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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

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October 22nd, 2008, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Rainbow dropped Twitch, Michelle, and Nigel off at a local mall, where Nigel and Twitch tried to flag down a cab while Michelle called Giggy.

When Nigel eventually flagged down a cab, there was something buzzing in the trunk, which made Twitch and Michelle uneasy. Michelle called Giggy back and asked him and ming to just swing by and pick them up, instead of meeting them at the drop.

Ming dropped them off about a block and a half from the drop point, and Giggy waited in the car with her.

As they rounded the corner, Twitch in front and Michelle in the rear, a sniper across the street opened up on them, hitting Twitch. Twitch almost dropped the package when second shot was fired. suddenly Nigel was hit and was making his way back around the corner of the building. after a second shot hit Twitch and another hit Nigel, Michelle grabbed Nigel to give him support as they made their way rapidly to Ming's car.

As ming started the car, Twitch dove in the back with the package and Michelle shoved Nigel into the back seat, following him quickly. the car was rocked by a wave of force, shattering all the windows and sending Nigel to the floor unconscious.

Twitch turned quickly and shot out the window of a pursuing car as Ming backed up. Suddenly, the car was engulfed in flame. Twitch took another shot as the car was rocked by a second wave of force. Twitch's third shot dropped the passenger in the car, and then Giggy and Michelle were both able to hit the driver with their subsequent shots. The uncontrolled car crashed into a lamp post on the side of the road.

Ming drove off, and they were shortly met by a Docwagon bus sent to pick up Nigel. They allowed the medics to transfer Nigel to their vehicle, and then Ming drove Twitch to the nearest hospital and dropped him off.

Giggy had them then go to Sonny's dock so Giggy could return the package to him. They dropped Giggy and the package off, and then Michelle took Ming back to the hospital - this was the first an of them had realized that she was also hurt.

Giggy climbed onto Sonny's boat, and when Sonny came out, Giggy drew his holdout pistol and shot Sonny in the knee. "Here's your damn package. We got it. You see about getting it dropped off. We've been shot at three times tonight," he said.

Sonny pulled out his pistol and shot Giggy back, then turned and grabbed his phone.

He called Trinny to see where to drop off the package. Trinny didn't know, but then Sonny realized he had the drop off phone number, so he called that.

"Hello," the voice on the line said.

"Yes," Sonny replied, "we have a package we need drop off instructions for."

"Who is this?"

"You know who," Sonny said, "we just did a run for you."

"Didn't you get instructions already?"

"Yeah, but something came up."

"So, you didn't make the delivery?"

"That's correct," Sonny agreed.

"What were you paid?"


"Do you have the package?"


"OK. I'm going to have to send a request and have someone get back to you in the morning."

"No," Sonny responded. "Here's what's going to happen.

"You're going to have someone meet me at the opera house in 30 minutes, with an extra 50k for our trouble, nd I will give them the package."

"Hey, I'm just an operator. All I can do is have someone call you back, and it will probably be in the morning."

"Well, if there isn't someone to collect the package at the opera house in half an hour, I'm dumping this package into the harbor," Sonny said and hung up.

Sonny started his boat and headed over to the opera house. He waited for about an hour, watching for anyone to pull up, and didn't see anything. Since no one came to pick up with package, he headed out of the harbor bout half an hour, to get into good deep water, and opened the case.

Inside the case were some standard pocket secretary motherboards in their factory cases. If the packaging was accurate, Sonny figured the cargo was worth about 1,000. He dumped the boards overboard, but kept the box they were in, nd headed back to his berth.

Sonny got into his car and headed over to Trinny's. On the way, he called the drop number for the run to let them know that the package had been destroyed, but there was no answer.

Sonny asked Trinny for explosives, something relatively high powered, and enough to fill the box.

"I can have that for you tomorrow night. Maybe tomorrow afternoon if things go well," Trinny explained.

"No," Sonny said, "get it now!"

"Sonny, this is what I have now," Trinny clarified, pulling up a 1 kilo block. "If you want more, it will take some time. Tomorrow's a pretty good turn around."

"OK," sonny said, "I'll take that.

"Now, who did you get that run from?"

"Just some guy who works down on the dock. They asked for you specifically," Trinny replied. "Looks like you're starting to get noticed."

"I need a name."

"Hey, you know it doesn't work that way."

"I need a name and some contact information for this 'guy on the docks.'"

"Wait just a sec." Trinny said, getting nervous. "Is that what you need all this for? you're going to trash my rep and yours!"

Sonny drew his gun and shot Trinny. Trinny fell to the floor, unconscious and bleeding. Sonny ransacked the office, looking for any contact information that could lead him to the guy who set up this run. Pocketing Trinny's pocket secretary, he shot Trinny again and stormed out of the office.

As he drove away, he discovered that the pocket secretary was locked with a password. After trying a couple of obvious things, he figured he wasn't getting into it on his own, so he tried calling Andy, Michelle's decker friend. When he got rolled to voice mail, he hung up and called Zito, his mechanic.

Zito knew a decker that Sonny could call, but suggested that he wait until afternoon. "I'll pay him enough that he won't mind me calling now," Sonny responded.

"What?" the decker answered.

"I need someone to crack a pocket secretary."

"Call back later."

"No, I need it now," Sonny clarified, "What does now cost?"

"Drop it at the football pitch off the Western Motorway on Derby Lane in 45 minutes leave it in the basket on the third block of bleachers at te end of the second row. Then leave. Come back an hour later, it it will be open. Leave 16k with it."

"It doesn't leave my sight. I'll pay you 20k."

"You meet me at the Soyhut on Derby there, and it will run you 30k."

"Fine. I'll be there in 30," sonny responded, hanging up the phone.

Sonny met the decker at the Soyhut, and the decker asked for the cred and the hardware. Sonny handed it over, pulled his gun and told the decker to get in the car.

"Unless you have an ulterior motive here, there's no need. It's open now." He handed the pocket secretary back to Sonny.

Not lowering his gun, Sonny checked, and sure enough, it was unlocked and he had access. "It's not going to lock itself again, is it?"

"Nope," the decker replied, "not unless you set it to."

"All right," Sonny said, getting back into his car.

So... Next time...

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