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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

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April 16th, 2008, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

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The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Atilius got a call from his Meta-Human Rights Activist contact, asking him to put together some people and get to Cape Town within 24 hours. And to come armed.

Atilius called Nigel and Giggy, and told them about it. Giggy got Twitch on the line and had Atilius go over it again. When Giggy asked what the transportation was, and how they were supposed to get their guns there, Atilius dropped the line and called his contact back.

After being insulted on the line by the MRA contact, Atilius came back on, and, quoting his contact, said, "I thought you guys were professionals."

Not impressed with the outlook, and not knowing what the pay was, Giggy bowed out, asking them to call him back if they had any useful information, or a plan.

Atilius, Nigel, and Twitch talked for a few minutes, and came to the conclusion that they needed Giggy to talk to his contacts to get them to Cape Town.

Nigel called Giggy back and talked to him about contacting his smuggler, who had flown them around before, because if she could get them across the Indian Ocean, that should address the gun issue as well.

Giggy called Connie, and, as it happened, she was just landing outside of Sydney. He told her what they needed, and while they were on the phone, she arranged two cargos heading that way, and told Giggy they could ride along for 6k. Giggy paid her and called Atilius back to let him know that they had a flight, leaving at 9 that evening which could take them, their bikes, and reasonable firepower.

When Nigel got to the airport, Twitch and Atilius were already there, but Nigel only saw Twitch waiting in the parking lot. Nigel rode up to the fence along the tarmac and quickly spotted Connie's plane. However, there was an electrified fence between them, and the gate post was obviously manned.

Nigel called Giggy, and asked how they were expected to get in. Giggy relayed for Connie that they needed to get cargo flags for their bikes, then they needed an escort across to the plane to load it. when Nigel asked how he was supposed to get an escort, Connie told him to just shout for Toby.

Twitch and Atilius had come up to Nigel while he was on the phone, so he left his bike and guns with them, and went in to the cargo counter and got three cargo flags for the bikes, signing for them as Wilt Chaimberlan, and checked that this was for a chartered flight.

He came back out, and they tagged each of the bikes, then pushed them up to the gate.

"Can I help you?" the guard asked.

"Um, yeah, we need..." Nigel stammered. Then turning to the airplane, cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted, "Hey, Toby!"

Toby came over and looked them up and down, "So, you're the third load?"

"Yeah," Nigel replied.

"I thought there were four?" Toby asked.

"Yeah, he's coming."

Toby waved to the gate operator to open the gate, and they proceeded across to the plane. On the way, Toby walked beside Nigel. "You'd better be on your best behavior."

Nigel gave him an innocent look.

They landed at about 2am in a dusty air strip about 20 miles from Cape Town. As soon as they were on the ground, Atilius called his contact for more information. They were instructed to meet him in a box canyon northeast of town.

They went and got hotel rooms for the night, and that evening went to meed the contact. It was easy enough to find the place.

They rode their bikes up to the mouth of the canyon and stopped. They could see a truck sitting about a hundred meters away. Atilius got off his bike and walked over. His contact was sitting on the top of the truck, smoking a cigar.

"You got only three?" he asked as Atilius approached.

"Yeah," Atilius replied.

"They any good?"

"We're good. You'll see. We made a giant cock."

"All right. There's a march on the capitol tomorrow. They're trying to push through a law to greatly restrict the movements and activities of metas in the region. It could lead to internment camps.

"Here are your targets," he continued, handing down four photographs. "You get 80k for each you can confirm you took out."

"Who's the competition?" Atilius asked.

"I'm not privy to that knowledge."

"All right. I'll call you."

Atilius walked back to the group and got on his bike and started down the road. the others followed him.

They got into town and went to a park where Atilius explained the job to them while scanning the images into his pocket secretary and running images searches to find out more about the targets.

Over the course of several hours, they were able to find out that the one woman in the group was Sabrina Mitchell, an outspoken activist for the purity of the race. Another was Jacob Tucker, the president and CEO of African Oil Conglomerate. Then there was George Simmons, an older, retired physician from Atlanta. The only thing they could find on the fourth images was that his name was apparently "Mikey." However, they were able to get addressed for the first three, two of which were in Cape Town.

Giggy started working on how to find "Mikey," starting with trying to ask around about possible polyclub hangouts.

Twitch went and scoped out the neighborhood where Sabrina lives, while Atilius went to check out the Tucker residence.

Nigel started calling hotels to try to find where Dr. Simmons was staying.

Nigel had an easy enough time finding Dr. Simmons' hotel, but Giggy only found a vague lead about a rather restrictive club, The Brown Door.

Then next morning, Nigel called the hotel and asked to be connected to Dr. Simmons' room. He told the doctor that there was a package for him at the front desk, and was told that someone would come down to get it in about half an hour.

Nigel left their hotel, went and got some red and yellow biking shorts and jersey, and put together a package to deliver.

