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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, February 24th, 2019

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February 24th, 2019, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Well, this week we sort of picked up where we left off last time.

Deserea was outside finishing up with the frogs, but hadn't heard anything from inside for a while. This led her to decide to investigate. She crossed the drawbridge and entered the courtyard. Having heard her companions getting further away earlier, she crossed the courtyard to the open doors at the top of the stairs and peered in quietly.

She saw one person leaning against the stone wall aiming an arrow through an archway at something she couldn't see.

Meanwhile, Schmidt stepped back into the hallway from the kitchen and the inquisitor's mess. He suddenly stopped. "Quiet, I think I heard something," he whispered back to Lock and Leve.

Lock looked for evil down the hall where Schmidt had indicated. "There's something evil down there," he confided.

Lock stepped past the ranger in the door, and tossed his torch to the end of the hall. As he did so, he was shot in the chest with an arrow and shouted, "Ow! Crap!"

Deserea saw the man shoot the arrow as the torch came down to the archway to fall on the ground. While the torch was out of sight, it's light illuminated the clutter and debris littering the room.

Whatever they were shooting sounded like a person, and more importantly, sounded like one of her companions. She prepared to cast.

Lock moved back into the kitchen and away from the door to see if he could tend to his wounds. As he passed, Leve healed him - mostly. Schmidt, meanwhile, moved forward to the torch, sword drawn and stabbed the woman standing that the entry to the hallway. Deserea cast her spell and the man who shot Lock and a man standing behind him collapsed to the ground sleeping.

Lock and Leve came up behind the ranger as the woman he stabbed ran away. Schmidt tried to hit her again as she fled, but missed. Deserea, however, was able to trip her with her whip.

Schmidt ran up after the tripped woman and struck her again, while Lock tied up the man who shot him. "Take care of him," Lock said to Deserea, indicating the other sleeping man.

Deserea leapt forward and slit the man's throat before he could wake.

"No," Leve shouted, "if they're the bandits, we should turn them in for trial and proper punishment. If they're not, we should find out why they were attacking us before just killing them."

Deserea looked sheepishly between the paladin and the inquisitor. "You said take care of him," she said to Lock.

"And he was evil," Lock responded, looking at the corpse. "But we still have these two."

"And when the rest of the band gets back," the man Lock had just tied up said, "you'll be dead."

"Oh, now is that really how you want to be talking to someone who has kept you from being killed?" Lock asked.

Deserea looked around. "If there are a bunch more coming back, maybe we should get out of sight." She stepped over to a smaller archway to the right of the one they were standing around and peered through. "The noise attracted some rats."

"Rats? Rats!" the bound man said in a panic, "Run." And he scrambled to his feet.

"Really? They're just rats," Deserea responded while backing away from the archway.

When the bound man had gotten to his feet and bolted to the door, Lock caught up with him and held him there - just outside the door. Schmidt and Leve grabbed the unconscious and injured woman and pushed through the other doorway, over the broken door on the floor. Deserea followed, but didn't stop until she reached the center of the courtyard. "Guys..." she said when she realized they weren't with her anymore.

"Seeing if the rats keep coming," Lock replied.

The group of hundreds, maybe thousands of rats came over the corpse and devoured it. Dragging some away, but gorging themselves on the body in place. But they didn't come toward the light.

The group headed back toward town with their two bound captives, to turn them over to the local magistrate for trial. On the way back to town, Lock was able to get some information from the conscious bandit, in particular that he was a bandit and that he worked for someone known as Gallin of the Westwood. Gallin paid them from each take, but most of the take was hidden somewhere in the woods. Supposedly until they had enough and could all retire rich somewhere else.

They got into town and turned the bandits over to the Magistrate. Leve had enough of a reputation that they were taken at their word, but Leve stayed with the magistrate to help with paperwork and preparations. The rest of the group went about getting supplies, particularly something to address the rats.

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