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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

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December 17th, 2008, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

(This was the final regular session of this game.)

Giggy got a call from one of the runners he had hired long ago to track down - an possibly rescue - Timmy.

The runner asked Giggy to meet him at a club called The Opera House right away. The noise in the background made it obvious that the call was being made from a wrist phone or pocket secretary in a
loud car that was traveling very quickly through traffic. A loud explosion as Giggy was hanging up indicated that the noise was from more than just driving fast.

Giggy called everyone and told them to meet him at The Opera House as quickly as they could, and to bring guns.

Giggy got there first, and was met my Michelle as he was walking up to the building. The building was concrete with glass block windows across much of the second floor, but no windows on the lower level. The two steel doors were slightly beaten, and a dull sign over them indicated that they were at the correct place.

The steel doors were locked, which wasn't too surprising for a night club in the middle of the afternoon, but since they were supposed to be meeting Giggy's runners here, they went around back to see if they could get in that way.

As they rounded the corner into the alley, Michelle noticed two cars.

"The blue one is still warm," Giggy said as they approached.

"Your friends'?" Michelle asked.

"Probably not," Giggy replied, "they're not shot."

Shrugging his shoulders, Giggy stepped up the four steps onto the concrete loading dock and knocked on the back door.

An older man opened the door, and in an accent neither Michelle nor Giggy could place immediately said, "You're late."

The man's sternness dropped from his voice as he saw Giggy. "Who are you?" he asked.

"We're here to meet Timmy," Giggy replied.

"Who?" the man asked. "Timmy? There's no Timmy here, and we're not open yet."

"Just a sec," Giggy said, turning on the charm as the man began to close the door. "We're here for a private party. Here's our 500 NuYen deposit."

The man looked a the cash. Then looked at Giggy and Michelle. Then back at the cash. "Oh," he said pocketing the cash, "it wasn't on the schedule. Mark must have forgotten it."

The man stepped back from the door, letting Giggy and Michelle in as Michelle's phone rang.

"That was Rainbow," she said to Giggy as they chose a table. "He's coming around the back of the building now."

As Rainbow walked up, a kid who couldn't be more than seventeen came up to take their orders. when he returned a short while later, Giggy was on the phone with Lois, his Lone Star contact.

"Hey, kid," Giggy said as he was putting down their drinks, "can you get the news on on one of these screens?"

"Sure, give me a couple minutes to reset them," the kid said. "And that will be 8.75 for the drinks."

Giggy gestured to Michelle who sighed and paid for the first round.

The screen above them came on a few seconds later. "... explosion took out the Gladesville Bridge," the announcer was saying over live footage of backed up traffic and smoldering pilings from an aerial drone shot. "We are unsure at this time how much damage was caused to the hospital."

Nigel and Twitch came in through the back door and walked up to the table. The kid, seeing them enter followed them up to take their orders.

"Well, drink them fast when they get here," Giggy said as the waiter walked away. "I just called Lois, and she said that the only significant gunshots or explosions reported today were here," he indicated the news feed, "and that was about 20 minutes ago. I don't think the runners are going to make it here since they haven't gotten here yet, and I think that's our next stop."

When the drinks arrived, Giggy called the phone number of the information line that was being plastered over the screen. "Hi," he said, in his best imitation of Tracy's slow, sweet drawl, "this is Tracy. I'm trying to find my friend Tim."

"Do you have his last name?" the operator asked.

That's when Giggy realized that he didn't. "No," he continued, "but I need to make sure he wasn't hurt."

"As more information is available, and immediate family has been notified," the operator replied, "we'll be posting that information on the matrix."

"Thanks," Giggy finished an hung up.

"Well, that wasn't really helpful," he said to the table.

They quickly finished their drinks and left for the hospital. Rainbow drove around the hospital once they got there, then recommended a parking space to Giggy and Michelle, and took one at the other end of the building for himself, to make sure they had easy egress, reasonably access to the vehicles, and some degree of cover, in case things got hot.

Giggy and Michelle walked in together, and Giggy immediately spotted the information desk that had been hastily set up to help people concerned about the disaster. "We need to find a picture of Timmy," he whispered to Michelle, looking around for some kind of flier or brochure for the Illuminated Order. "That would be really helpful."

"Like this one?" Michelle asked, pointing to a recently tacked up flier on services being provided to meet victim's and families spiritual needs.

Giggy looked where she pointed, and suddenly apparently overwhelmed with panic, grabbed the flier with one hand, grabbed Michelle's arm with the other, and practically ran to the information desk.

"I... this... I... He..." Giggy stuttered to the woman in the white outfit behind the table. "He's my AA sponsor. He was supposed to be here tonight, and I was too, but I wasn't here..."

"It's all right sir," the woman said.

"Um," Michelle said politely, "honey, you're hurting my arm."

Giggy looked at Michelle like he didn't know she was even there and let go of her arm, then looking back at the woman said, "but he's been hurt and I need to find him because it's all my fault since I wasn't here when I was supposed to be."

"Sir," the woman said calmly, "he's here, but he's not a patient. He's giving services and support to people. He'll probably be at the chapel on the second floor. Have a glass of water and just follow the yellow signs." She pointed to a yellow sign suspended from the ceiling with an arrow pointing down an adjoining hallway with one hand, while handing Giggy a small paper cup of water.

"Thank you," Michelle said, putting a hand on Giggy's shoulder and steering him toward the sign.

"Interesting approach," Michelle whispered to Giggy as they got out of earshot. "You could have warned me."

