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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

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April 2nd, 2008, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Rainbow was out early in the morning when he stumbled across Marsha, one of the leaders of the Meta-Human Rights organization he was affiliated with. She was having tea with an ork in a quaint little coffee shop on the north side of town.

Marsha invited Rainbow to join them, and introduced Rainbow to Twitch, the ork. They sat and conversed for a while, Rainbow managing to ascertain from the conversation that Twitch was both unemployed and had useful skills and experience - though most of it as an above-the-board bodyguard.

When Rainbow received the call from Mr. Sama's secretary that he was to gather people together and meet Mr. Sama in twenty-five minutes, he called Giggy and Nigel, but couldn't reach Michelle, Atelius, Lil'D, so he asked Twitch if he was interested in some work.

Twitch, of course, said yes, and the two of them left together to head over to the Hyppogryph.

As Giggy was leaving his place - trying to duck out without Ming noticing - his phone rang. He wa surprised by Sonny's familiar voice, and asked Sonny to come along as well.

Rainbow and Twitch arrived first, and as the elevator doors opened he noticed a blond woman standing at the security counter - ostensibly configured as a coat-check.

"Sorry," the blond said as Rainbow and Twitch stepped out of the elevator, "we're closed."

"Who are you?" Rainbow asked.

"I'm the one telling you we're closed," she responded, standing up.

"Where's Sama?" Rainbow asked.

"You can come back after five, when we're open."

They had walked across the entry to her counter, and Rainbow quickly drew his pistol and pointed it at her face. "Where's Sama," he repeated.

She swung her arm up surprisingly fast, pushing Rainbow's gun to the side. Twitch swung a punch at her and made a solid connection. Rainbow brought his gun back in line and fired, hitting her shoulder. She pulled up a gun and took a shot at Rainbow, while Twitch started backing away, wondering who he had followed to this meeting. He drew his gun, but kept it low. Rainbow fired again, hitting the girls other shoulder, but not as bad as the first. She reciprocated, but her aim was poor.

There was a soft "ding" as the elevator doors opened, revealing Nigel in his kilt with an assault rifle ready. As Nigel swung behind the edge of the elevator door, Rodriguez and Jake, the two regular bouncers at the Hyppogryph bounded through the door from the club.

Nigel dove into the entry way and under one of the benches to try to keep covered, as Rodriguez punched Rainbow.

Rainbow dropped his gun, and again asked, "Where's Sama?"

Jake jumped over the counter to see if the girl was all right, and Rodriguez grabbed Rainbow and slammed him against the wall. "What's going on?" Rodriguez asked.

"Hey, Poncey, get over here," Rodriguez said to Nigel, not taking his hands off Rainbow.

Nigel got up and walked over to the counter.

"They're gonna be late," Jake said. "We don't want to keep him waiting." Then looking to Nigel, he continued, "Go on in, elf-boy. When you're done, you can fix this," he indicated the girl whose wounds he was tending to.

Rodriguez took Rainbow by the arm and walked him into the club. Nigel and Twitch followed. The room was completely empty and mostly dark, except for one of the disco lights on the dance floor and a lamp behind the main bar. They were walked unceremoniously to the back room, where Rodriguez pushed Rainbow through the door. "Try not to cause any more trouble, OK?" he asked Rainbow in a gruff tone. Then, turning to Nigel, "You be on your best behavior, too."

"What?" Nigel responded, at least feigning being taken aback, "no walking through fake walls?"

Twitch shrugged and walked through the door after Nigel.

Giggy was a little puzzled by te condition of the entry way when the elevator doors opened. Jake looked up at him and said, "Just go in, you're late."

Giggy walked past and into the club. Rodriguez was walking back through the bar, and Giggy could tell he was not in a good mood.

