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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, February 10th, 2019

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February 10th, 2019, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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This week we started with getting a new character built for a new player - Lock, a paladin of Sarenrae.

The paladin was traveling west toward the Village of Homlet on a road he knew to be harassed by bandits when he heard sounds of combat off the road to his right. He crashed through the trees toward the sounds to see if anyone was in need of assistance.

Schmidt was looking to his wounds from the frog bite, while Leve and Deserea were dealing with the two corpses. Leve found a red gemstone in the frog that bit Schmidt, but nothing else but meat was found.

As the paladin came crashing out of the trees, the bard was looking toward other movement in the marsh, indicating that there were still several of these giant frogs out there.

"I heard fighting. Do you need assistance?" the paladin asked.

"I think we took care of it," the ranger replied. "What are you doing in this area?"

"I was traveling to meet with more warriors of my order, but I have no deadline and am able to assist. I heard rumors of most ruthless bandits harassing merchants and travelers along this road."

"We believe they are holed-up in this ruin, my good man of Sarenrae," Leve stated.

"Then let us be on with it," replied Lock.

The bard stayed out to cure the meat she was able to harvest from the frogs, "I'll be along shortly, don't worry. I don't think they'll come to the smoking pit."

The ranger, paladin, and inquisitor moved on toward the drawbridge. Across the drawbridge they could see the gates had been broken and partially torn down from some past assault. They could see arrow slits on either side of the gate, one in the ruins of the tower on the left and the other in the wall to the right. If there were someone on the inside, the trio could be caught in a crossfire between the end of the drawbridge and the broken gate. The drawbridge itself looked questionable, but Schmidt finally spotted tracks indicating that the left edge was used for human foot traffic recently.

The three crossed the bridge cautiously, and the ranger peered in through the gates. A large open courtyard. Rubble along the east wall was partially from that wall partially falling in, but mostly from rubble from a second and possibly third story of the building above. As they stepped into the courtyard, they noticed that the north and east walls of the courtyard had several arrow slots, about 1 every 10 feet. They could cross the courtyard to the northeast corner where some littered stairs led up to two sets of double doors, the ones on the right being destroyed, the ones on the left being intact, or they could enter the tower behind them and to the left, through a closed wooden door.

The group opted for the door to the tower. The inquisitor used his tower shield to protect himself as he cautiously opened the door. The room beyond was dark and smelled dusty. Keeping his shield up, Leve thrust his everburning torch into the darkness, revealing a few broken chairs, a trunk along the far wall, and a floor covered with bones from something like dogs or foxes.

The inquisitor looked back at his companions before hoisting his shield over his head as a make-shift roof and started to step through the door. he more felt than saw something brush his shield and then there was a spider the size of a horse in front of him. His immediate reaction, for no logical reason, was to step to the side into the tower and try to shoot the spider with his repeating crossbow.

Upon seeing the inquisitor shoot, Lock charged into the room and slashed at the spider, giving a hard cut across its thorax. The ranger stepped in as well, slashing the spider from the other side. Having been ht hard twice, the spider retreated up into the webs above. Unfortunately for it, there was not far to go, so the inquisitor still had a good shot. That one shot was all it took to drop the spider back to the floor.

The group looked around, the paladin taking his normal torch to burn the webs. There was a ladder that used to lead up to upper levels of this tower, but everything above the first floor was completely impacted with rubble and impassible. Looking around, they did find some silver and copper coins, and an ivory box. Despite his thoroughness, Lever did not find anything of value inside the spider.

After this, the group decided to cross the courtyard. Schmidt went first. Being cognizant of the arrow slots, he ran, quickly covering the distance and waiting on the stairs next to the door. With no shots fired, the inquisitor and the paladin followed, Leve also running, but Lock being more leisurely.

Once across, Schmidt and Leve flanked the broken door, while Lock stood ready at the intact door. The inquisitor stepped through the door with his crossbow in one hand and the shield on the other arm, his everburning torch mounted in a bracket on the shield. As the inquisitor stepped through, Lock opened the other door, stepping through with his torch out.

The torches revealed a large room with tattered furnishings and debris scattered about. There were two archways leading off to Lock's left, one larger and one smaller, and a similar arrangement to Leve's right. The torches did not illuminate the back of the room. Schmidt pointed out clear tracks through the dust where people had walked through off toward the dark recesses of the room.

The group decided to investigate the larger archway to the left first, despite there being no tracks going through there. The ten foot archway revealed a 30 foot long, wide corridor. The corridor had a door at the end on the right, double doors at the end, and two doors on the left, one about half-way down the corridor, the other near the end.

Leve walked to the door on the right, and, putting his shield up again to act as a roof, opened the door and stepped in. There was a large cook-stove in front of him, and counters along two walls. To his right, at the end of the room - and the end of his torch light - were two large casks that looked in surprisingly good shape for as much dust as had collected on everything.

Leve walked across the room toward the casks, while Lock and Schmidt waited in the doorway. As he reached the casks, something jumped out from behind one and latched onto the inquisitor. He slashed at it ineffectively.

Lock and Schmidt jumped to action, the two quickly covering the space between them and their companion. The two both took swings with their scimitars, both connecting. The giant tick tried to bite the inquisitor again but failed, and Leve was able to land a fatal blow.

"We're going to have to start calling you the exterminator," Schmidt commented.

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