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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

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May 28th, 2008, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

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The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Twitch got a call from his fixer, Bubba, letting him know that there was a quick job available if he would call "Sheila" and check for details. Twitch called and a meet was set up with a Mr. Johnson at Demonico, a trendy, shadowrunner wannabe club downtown.

When Twitch, Giggy, and Nigel arrived they weren't checked for weapons because the bouncers were slacking.

Nigel looked around the room astrally, and realized that he had two watchers on him, and there was a large spirit who started chatting with him.

Twitch had gone up to the bar to try to track down their contact here, and was directed to a side room. He radioed the location to the others and headed that direction.

Nigel tried to excuse himself from the spirit by saying he needed a drink, and the spirit ran off, returning moments later with a very large, very pink drink which he handed to Nigel. Meanwhile, Nigel had banished the two watchers, and started to make his way to the side room.

Nigel took the drink from the spirit and thanked him, but explained that he really had to go to meet some people in private. The spirit ran off again, Returning as Nigel approached the door with a large beer for him. Nigel again thanked him, and told him he'd be back in a few minutes.

When Nigel walked into the room, Giggy and Twitch were already seated across the table from a thin man with black hair and obvious cyber eyes (they were completely black), who was wearing too much makeup.

"All right, then," Mr. Johnson started, "What we need is a safe cracked. It's in the penthouse suite in the Sheraton Downtown."

"Sounds reasonable," Giggy said, "What's the security?"

Just then, the spirit appeared in the room again, and set another drink in front of Nigel. "I got you a drink," the spirit said.

"Er, yeah," Nigel replied, slightly embarrassed.

"Thank you, Buddy," Mr. Johnson said. "Now leave."

The spirit looked somewhat dejected at being spoken to this way, but did, in fact, leave.

"You know him?" Nigel asked.

Mr. Johnson just raised an eyebrow before continuing, "there should just be the standard hotel security."

"What do you know about this safe?" Twitch asked.

"It's an Armalite 400 with the Double Ascension Locking Mechanism."

"And where is the safe?"

"It's in the study, behind a portrait of an old woman."

"What do you want, and what's the pay?" Giggy asked.

"There are some papers in the safe. We want those," Mr. Johnson replied. "Whatever else is in the safe is yours as matter of payment, plus a little something from us to show our appreciation and the offset any of your expenses."

Mr. Johnson continued, "There's no need to be discreet about this - they can know they've been robbed, but the building should still be standing."

"Oh," Twitch commented, "he does know you, Giggy."

"When," Giggy asked, ignoring Twitch's comment.

"Tomorrow night between 9 and and midnight would be best, the occupants have tickets to the opera."

After confirming that they should call Sheila when they are ready to drop the goods, they departed, and quickly left the club before Buddy could bring Nigel more drinks.

The next morning Giggy called the Gut Shot to try to get something to use to open a safe, preferably without having to move it - at least not much. Ricky was able to set him up with 2 meters of thermite cord, which he figured ought to work for that.

Then Giggy called Samantha at the Dapper Dwarf to get maintenance crew uniforms for the three of them.

They showed up that night in their uniforms, Giggy and Twitch carrying tool boxes, and walked up to the back door. Two guys from the work crew were standing outside smoking when they walked up.

"Hey," Giggy started, "we're the temp crew you guys needed tonight. Who do we have to check in with?"

"I haven't heard anything about any temps coming over, but we can check with Joe," one of the guys said, putting out his cigarette. "Follow me."

The man led them into the building and around through the machinery in the basement to an office in the back behind the large boilers. "Joe, these guys are temps to help tonight," their guide said.

Before anyone could react, Nigel had cast on the manager, and instructed him to show them up to the penthouse.

The manager got up looking slightly puzzled, and headed to the maintenance elevator, just walking past the guy who had brought them in.

Giggy, Twitch and Nigel followed Joe closely. when they got to the top, Nigel instructed him to disarm the alarm to they could get in for maintenance. once through, the alarm, Giggy took Joe's keys and found the master key to open the door and let them in.

"Take us to the study," Nigel instructed Joe, who obediently did so. There was only one picture of an old woman, and it was quite large, dominating the room from behind the desk.

Nigel looked at Giggy and Twitch, then instructed Joe to show him the toilet. Joe obediently took Nigel to the bathroom, where Nigel kept Joe buys disassembling the toilet while twitch and Giggy burned the door off the safe.

When the thermite was nearly through the safe, the heat set off the fire alarms. Nigel instructed Joe to call down and state that there was a malfunction, and that the alarm need to be canceled so it could be fixed. A moment later the alarm stopped.

Giggy and Twitch got into the safe, and inside found two money boxes, a metal briefcase, and a leather briefcase. Gathering these up with their tools, they radioed to Nigel that they were ready.

Nigel instructed Joe to take them back down. As they got off the elevator, There was a fire marshal arguing with one of the staff members about the alarm. Twitch and Giggy headed left, while Nigel followed Joe up to see what the problem was. It took no prompting from Nigel for Joe to explain the situation. He was working on the toilet when the fire alarm went off when there was no fire, so he had it canceled.

Once the explanation was given, Nigel ducked out to catch up with Twitch and Giggy.

They met in a cheap hotel room that Giggy booked remotely under an assumed name, and flipped through their take.

The one money box contained old and ancient coins in protective sleeves, the other contained jewelry. The leather briefcase was full of papers and assorted office supplies, and the metal one contained three clips set into a foam rest, and a space in the rest for a gun, which was missing. Under the foam was an envelope which had had a privacy seal on it, but had been opened. Inside the envelope was a set of specifications for the gun, as well as a variety of notes and instructions.

Twitch put the envelope and all its contents in the leather briefcase, assuming that that was what Mr. Johnson wanted, and called Sheila. she informed them that Mr. Johnson was awaiting their arrival and Demonico again at their earliest convenience.

Giggy and Twitch went over to Demonico with the leather briefcase, leaving Nigel behind to avoid problems with Buddy.

While they were gone, Nigel looked through the other items more carefully, and realized that there were four foci in the jewelry box. He called Ryan, his talismonger, and, apologizing for the late call, asked if he could show him some items. They agreed to meet at a coffee shop across the street from the hotel. Ryan was very impressed with the pieces, and left with them, promising to pay Nigel in the morning, once he had a chance to collect funds.

Meanwhile, Twitch and Giggy passed the briefcase across a similar table in a similar back room to the one they had met in the previous night. Mr. Johnson opened the case, flipped through it, took out a few items, dropped in a credstick, and slid the briefcase back over to them.

They headed out with their briefcase and their cred, and headed back to the hotel, arriving just as Nigel was getting back to the room. They checked the remaining papers, and, to their surprise, the information about the gun was still in there. Looking at it more closely, they noticed the seal was from Ares...

So, what next?

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