Twitch went back to Sabrina's house, and set up in a tree about 50 meters away, watching the door.

Atilius took a similar approach to the walled fortress that passed as the Tucker residence. It was obvious that they were expecting people for something, as several large tents had been set up in the back yard.

Giggy, meanwhile, as the only human in the group, decided to try to get into The Brown Door, but was turned away since he neither had a membership, nor a member invitation.

Nigel got to the hotel in his red and yellow outfit with a hat pulled down over his face, and delivered his package to the front desk, and promptly left after having them sign for it.

He returned shortly wearing his kilt and a green lace shirt. He took a seat in the lounge and watched for Dr. Simmons to come down to get his package.

Just a couple minutes later, Nigel saw the target come down, and headed for the elevator. He was stopped by a man in a suit with a hotel name badge, who asked to see Nigel's room key.

"I was just looking for the soda machine," Nigel said.

"Back, the other way, you'll see the sign that says 'restroom,' vending machines are in that side corridor."

Nigel thanked him and turned back to head that way, cautiously and discreetly casting control actions on Dr. Simmons.

Once the spell hit, Nigel had the doctor come over and greet him, and the doctor escorted him past security, without even being asked for his key.

Nigel took the key once they were in the elevator, and checked the room number. They went to the room, and Nigel stood behind the doctor while the doctor knocked on his own door.

"You forgot your key, didn't you?" the woman asked as she opened the door.

Nigel bashed her in the face with his gun, shoving her back into the room, having the doctor step in, Nigel closed the door behind them. He had the doctor cover the woman's mouth, and hold her in the corner while he looked around the room quickly.

Nigel opened the door to the private balcony, and quickly observed the nine-story drop onto parked cars below. He instructed the doctor to throw the woman off the balcony, and then to follow her.

Nigel grabbed a towel from the bathroom and wiped down the doorknob and the window sill he had touched, then grabbed the briefcase that was sitting on the desk in the room and left. he headed away from the main elevators and found a service elevator at the back of the building. However, it required a staff key to gain access, so he took the stairs down and exited onto a side street.

Not watching to see what was going on, he got on his bike, setting the briefcase behind him and started down the street. A few blocks away, he stopped and called Atilius.

"Doctor's down. I have the briefcase. Where are you?" Nigel asked.

"Meet me at the Tucker place."

at about the same time, Twitch was sitting in a tree watching the Mitchell house. The door opened and Sabrina stepped out in her robe to grab her paper off the stoop. As she stood up, Twitch shot her right between the eyes.

He watched for a moment, but did not see any movement in the house - or elsewhere in the neighborhood, so he went over, pushed her back into the house and closed the door.

Twitch then got on his bike and also called Atilius. "Target's out. Where to?"

"Do you have any evidence?" Atilius asked.

"Nope," Twitch replied, "but she won't get another paper."

"All right. Nigel's coming over to the Tucker place, why don't you meet us."

Atilius hung up and immediately called his contact. "Target one got her last paper," he said when the phone was answered, then immediately hung up.

Nigel arrived at the Tucker place just after Twitch did. Atilius filled them in on the ork woman working in the kitchen, and the other woman he had seen talking to her, but he had not seen Tucker himself.

Nigel filled them in on the Doctor's accident, and Atilius decided to go ahead and call that one in. "It's a shame about the good Doctor's poor diving skills," he said when the call was connected, and again immediately hung up.

Twitch had gotten up into the tree they were waiting in the shadows of when Nigel spotted Tucker running out of his front door, still buttoning up his shirt.

"Twitch?" he asked.

"No, it's too far with this," Twitch responded, gesturing with his heavy pistol.

"Try this," Atilius said, tossing up Nigel's heavier gun.

Twitch steadied his breath, and took one shot. They all saw Tucker drop.

"We should go. He probably heard about one or the other of the others," Atilius said quietly.

Nigel jumped on his bike, and Twitch dropped out of the tree and got on his. As they were starting in opposite directions, Atilius was dialing again, "Target two didn't make it to his car this morning." And he hung up and started his bike.

Over the radio, the three of them decided to meet up in the park where they had planned yesterday, and call Giggy from there.

Giggy had been watching the back door of The Brown Door for a couple of hours. It appeared a couple of morning cooks had come in, but there was no other activity. He was starting to get bored, and the smell of the alley was starting to get to his sensitive nose when he received Atilius's call to meet them in the park.

Giggy headed over, and once he got there, stated that "Mikey" was still a mystery, he hadn't gotten anything.

They started debating whether they should arrange a pick up, or if they wanted to still try to hit the parade and try to get "Mikey" there. Nigel, feeling sure he was on at least one security camera in the hotel, was in favor of calling it good. Especially if Atilius was correct and there were other teams with the same targets. Atilius and Giggy, on the other hand, were interested in completing the job...

Now... what's next?

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