see a small imp beside the troll. The imp instantly disappeared and then reappeared. Nigel chucked some magical energy at the imp, clearly weakening it, just as a fireball grounded through the imp, engulfing Jack ad the back of the trailer.

Nigel projected into astral space, leaving his body behind, and saw the mage right away.

Without any ado, Nigel charged the mage and began grappling with him. In no time, Nigel overwhelmed the mage and he disappeared from the astral realm. Nigel dropped back into his body, just before Lil'D got the truck rolling.

"Stop the truck," Nigel shouted into the radio, as he turned himself invisible and ran to the back of the trailer to get out, as Jack climbed into the cab with Rainbow and Lil'D.

Nigel went into the building and looked around, confident that there was no longer a mage watching him. Not seeing Michelle, he went back outside and found the two people who Giggy had though were suspicious.

Over the radio, Giggy asked Michelle if the ship was in yet. One of the two guys looked at Nigel. When Michelle replied, he lunged, much faster than Nigel expected, and grabbed Nigel around the throat.

Slamming his invisible body into the wall of the building, the guy knocked the wind out of Nigel. Coughing, Nigel dropped the invisibility, and cast control actions against the guy holding him, while the guy quietly asked what he was doing there.

"I... I'm sorry, mate," the man said, letting go of Nigel, but with a somewhat confused look on his face.

Meanwhile, Michelle radioed the group, notifying them the a ship was here unloading passengers, and she was waiting to be approached. She didn't have long to wait, as a short, older, Japanese man dragging a case behind him approached her.

He pointed to her flower and said something in Japanese. Michelle smiled and nodded, then radioed, "Who speaks Japanese?"

"Ming does," Giggy replied, "do you want me to call her?"

"No," Michelle said, "I'll see what my pocket secretary can do for a translation."

Michelle got up her translation software, and then held the device up for the man. He spoke into it, and it translated to "How are you handling security?"

She flipped the translation back and told him they were taking care of security and he had nothing to worry about. However, as they merged in with the lines of people and approached the security gates, the man got more and more nervous.

Finally, he grabbed the machine from Michelle's hand and said, "I don't have security."

Michelle looked at the screen, then to the man, then to the gate, realizing that he had been asking how they were getting him past security, because he obviously felt he could not go through the gate.

As Michelle tried to think through what all was going on, and how to get through security without drawing additional attention to herself, a man came into the building with an assault rifle and started shooting wildly.

Michelle grabbed for the target, but he had already been shot. Another man came into the building, shouting at the man shooting.

Suddenly, all the guards were focused on the shooter. Michelle took this opportunity and shoved the Japanese man and several other people through the security check, setting off the alarms. She had taken off her jacket and was holding it against the target's wound as she helped him through the panicing crowd.

She got to the curb as Giggy pulled up in her car. "I found a translation service we can call if we need anything else, but they're in India.

"Well, that's convenient," Michelle said, shoving the target and herself in the back seat, and letting Giggy pull his case into the front.

As Giggy pulled away, Michelle was already trying to see how bad the target's wound was, and what she could do to patch it. Not the least of her worries being how hard it would be to clean blood off her seats.

"We're rollin'," Giggy said over the radio, "Make sure you've got Jack and Nigel before you move."

"Got it," Lil'D responded, "Jack's climbing in right now."

"I'm in the truck, too," Nigel clarified, becoming visible once again, having apparently turned invisible some time after the two men assaulted him.

"Lil'D?" Giggy said over the radio, "I seem to have company. Can you give a hand?"

"Sure thing. Streets are narrow, truck is big!"

The van following Giggy fired a couple shots, both of which missed. Then Lil'D pulled out as Giggy was passing, blocking the van.

The van began to pass Lil'D, and she nudged over and bumped him. The van recovered, and began pulling forward again. Jack grabbed Rainbow's sniper rifle, and opened the small sleeper window, and waited for an opportunity.

As the van was puling forward, Nigel tried to get a good look, but with Jack taking up the rear of the truck, and Lil'D driving, there was no room ad he couldn't see the driver of the van.

As he pulled along side the truck, Lil'D bumped the van again, pushing the two vehicles further apart. Jack saw his opportunity and took a shot at the driver of the van.

The van continued off the road and into a building, indicating that Jack's shot at least disrupted the driver of the van.

On the way to Brisbane, they stopped so that Lil'D could check the damage to her truck and trailer (and re-secure the rear doors). And so that Michelle could drive her own car.

A few hours later, they got to the correct neighborhood, and Michelle turned in. The neighborhood was gated, but the gates were open. Rather odd for 3:30 in the morning.

Lil'D stopped her truck across the gate, to block anyone who was following them,a nd once the truck was stopped, Nigel went astral to look around.

Almost immediately, another mage came up to Nigel.

"Who are you?" the mage asked.

"That doesn't matter," Nigel replied.

"Who," the mage repeated, somewhat more sternly, "are you?"

"We're providing security for your package."

The mage just looked at him.

"The package from Port Macquarie."

"You should leave now."

It was Nigel's turn to provide a blank stare.

"Go back to your buddies in your car," the mage explained.

Nigel zipped off to find Giggy and Michelle, and manifested in the car between the two of them. He told them about the other mage, as they pulled up in front of the house.

"Well," Giggy said, "this is almost done."

"He leaned over and gave the target a hand out of the car, and fetched the luggage out of the trunk, and escorted the man to the door. The door was opened as they approached, and once the target crossed the threshold, the man holding the door gave Giggy a credstick.

Without a word, Giggy bowed and turned and walked back to the car. When he got there, Nigel had already returned to his body.

"Lil'D's finding us hotel rooms for the night. Someplace where we can park the truck under a roof. Then we'll just blend into traffic tomorrow and get back to Sydney," Michelle explained as she pulled away from the curb.

Now, for next time...

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