"Nigel," Michelle said when her call got connected, "we're heading to the chapel on the second floor. It looks like it's toward the back of the center wing. You and Twitch should meet us there."

The area around the chapel was pretty hectic a couple of minutes later when Nigel and Twitch found their way up there and spotted Michelle.

"Well, he's inside the chapel doing his part in a ceremony. Giggy's pretty sure they have their own security in there," she said when Twitch stepped in front of her.

"The crowd's both helpful and not," Twitch volunteered.

"I think I can get him out of the chapel, which will make things a little easier. At least it eliminates one doorway," Nigel offered.

Nigel slipped into the chapel quietly, followed by Michelle. Throwing a spell to control Timmy was pretty easy, and Nigel just had him walk down the side of the chapel slowly to the back, then Nigel and Timmy slipped out the doors.

Unfortunately, one of the Illuminated Order's security was watchful and started out behind them.

Michelle stepped up behind him and stabbed him with a nail file, pushing him down and stepping over him.

A girl in the hallway saw Michelle coming out of the vestibule followed by the bleeding guard and pointed, shocked into silence.

Thinking quickly, Twitch walked toward them, partially blocking the door to the chapel so that when a second guard came out, he had no option but to bump Twitch, a move which Twitch was able to take full advantage of, dropping the guard while making it look like it was an accident - and one caused by the guard in the first place.

The other guard, the one Michelle had stabbed, stood and grabbed Twitch, and Twitch punched him, dropping him quite easily.

Michelle and Nigel looked at each other and ran for the exit stairs at the corner of the hallway.

Twitch grabbed Timmy just as hospital security came around the corner and a guard shouted, "Stop!"

Another hospital security guard coming from the other direction grabbed Michelle's arm.

Michelle turned and looked at him, grabbed his shoulder and turned him toward the door of the chapel. "He's got a gun in the church! Do something!"

Nigel quickly turned to the third guard, just coming around the corner. Dropping the spell on Timmy (hoping that Twitch did grab a hold of him), he controlled the third guard, making him pull the fire alarm.

The klaxon blared and the sprinkler system activated. Everyone in the hallway panicked.

Giggy turned to leave as the Order security guard that had fun into Twitch drew his gun. "He's got a gun!" Giggy shouted, turning to run the other way.

The guard who had Michelle let go of her, seeing a more pressing threat, and Michelle pushed Nigel ahead of her down the exit stairs.

"He actually did have a gun," Nigel commented.

"Yeah," Michelle replied, "I'm good."

Twitch pushed Timmy and several other people out of the Hospital security's way and toward the exit, giving the two security teams free access to each other.

The Order guard fired his first shot wildly, and was quickly sedated by the hospital security. But Twitch didn't wait around. As soon as he got near the door, the shoved it open and pushed Timmy through. The easiest way to deal with Timmy now that Nigel wasn't around was to knock him out, so Twitch did and put him into a fireman's carry to bolt down the stairs.

Nigel had already called Rainbow to pick them up at the nearest exit to the chapel.

As Nigel and Michelle burst out the door, another member of the hospital security team was there.

"What seems to be the rush?" the guard asked.

Nigel didn't even consider answering the question, just controlled the guard and made him hold the door open until Twitch came out with Timmy.

As Nigel jumped into the van, his spell dropped, and the guard turned to fire at the van. Rainbow's rigged reflexes were much faster, however, and one well-aimed stun round dropped the guard.

"I really need to lie down someplace cool and take something to deal with this headache," Nigel announced to the van in general, rubbing his temples with his left hand.

As Giggy ran the other direction, flowing with the crowd which had split at the chapel doors like the parting of the Red Sea, one of the guards from the Illuminated Order grabbed his ankle, tripping him. Giggy rolled, spun, and punched the guy who had grabbed him, knocking him out, and hoping his actions weren't too noticeable in the chaos of the mob.

He quickly got to his feet and continued, taking the first exit from the building, and heading toward his bike.

"Everyone out?" Giggy asked when Michelle answered the phone.

"Yep. We're all here. We'll have to come back for my car," Michelle answered.

"Where are we heading with Timmy?" Giggy asked.

Michelle relayed the question.

"I'll call Jake," Rainbow suggested, knowing that the street doc would at least be able to see if anything had been implanted in Timmy.

"OK," Giggy said after Michelle's relay. "I'll meet you there, and have Ming show up as well. if anyone can de-program him, she can."

"Nigel?" Michelle asked, "before you go to sleep, can you take a quick look and see if it's likely that he'll explode before we get across town?"

"He looks fine," Nigel said after a minute of looking over Timmy, "but they may be able to track him through the DocWagon bracelet.

Rainbow called Giggy. "We'll meet you at the clinic later. We're meeting Jake somewhere else first."

"OK," Giggy said. "Keep me updated."

Rainbow took the van to a place on the dock near where Sonny used to dock his boats. Jake came over to the van, and carefully removed the DocWagon bracelet.

"OK," Jake said after disposing of the bracelet, "Now we head somewhere else. I'll meet you in 20 minutes at Gateway Park." He walked away and got into his car.

After the met Jake half-way across town, he gave Timmy as good of an examination as feasible without sufficient equipment, and then declared that they could head to the clinic. Rainbow called Giggy to let them know they were on their way.

When they got there, Giggy and Ming were already waiting. when Timmy came to, Ming was sitting across a small table from him in a dimly lit storage room with a bottle of whiskey and a shot glass.

So, maybe Timmy's back?

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