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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

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January 9th, 2008, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

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The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Nigel called Mr. Sama to follow up about selling his trinkets, but not being satisfied with Mr. Sama's offer, decided to talk to his talismonger, Ryan. After some negotiation, Ryan paid Nigel for the goods, meeting Nigel's asking price.

Nigel called Mr. Sama back to let him know he had another buyer.

A few days later, Lil'D got a call from one of her contacts who wanted a package delivered to Auckland. If she could deliver it in three days, they'd pay her 210K. After calculating the distance, she said she could do in in four, so the offer was dropped to 160K.

Lil'D called Giggy and Michelle to let them know - and to let them know that they would start loading the Lil'D's ship in half an hour.

Giggy called Nigel, only to find out that Nigel was now looking for guns. He wanted a Fichette Security 500a, and since Giggy was planning on getting supplies for the trip anyway, he told Nigel that he'd just have Jaquelyn get him one, and he'd bring it over when they met at Lil'D's ship to head to New Zealand.

Giggy had only started to dial Jaquelyn when Nigel called back wanting Giggy to get two Fichettes. Nigel called for the third time while Giggy was on the phone with Jaquelyn, and Giggy said he'd just have Jaquelyn call Nigel.

Giggy ordered Nigel's two Fichettes and asked her to get him some kind of missile and that he needed them in half an hour, so he wasn't to picky about what he got, and he asked her to call Nigel to see what else he wanted.

Jaquelyn called Nigel, and, when Giggy showed up, had a pile of stuff for him: 3 Fichettes, two Elites, and a pile of ammo. She had also gotten a single use rocket launcher for shoulder fire, and told Giggy to tell Nigel that the rest of his order would be in in two weeks. She also told Giggy to tell Nigel that what he really needed was a good Roomsweeper.

When Giggy got to the dock, Lil'D was arguing with an ork dock worker about how things were being loaded. By the time Nigel got there, Giggy has stowed his new guns in one of the cargo modules Lil'D had had loaded, and they were ready to go.

A couple nights out, just at dusk, Nigel and Atilius, another elf (whom Jack had brought along after talking it through with Michelle and Lil'D), were standing on the starboard side of the ship, when Atilius spotted a small boat coming up to them.

Before they could react, Atilius had been shot, and Nigel was calling for help over the radio. Atilius shot back, and hit the gunman, so he ducked back into the cabin of the Nightrunner.

Jack ad Michelle started toward Atilius and Nigel when Giggy reported that there was another boat coming up the port side. Michelle turned and headed toward Giggy.

Nigel pulled out his gun, then cast control actions on the pilot.

Giggy shot through the windscreen on the boat on their side of the ship as Michelle arrived at his side.

She pulled out here low-light binoculars and took a shot at the the boat, followed by another by Giggy.

On the other side of the ship, Atilius shot at the boat again, as Nigel instructed the pilot to push the throttle all the way up and then dive out.

There was a clang as the boar on the port side struck the hull of the ship, obviously out of control.

There didn't seem to be any other boats or ships around, and Jack and Giggy started talking about collecting the two boats.

With Michelle spotting the boat on the port side with a deck light, Lil'D was able to match it's speed fairly well, and Jack and Atilius were able to get into it and dump the bodies. They then went back and got the other boat, which had been heading astern, under its low-speed electric motor.

When they caught up with the other boat, Atilius transferred over, and unceremoniously dumped the body remaining there, not bothering to mention that he was still alive.

They returned to the ship, and proceeded with the two boats in tow. As they neared New Zealand, Atilius got onto the boat that Giggy had shot the windscreen out of, and Michelle and Giggy got onto the other.

Lil'D, Nigel and Jack headed into Auckland with the cargo. When they got in, Lil'D again had to deal with a grumpy ork, but then their contact showed up - a short man with thinning blond hair and a navy blue shit with white pin-stripes. Once the cargo was offloaded, he paid Lil'D, and they were ready to head back - though Nigel argued for both staying for a few drinks, and trying to find a buyer for the two Nightrunners.

Now... for next time...

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