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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

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November 19th, 2008, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

Mr. Sama called Giggy back to see what he needed. Giggy told him about the ambushes and asked if he knew of anyone who may be trying to kill them. He also asked Mr. Sama if he had heard anything about the weapon prototype that they had had the schematics and the case for.

A couple hours later, Mr. Sama's secretary called Giggy back. Mr. Sama had a file to transfer. Giggy accepted it.

The file contained descriptions of Giggy, Twitch and Nigel, and listed their known associates as Lil' D., Michelle, Atilius, Jack, Sonny, Rainbow, Timmy, and Buckwheat. There were descriptions of the associates, but they were not as detailed as the descriptions of Twitch, Giggy and Nigel. This was on Ares letterhead.

Another page in the file contained notes that were obviously grouped together from different sources. There were instructions to retrieve the prototype and to kill any members of the group on sight. There were also questions about how the prototype had gotten out, whether it should have been taken, whose authority it had been removed under, and an some notes about investigations of those involved within Ares.

On further review, Giggy was able to find three names which seemed to refer to people in charge at various levels of various parts of this situation within Area. Cammie deWitt, Jared Knight, and Samuel Ritter.

Giggy disguised himself, albeit poorly, and headed to a coffee shop where he knew he could rent a private and secure telecom line. As he arrived, he received a call from Jaquelyn, informing him that there were people asking after who had that gun and schematic he had tried to sell through her. He pushed her off, thanking her for the information, and letting her know that he thought he was getting that taken care of.

Giggy used one of the secure lines to call Aries, and navigated through their automated system to leave a message for Cammie. He stated the time of his message as one hour earlier, and then said he would call back in three hours with information about the situation with the prototype gun.

Two hours later, Giggy had gotten himself to another secure telecom and called Cammie back. This time, she answered.

"I understand you are looking for me," Giggy said.

"Go on."

"What will it take to call off pursuit?" Giggy asked.

The other end of the line was silent.

"Look, we were hired to get some papers out of the safe," Giggy volunteered. "Some other items may have been picked up accidentally, as our patron wasn't clear on exactly what he needed.

"Where can you be reached in the morning?" Cammie asked.

"What time?"

"How about 11:00?"

"I'll call you at 10:45," Giggy offered.

"I understand your concern," Cammie said, and gave Giggy her direct line so he could reach her more quickly.

Giggy closed the telecom connection and got up. As he was walking out of the building, he called Nigel and Michelle.

"I've got a call in the morning with the local head of security for Ares," Giggy explained.

"About what?" Nigel asked.

"That penthouse thing."

"That's what this is all about?" Michelle asked. "I wasn't even involved in that."

"yeah," Giggy added, "but they're looking for a lot of us."

The next morning at 10:45, Giggy called the number Cammie had given him from a new secure telecom.

"What information do you have?" Cammie asked.

"What the Johnson wanted was one piece out of a file of records that was in that safe. We don't know what it was, we didn't inventory the files before going to see him."

"What else was removed from the safe?"

"A silver gun case, which was destroyed in an explosion in a hotel room, and a schematic which was destroyed in a grease fire in a bar."

"Look, I know how this works," Cammie explained. "I also know that we may have need of you - or someone else who can provide your services in the future. However, your industry is not exactly a bastion of trust ad good will.

"I just need to know that those were, in fact, destroyed, and what was in that case."

"How do you recommend we demonstrate that they were destroyed?" Giggy asked.

"Some remains would be helpful."

"I'll see what we can find. Both locations were pretty severely burned - and immediately abandoned."

"See what you can do," Cammie requested. "Then call me in four hours."

Giggy got off the line and again called Nigel and Michelle as he was leaving. "We've got four hours to find evidence for her. I think we can get the goons called off."

"What kind of evidence?" Michelle asked.

"She suggested some remains."

"Great," Michelle whined. "I guess I'll head over to that hotel, then."

"And I'm pretty close to Joe's," Nigel said.

"Great. Call me when you find anything out," Giggy responded and closed the line.

Nigel headed over to Samoan Joe's - or the remains thereof - and looked around. there was still a Condor surveillance drone hovering overhead, but he decided to ignore it and go in anyway. He walked down the alley to the rear entrance, which had been blocked off with police line, and ducked in.

It was obvious that someone had been in there already, and had pretty-much ran-sacked the place. It was in much worse shape than it was after his first return visit. he dug around again through a bunch of stuff, and found no evidence of the papers. However, he did decide to scoop up some ashes from the cooking area and put them in a jar to take in to see if they could find anything.

Michelle got to the hotel fairly quickly and walked in, straightening her business suit as she walked up to the front desk.

"Hello, Ma'am," the young man behind the desk greeted her. "How can I help you?"

"Some friends of mine were here a couple of nights ago, and I need to get into their room to see if something was left behind."

They exchanged the name and room number. "I'm sorry, I can't let you up there, there's an issue with the room."

"I know," Michelle clarified, leaning across the counter seductively. "That's actually why I need to get in there - to see if something survived. I'm sure you could let me in under escort..."

After a short bout of flirting and whimpering, Michelle had successfully convinced the boy that letting her up there wouldn't really hurt anything, and he showed her up to the room. Again, there was police tape across the door, but he reached through and unlicked it.

"Gee," Michelle said to him, "it's rather dirty in there. Do you have a pair of gloves I could borrow so I don't mess my manicure?"

The clerk stepped down the hall to a janitor's closet and returned with a pair of cleaning gloves. Michelle had stepped through the doorway and into the room, but was standing just inside when the boy returned.