When Giggy walked into the back room, Mr. Sama was already seated at the head of the table. He started without preamble. "In about three hours, a delivery truck will come into Penrith on 32. They will be carrying a delivery to a highly secured dock, and will have to take 4 most of the way through the city. On the truck is a package we want diverted. The package is 2mX1mX.5m and weighs about 170kg. The van is light grey with a wide double gold stripe running over the hood, down both sides, and around the back. There is a hawk logo on the front and rear of the van. It should be easy to pick out.

"Once you have the package, call for delivery instructions. You will be paid 60k for the job on delivery - minus the cost of repairs to the entryway here."

"How can we identify the correct package?" Giggy asked.

Mr. Sama picked up his pocket secretary and scanned it for a moment. "The tracking number on the package is A-3612 47-B. Thank you." And with that Mr. Sama got up, indicating that the meeting was over.

They walked out of the room and across the club. Nigel walked over to the girl and began healing her, while the rest began talking about plans. Giggy gave Rodriguez 40 nuyen to get some drinks once the place opened, and then joined the rest of the group.

Sonny got there shortly, and quickly put together some version of what had happened. he gave jake 1000 nuyen to put toward cleaning the entry.

By the time Nigel had finished healing the girl, Rainbow had already deployed his Condor to survey the junction of 32 and 4 to watch for the van coming in.

When it got close to time, they headed toward the section of 4 that they thought would be the best place to hit the truck, figuring it would be somewhat protected. Giggy was on his bike, waiting a couple miles before the target location so he could get in place behind the target vehicle. Sonny was waiting in his Eurocar with the top down two exits before where they wanted to make the hit, with Nigel in the car beside him. Rainbow and Twitch were in Rainbow's van, at the last exit before the selected location.

"Um, guys," Giggy said over the radio, "has the drone seen the target?"

"Nope," Rainbow said, "still looking."

"Well, I'm pretty sure it just past here."

"What?" Rainbow queried.

"Yeah," Giggy confirmed, "it just went past. I'm heading out."

Nigel looked over his shoulder and saw the target approaching. He signaled Sonny to pull into traffic, and they watched Rainbow pull in a short distance ahead of them. They got close to the target, and Nigel noticed something magic on the van. He summoned his air elemental and sent it after. The air elemental was quickly dispatched and suddenly Nigel was engulfed in fire.

Twitch put his gun out the side window of Rainbow's van, and took a shot at the driver of the target vehicle. The bullet ricocheted off ineffectively.

With Nigel on fire next to him, Sonny started to pull off the road, when someone from the target took a shot at him. He was unharmed, but he was pretty upset about the damage to his suit.

Giggy grabbed hold of the gun sticking out of the side window of the van, and managed to jam the butt into the gunner's face. Twitch took another shot, while Rainbow deployed his turret and took another shot. Then, since the fire next to him had mysteriously gone out, and Nigel was still alive, Sonny flipped a U-turn in traffic and took a shot at the target.

The target came to an abrupt halt, and Giggy ran into the barrel of the gun, bouncing it off his helmet with a loud crack. Giggy grabbed the gun, pulled it out of the target vehicle, and dropped it on the road.

Sonny dodged traffic heading the wrong way, to get back to the target. Rainbow just backed up gently.

Giggy got off his bike and carefully opened the side door of the target vehicle. Twitch jumped out of the van and ran back, opening the rear door on the other side. Rainbow shot out the windshield with his turret, while Twitch dodged a shot from the man on the floor across from him. However, his return shot was good and the man dropped.

They opened the back of the target and found their package, quickly transferring it to the van. Nigel, Twitch and Rainbow all got in the van, and they took off, heading in different directions.

Giggy called Mr. Sama's office and reported that they had the package and that they needed drop off instructions. when Mr. Sama requested to see the package, he explained that they were currently traveling separately. after a further request, Giggy transferred the call to rainbow so he could get a shot of the package to Mr. Sama.

Having seen a shot of the package, Mr. Sama told them that the drop off location was the church they had previously used down town. Giggy groaned at this news, not anxious to remember what that was related to, but said they'd deliver it shortly.

They converged on the church a short while later, and brought the package in through the rear entrance. A credstick was handed over.

Now, what's next...

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