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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Montana Role-Playing Calendar

June 11th, 2008, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

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The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Nigel met with Ryan at the shop, and got paid for the foci he dropped off the night before. Ryan was also interested enough in some of the coins to buy the lot for another 30k.

While Nigel was out, Giggy called The Gutshot and spoke to Sally, leaving a message that he needed to meet with Jaqueline. Jaqueline called back shortly, and they planned to meet for lunch.

While Giggy was out with Jaqueline, Nigel called Sonny about some of the other stuff they had, and Sonny just had Nigel call Trinny. They arranged to meet at 1 so Trinny could see the goods.

As Nigel got off the phone, the room was suddenly engulfed in flames. Twitch dove for the window and down two floors to the ground below. Nigel followed suit, though not as fast. As Nigel slid out the window, there was a loud banging at the door of someone trying to break it down.

On the ground, Nigel and Twitch were both making for their bikes when gunfire erupted from their room window. The two made it to their bikes ad took off without further damage and headed in different directions, planning to meet up as Samoan Joe's after they were both sure they weren't being followed.

A short time later, Giggy pulled up to the hotel to see several fire trucks and smoke pouring out of their window. he called Nigel, who, of course, denied any responsibility, and found out they were meeting at Samoan Joe's, but that Nigel would be late since he was clothes shopping.

In frustration, Giggy called Ming and transferred her some money, and suggested that she go get some new clothes - sending her to where he knew Nigel to be being fitted.

While Nigel was being fitted, Sonny called him. Trinny was pissed because Nigel hadn't shown up with the goods as planned. Nigel tried to explain, but then just gave up and asked Sonny to meet them at the bar shortly.

When Twitch arrived at Samoan Joe's, nobody was there, so he called Giggy to find out what he was doing. since Giggy was already on his way, Twitch called Michelle and asked her to show up as well.

Nigel managed to sneak out of the store without being accosted by Ming, and headed over to the bar, arriving just after Michelle had shown up.

Except for the five of them, the bar was pretty empty at this time of day. Nigel walked up to the table, and Giggy immediately asked, "Were you followed?"

"No," Nigel replied, then he checked astrally. "Just a sec.

"Ok," he continued, "now we're clear."

Twitch started to explain what had happened that morning, and, after a few minutes, Giggy started to smell something. Just as he warned people, a man in a swat uniform came through the front door and took a shot at Twitch with his machine gun.

Giggy, Sonny, and Michelle started for the back room, while Twitch stood to face his attacker and Nigel dove under the table.

Nigel turned himself invisible, then cautiously looked around and came out from under the table.

In the back room, Sonny was reaching to open the door while Michelle and Giggy were taking cover in the kitchen, when the door opened out from under Sonny's hand. He quickly pulled back his hand, releasing the safety on his gun. however, a shot was fired faster than he could react, hitting him in the shoulder.

In the front room, several members of the swat team were spraying the room with lead. Nigel was hit, but it did not interfere with his taking control of the man at the back of the team. Unfortunately, his first shot at one of the other team members was a miss.

Sonny took a shot out the door at the guy who shot him, while Giggy took a run straight at Sonny. Giggy punched through the weak wall of the building and then took a shot at the stunned member of the swat team standing outside.

The man in he alley took a shot at Giggy, and both Michelle and Sonny were able to take shots back at him.

In the front, Twitch was doing a good job taking out members of the assault team, but not getting himself hurt too badly. Nigel's second shot from the controlled team member did take down the last of his standing comrades.

Michelle and Giggy, both in the back room, were able to shoot through Giggy's hole in the wall, taking out the guy who had opened the door. Then Giggy and Sonny were both able to get shots off to kill the guy in the alley.

Michelle, Giggy, and Sonny ducked out the back door and into the now vacant alley.

Twitch made his way into the back and out into the alley, While Nigel had his guy open the door and look out. Nigel looked out too and saw that there was a surveillance drone hovering overhead. He briefly considered stealing one of the armored security vehicles sitting out front, but instead had the assault team member step back in and then shoot himself. Nigel took two of the guns from the assault team and ten headed out the back door himself.

They met up on foot a few blocks away, and continued running. Nigel noticed another watcher following them and took it out easily...

Now for next time...

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