She took the gloves from him. "You'd probably want to stay out here, so you don;t get all dirty too," she suggested. "Or, maybe you should return to the desk in case someone else shows up and you get caught away from your post..."

The clerk started to argue, but though better of it, sighed, and headed back downstairs.

Michelle donned the gloves ad walked further into the room. There were some spent shells on the floor, and soot and ash covered everything - some of which had been turned to mud by the automatic sprinkler system. A quick glance around the room revealed what she was after. She sent Giggy a photo of the burned-out, open case, and he confirmed that that was the right case. Michelle grabbed it and stepped out of the room. closing the door behind her. The case was very dirty and had melted itself to the cheap hotel blanket it had been sitting on in the room.

Michelle headed downstairs and left the building, thanking the desk clerk for his help. She stashed the case in her trunk with the gloves and headed to a nearby mall.

From the mall, Michelle called Giggy to say that she had the case. A few minutes later, Nigel called Giggy to let him know that he couldn't find anything that was clearly the plans, but that he did have some ash from the area.

Giggy went to a nice cafe where he knew he could rent a secure telecom, and waited for his four hours to be up. He then called Cammie's direct line again and sent her the pics Michelle had taken of the case.

Giggy called Michelle and Nigel back, and informed them that they were supposed to meet Cammie and someone at D'Amaco Luscas at 7pm to exchange.

The three of them met about two blocks from the restaurant and walked in. The host greeted them, and Giggy confirmed their reservation under Cammie deWitt. They were shown to the table, which was in the back, and appeared to be closed off. Nigel and Michelle sat together, somewhat facing the door, and Giggy took a seat a couple away from them. The table was fairly large, as the reservation was for eight people.

They were brought drinks while they waited. After about ten minutes, a tall, broad blonde woman walked in. To Giggy's expert eye, she seemed somewhat twitchy. She was followed by a significantly bulkier Indian man, and a short black man.

As soon as they were seated, the chef came in to discuss the night's menu with them and take their orders.

When he left, the woman, who had introduced herself as Cammie, after identifying Nigel, Giggy, and Michelle, but not introducing her colleagues, started discussing wine selections for the various courses. By the time the salad had been brought in, Nigel's patience was wearing out.

"Look, why don't we skip the formalities and get down to what we're here for?" he asked.

Giggy and Michelle both shot him looks. "You don't talk," Michelle whispered to him.

Cammie raised an eyebrow. "Well, what do you have?" she asked.

Giggy pulled out the case and put it up on the table. The black man took it and began examining it. "What all was included in that," Cammie asked.

"There was a foam liner and a clip," Giggy explained again. "The liner was fitted to hold a pistol and two clips, but the gun and one clip weren't in it. There was also the schematic."

Nigel put the jar of ashes on the table.

"These are some ashes from where the schematic was destroyed. We really don't know what's in there, but we haven't been able to find any evidence that they still exist," Giggy illucidated.

"Yeah," Nigel added, "but someone else was in there before I went back."

The Indian grabbed the jar of ashes as the waitress came in with the soup. With a gesture, there was suddenly a fire elemental standing over the Indian's shoulder. He handed the jar to the elemental, and shoed it away.

"What happened to the case?" Cammie asked.

"There was a watcher in our room, then the room was filled with elemental fire," Nigel offered over his fourth whiskey.

"Can you describe the watcher?" the Indian man asked.

Nigel described it.

"Can you form a clear image of it?"

"Yeah," Nigel responded.

"May I extract that image from your mind?"

Nigel shrugged.

I'm not sure of your competence, but you appear to have come some significant damage in the last couple of days. It seems that you got a hold of something that should never have been where you could get to it the Indian said into Nigel's mind after casting a spell. Were you supposed to take it?

No, Nigel responded in kind. I really wasn't the one that did, though.

What were you supposed to get? the mage asked.

A file in the same safe. The other stuff was supposed to be payment.

Some payment, hunh?

Tell me about it! Nigel responded. Give me those axes any day!

What axes?

The ones on the wall in the apartment.

Were there any watchers there?

In the apartment? Nope.

Was there anything else identifiable to the mage?

Never saw him.

Her, the Indian corrected. Thanks. We're trying to figure out who was with Jared.

I think she almost killed me... she's dead.

When? What happened?

Nigel recounted the ambush at their down-town drop-off two nights before.

She was security. I don't think she could have those axes you described...

Oh. Nigel responded. That was the only she-mage we encountered.

All right. Thanks. Now, that watcher who was in the hotel room?

Nigel thought about the watcher, as clearly as he could, considering the explosion that immediately followed.

"Well, he confirms Giggy's story," the Indian said aloud, dropping the spell.

"And the case is correct," the black man reported.

"Well," Cammie said, "it looks good for the moment. I'll call everything off for the next 24 hours while we finish checking the ashes.

"Now," she addressed Giggy, "will you give me a number where I can reach you?"

"First, answer one question for me," Giggy said. "Did you shake down Jaquelyn?"

"Come now," Cammie replied, "I don't do shake downs."

They finished their dinner, and Cammie and her colleagues left. Giggy, Michelle, and Nigel gave them the courtesy of a few minutes before leaving themselves..

The next evening, Giggy got a call from Cammie. The ash sample didn't contain any traces of the schematic, but her mage was very impressed with Nigel. She was backing Ares off for now, but if the plans surface again...

"Yeah, I know," Giggy said, "trouble."

"Sorry about the inconvenience."

"No problem," Giggy replied. "And I hope you won't take this the wrong way, but I hope we never see you again."

"I understand. No offense taken."

Now, what's next...

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