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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

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February 20th, 2008, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

They headed out to Canberra on Wednesday. That afternoon Nigel and Rainbow headed out of town about ten miles to work with the spray systems and to see if the air elemental could appropriately form the foam. Their tests were successful, and they burnt the 10' miniature they created and returned to Canberra.

Around noon on Thursday, Michelle and Giggy got dressed in their suits, grabbed their clipboards, and headed to campus; Michelle with a bunch of dead termites in her pocket which she had gotten from a friend in the entomology group on the Sydney campus.

As Giggy and Michelle were 'inspecting' the Activity and Student Centre on campus, they were approached by a member of campus maintenance.

"Can I help you with something?" Abdul, the maintenance man asked.

"No," Michelle responded, "just a routine inspection of public facilities."

"Who authorized this?" Abdul asked.

"It's a standard bi-annual spot check for unexpected damages or structural issues. It just takes a few minutes for each building on our list," Michelle clarified.

"Actually," Giggy interjected, "we could use some ammonia-free glass cleaner to try to get rid of the bees by the upper entrance."

"What bees?" Abdul asked. "There aren't any bees up there, I just checked."

"Look, little man," Giggy started, looking up at Abdul's 2.1 meter frame, "there's bees up there,and something needs to be done about them. We don't need a student who's allergic to bees getting stung and coming after the school or the city, right?"

Abdul started to back away.

"And, Abdul, we've gone over your paperwork, and it's pretty lacking as well. I see you have a spritzer bottle there with bleach water, but that's a hazardous chemical, and you haven't filed form 10-11-B14 to carry hazardous materials where civilians are working or eating. You also haven't filed form C-19-A for transferring supplies between buildings, and we couldn't find a single sponge report 39-A-2 for your sponge and disposable cloth usage.

"so, before you start grilling us for our paperwork, you'd better make damn sure yours is in order."

"Ok, um..." Abdul responded, seeming a little sheepish, "I'll go get that glass cleaner for you."

Michelle took some more notes, and then signaled Giggy to head outside. They walked to another random building and went in. It happened to be the biology building, and they spent about an hour walking around taking notes and talking to each other about the conditions of the building, from paint to hinges. Then they went over to the administrative building - the one with the clock tower.

They started their inspection on the ground floor and worked their way up. When Giggy got to the door to the tower, he found it locked. He walked over to an office and asked the receptionist for the key, informing her that they had to complete their inspection. Unfortunately, she did not have one, she would have to get someone from facilities, and only people from facilities were allowed through the door.

A few minutes later, Joe, a facilities manager arrived to find Giggy and Michelle waiting impatiently at the door. "I'll need to see your authorization before can open that door for you," he explained as he approached.

"Look," Giggy said, "the paper-work's in the car and we just have a couple rooms left to check then we'll be out of your hair."

"Actually," Michelle interjected, "the paper-work's in the office."

"Well," Joe said, "then come back tomorrow with the paper work and I'll be able to open this door. But you're not getting through that door without authorization."

"Look," Giggy started. "We've been at this all day, we just need to finish this building and we can go fill out our reports and give you a clean bill of health for the campus. However, if you don't let us through..."

"Um," Michelle interrupted Giggy, "Jerry, what is this?" she asked, holing up a dead termite she had picked up off the floor.

"That's Mastotermes darwiniensis," Giggy replied, looking at the dead bug. "We'll need to get a crew in here right away. That's about the worst you can get."

"Well," Joe said, "we can get someone in next week to take care of it, and now you don't need through the door at all, you found what you needed."

"We won't need through the door," Giggy responded, "but you don't want to wait until next week. We'll get someone over here in the morning to clear this out." Giggy started walking away shaking his head and punching things into his pocket secretary.

"Sorry 'bout that," Michelle said. "The building will probably have to be sealed off at least tomorrow, possibly Friday as well. Depending on how bad it is, maybe even through the weekend. Can you give me your direct extension so we can have our crew contact you when they get here?"

Michelle got Joe's number and then followed Giggy out of the building.

That night, they came on to the campus. Michelle had rented a fog machine, in addition to everything else. Jack and Rainbow set about setting up the scaffolding around the tower, with help from Nigel and his elemental, while Atilius, Michelle, and Giggy picked their way through locks and set up equipment inside. Once they were all done with the major equipment hauling, they all put on their chemsuits and started applying the foam, Michelle and Giggy inside and Rainbow and Atilius outside. Nigel was directing his elemental in the shaping of the external foam, and Jack was watching for anyone coming up.

They were several hours into it when Jack radioed Michelle that there was someone coming. Michelle started the fog machine, while Nigel came down from the scaffolding.

"Sorry, ma'am," Nigel said, taking off the hood of his chemsuit, "the building's sealed, we can't let anybody in." The noxious fumes coming out with wisps of smoke helped support his claims, and the woman apologized and turned away.

For several hours Jack, with occasional help from Nigel or Atilius were able to turn everyone away, ad with the stench coming from the building thanks to the rancid-smelling aromatic oils Michelle had added to the fog machine.

By early afternoon they had nearly finished, and started cleaning up, without having been bothered by campus security. They gathered all their materials together, and Rainbow remotely piloted the van over to them so they could load up. After everything was loaded up, they piled into the van and drove off. A few blocks from campus, they pulled into an alley Rainbow removed the decals for the fictional fumigation service from the van, while Michelle called the local access trid station, and Giggy called two of the local news stations, recommending that they get news crews over to the campus if they wanted a scoop for the Thursday night news.

A few minutes later, as they drove further away from campus, Michelle called Professor Kyle and suggested that she watch the news from Canberra that night.

Then Nigel instructed his elemental to remove the tarps and collapse the scaffolding.

Their masterpiece was revealed to the world, over two stories tall and completely covering the old Clock Tower, clearly sculpted in exquisite detail, was a giant penis, with two huge testicles hanging off the side of the building. It was bright yellow, with a few places, particularly toward the bottom, where the foam was still expanding, giving it a somewhat diseased appearance beyond what was indicated by the bright yellow color.

Now, for next time...

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