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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

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June 25th, 2008, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Nigel and Michelle took a cab to the mall, where they received a call from Sonny that he was going to try to return to Samoan Joe's to retrieve his car and take himself to the hospital.

About half an hour later, they had all (except Sonny) gotten to the mall and Nigel checked to make sure they were not being watched astrally.

Michelle bought herself and Nigel wigs and glasses to put together a make-shift disguise, while Giggy and Twitch bought some new clothes. They hung around and talked for a while, watching to see if they had been followed, and with Nigel regularly checking to see if there was anyone (or anything) in astral space.

A couple hours later, Sonny showed up, his wounds being relatively easy to treat.

Rainbow called Michelle to find out what was going on, and she gave him a short version of the story - with various promptings and corrections from the others.

A short while later, Rainbow joined them at the mall, as Nigel was on the phone with Ryan, his talismonger, getting recommendations on what to do about being astrally harassed.

Then Sonny got a call from Trinny, there was a job for 'his team.' He was to meet Maria the next morning at 11am at O'Rielies on the patio at the outside corner.

Nigel summoned another watcher to help him, so he could pay more attention to the discussion of a possible run, and few minutes later, the watcher returned to tell Nigel that another watcher had shown up.

Nigel quickly dispatched of that watcher, and suggested that the move on, since they had been found.

Giggy called around and got them a deluxe suite at a nice hotel downtown, and they headed over in Rainbow's van.

Once there, Michelle called to have a nice lined long coat brought up, and Nigel ordered another over-priced outfit. The young man who brought up the clothing, Nigel observed, was heavily cybered - with even less essence than Twitch.

Nigel's watcher expired, and he summoned another. Just after that one expired, Jaquelyn called Giggy. she had been contacted by someone who wanted the gun and plans. Giggy slotted her 25k for her troubles, but apologized that there was no deal, because the materials had been destroyed.

As evening rolled around, Michelle got a taxi to go around and look for something for dinner. She had the cab take her to Samoan Joe's, where she picked up her car and went home. A couple hours later, Giggy followed suit, taking the tube to a campus stop, then walking to Samoan Joe's to get his bike and head across town. He stopped near Gina's to check the bike for bugs, and when he didn't find any, headed home.

The next morning Sonny went over to meet Maria. She introduced him to her assistant Stanley as though she and sonny were long-time friends. She was looking for someone to hit a Mitsuhama facility on East Windham Street. The pay was 125k, with an additional 25k up front. Sonny agreed and took the 25k and the phone number to call when they had the package. The package was clearly described, not just tracking numbers, but the room in the building the package was supposed to be in.

Nigel headed over to Samoan Joe's that morning, getting off the bus a few blocks away, and then turning himself invisible in an alley before getting close to the building. As he approached, he saw that there was a drone hovering over the street, but it only appeared to be there for observation - it did not appear to be armed.

He looked inside, the damage was significant, and there was evidence that there was a fire in addition to the gunfight. He looked around to see if he could find the spec sheets Giggy had had, but he was unable to find them.

Satisfied that there was nothing here of use, Nigel headed outside and got his bike, doing his best to sneak it away without catching the ever-watchful eye of the drone.

Sonny headed over to the Mitsuhama facility that afternoon and drove past it. Then he parked a couple of blocks away and walked by to see what seemed to be happening.

The building was in a small industrial park that was not doing very well. The landscaping was poorly maintained, and none of the buildings looked real sharp. There seemed to be plenty of space around the buildings, and only some places were fenced - nd then only with cheap non-secured chain link fencing.

The next morning Sonny went back and went in to the building. There was a receptionist's desk just inside the front door, and the woman at the desk asked if she could help. Sonny told her he was looking for Michael Bragg, and she informed him that there wasn't anyone there by that name. Sonny apologized and then asked to use the restroom, and the receptionist was glad to direct him.

After a couple of minutes, Sonny came back out, while calling Rainbow to try to start working out details. Rainbow thought the run sounded fine, especially if security was as lax as it seemed when Sonny had been through.

Sonny called Michelle, and she agreed as well. However, Giggy did not agree when Sonny called him. He though it sounded too good. Sonny called Michelle back, and asked her to call Giggy. When Giggy still said no, Sonny called him back to try again with no luck.

Michelle looked around and found that the building, and several others in the area, were managed by Cook Enterprises. She contacted the Cook office and arranged a walk-through for that afternoon. While she was on her walk-through, asking questions about security and response times, she called Nigel and asked him to do a quick astral sweep to see what was there. After her tour, she tanked the agent and told him she's be in touch.

When she got in her car, she called Nigel back to find out that there as someone on the roof of one of the buildings - and that Nigel had sent a watcher to see if he left.

Michelle also called Andy, a decker she knew, to find out what it would cost to disrupt the security system on the target building for about 5 minutes...

Now... what's next...

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