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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, January 27th, 2019

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January 27th, 2019, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

Larger map and driving directions

We got the first three characters made, a human inquisitor of Ordisso, a human ranger, and a human-appearing bard.

The inquisitor had been in the Village of Homlet for a few weeks, serving at the temple of Iomedae and helping those in need. He met the bard, Deserea, on the road one day and directed her to the temple for shelter and a bath.

Deserea spoke to the acolyte who was running the temple in the absence of the priest, who had traveled to a near-by city for additional supplies. The Acolyte directed the bard to the local inn where she may be able to perform for a few coppers so she could pay her way.

The next day the ranger, Schmidt, arrived in town from the same direction the bard had come. He had very little money as well, and accepted the acolyte's offer of a cell in the temple for a few days.

While discussing the best way to try to patch a leak in the roof of the temple, Leve, Deserea and Schmidt all agreed that it would be more interesting, and possibly more profitable, to see if they couldn't do something about the threat of bandits they were hearing about along the road to the east of town.

They headed east in the morning, and the ranger easily spotted the track leading off the road to the north just a couple miles out of town. they started following the trail, which became a bit more obvious a couple hundred feet off the road. After a short distance, they could hear the river again through the trees, and then broke out into a more open marshland.

The trail they were on was now more obviously a previously built-up road, but had been in disrepair for many years. The road led across the marsh to the river, and standing on an island on this side of the river were the ruins of a small fort.

The trio approached the fort, but as they neared it, Schmidt, in the lead, was jumped on and bitten by a frog half his size.

Leve stepped in front of the bard and positioned his tower shield to block direct assault from the frog, while Deserea got out her bow and took aim. The ranger slashed at the frog with his scimitar, giving it a nasty gash.

Deserea and Leve each hit a second frog that was coming up between them and Schmidt, and it fled into the marsh. A third frog grabbed the tower shield with its tongue and tried to pull it away, while the first frog grabbed the ranger with its tongue.

The frog with the ranger tried to pull the ranger into the marsh, but the ranger wasn't moving. Unfortunately, the ranger's swings with his scimitar couldn't get purchase on the frog. The inquisitor and the bard fired again and killed the frog that had grabbed the shield.

Deserea ran out from behind the shield toward Schmidt, firing at the frog on the way. Schmidt tried again to hit the frog but couldn't connect. The frog tried to bite the ranger, but he was able to keep himself out of the gaping maw.

Another round of arrows from the bard and bolts from the inquisitor took out the frog that had a hold of the ranger.

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