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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, March 10th, 2019

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March 10th, 2019, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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This week our adventurers started in town. They were finishing up getting supplies they thought they would need to deal with the rats that terrified at least one bandit. At the same time, the bard and the paladin went to the jewelers to sell the gemstone the inquisitor found in the belly of a frog.

After getting that squared away, they headed back to the ruins they had found to deal with the rats. Leve stayed behind to deal with the bandits they had turned in to the local authorities.

On the way back to the ruin, the trio stepped off into the marsh and tried their had at throwing a couple of lit flasks of oil at a rock to see how hard they had to throw them to get them to break, and whether they could light them by throwing them into an already burning area. Because they were in the soggy marsh, they figured they didn't really need to worry about starting a wildfire.

When they got back to the ruin, they proceeded cautiously. The frogs outside were somewhat more cautious, and backed off when threatened. They tried to be quiet while crossing the broken drawbridge, and checked the courtyard thoroughly before crossing, Deserea even sneaking along the shadows of the west wall before the others entered the courtyard.

As they crossed the courtyard, Deserea saw that the door to the building that wasn't broken down had been closed. She cast message to Lock and asked if he had closed it as they left.

"No, I think we left it open," Lock whispered back. He gestured to Schmidt toward the door, as they were several feet apart and couldn't speak without being loud.

Deserea snuck along the north wall of the courtyard from the rubble toward the closed door, peaking into each arrow slot. Her darkvision revealed a single broken chair in the center of the first room, and that the second room had a number of taxidermied game animals and mounted heads - which was startling at first.

The three converged on the broken door from three directions, Schmidt getting there first. Peaking in, he didn't see anything, so he carefully stepped through the doorway and toward the other double-door. As Deserea and Lock entered, Schmidt observed that the room had been cleaned. There were still piles of debris everywhere - old rugs and tapestries falling apart over chunks of broken furniture - but the dust had been cleared from the floor. There was no longer a clear path from the broken doors to the door in the far corner.

"Let's head to that door," Schmidt suggested, gesturing into the darkness.

"I want to check out that kitchen you were in first," Deserea said.

"Weren't we going to deal with the rats through there?" Lock asked, gesturing to the archway the rats had piled out of last time they were here as he lit his lantern and set it down about 10 feet from the archway.

"I think we should start where you guys left off," Deserea explained.

Schmidt grabbed a chunk of tapestry off the nearest pile and drug it over to the archway the rats had come through, rolling the tapestry as he went. He strung the roll across the archway on the floor, and poured one of his flasks of oil onto it. "Well," he said, "that's ready."

Meanwhile, Deserea and Lock started down the hallway to the kitchen where the tick attacked Leve. She looked into the kitchen, "Nope, nobody here." She proceeded to the double door at the end of the hallway, opened the door a crack, and peaked through. "Nope, nobody here either," she said as she closed the door. "This should be the room with the chair, and this the trophy room," she continued gesturing to the other two doors in the hallway, "so nothing else to see here."

They stepped out into the main room again, and looked toward the archway on the other side. Lock's torch didn't illuminate that far, and Deserea tried not to reveal that she could see it as they walked across.

"The path to the other door was about here," Schmidt said as they got to the broken doors they had entered through.

"Yeah," Deserea responded, "but I don't like having unknown open archways behind me any longer than we have to." She looked meaningfully at the archway ahead of them that nobody had gone into.

As they entered the archway, Schmidt noticed that this hallway wasn't as dusted as the other. "Not so clean over here."

"But not many footprints," Lock responded.

Deserea stopped to look both ways before opening the first door down the hallway, on her right. She and Lock looked in quickly, but there only seemed to be a couple of rats scurrying away. "They aren't like the rats we saw yesterday?" Schmidt asked.

"No," Lock responded, "they ran away from us opening the door."

Deserea closed the door and moved to the second door on the right. This room didn't have any movement, but did have the remains of a large canopy bed which someone had taken to with an axe. The furniture remnants were covered in dust.

She closed the door and the three of them stepped across the hall to the third door as a giant snake struck at Lock. Fortunately the snake did not penetrate his armor.

Lock dropped the torch as the snake struck a second time, again missing. Schmidt stepped in and hit the massive thing with his sword, causing it to rear back. Lock swung at it as well, connecting solidly. Deserea swung around with her bow out and fired an arrow into the snake. The snake slithered backward and she fired again. Schmidt stepped in after the snake and dealt it a finishing blow.

The three followed into the larger room the snake had come out of, and checked for any more beasties. The didn't find anything threatening, but did find some coins and a few weapons including a jeweled dagger.

After spending some time searching the debris in with the snake, they returned to the door Deserea had started to open. Behind this door was another room that looked to have been quite opulent in the past. The remains of several tapestries were on the walls, and several now rotten rugs were on the floor. On the rugs were two sturdy looking daybeds. Unlike the room across the hall, the furniture here seemed to be intact, and the beds looked well made.

They closed the door again and headed back into the main room. As they got there, Deserea stuck her head into the archway to the right of the one they were coming out of and informed her companions that it was just stairs going up into rubble from the collapsed level above.

"Okay, now the door?" Schmidt asked.

"Sure," Deserea replied.

The three started across the floor when suddenly something snapped and shards of glass and metal were thrown at Deserea from one of the piles of debris on the floor. She managed not to be injured, but they all stopped.

She quipped, "Maybe that's why there was a path through the dust."

"And why they erased it after we were here before," Lock followed up.

The three stepped back to the archway in unison. "We came from there," Lock said, pointing.

"Where was that path, exactly?" Deserea asked.

"It was about here," Schmit pointed. Taking the torch from Lock and scanning the floor back and forth, "I see part of a footprint here." He handed the torch back to Lock. "You go first, I'll be right behind you looking for tracks. It kind of went back to the wall that way."

Lock slowly stepped the way the ranger indicated. About three steps in, another batch of broken glass and debris was launched at his head. Like Deserea, he was also able to avoid it, only coughing a little from the dust.

"Maybe a touch to the right?" Schmidt said without confidence. "Once we get to the back wall, we just follow it to the corner."

The two made it the rest of the way without further mishap, but the door was locked. Lock shoved, and then Lock and Schmidt pushed together, but the figured they could not budge the door. "Either there's someone in there and they barred the door, or they left and locked the door behind them," Schmidt said.

They headed back the way they came, and rejoined Deserea who was waiting by the lantern. "Rats?" she asked, gesturing to the archway.

"Are they still back there?" Schmidt asked.

"Last time they didn't come out until Leve stuck his head through the archway," Lock answered.

"Well," Deserea said, "here we go," as she walked over and peaked through the archway.

She immediately jumped back and dove over two piles of debris along the wall to the east. She pulled out a flask of oil and removed the stopper. Seeing this, Schmidt took out a flask of his own and tore a piece off a rug on a nearby pile of debris to stuff into the flask after removing the stopper. Schmidt stepped over to Lock and lit his taper from the torch.

As soon as he saw rats, Lock threw the torch onto the oil soaked tapestry across the door. Some of the rats shrieked as the oil caught. Schmidt threw his flask at the front of the mass of rodents and it broke, splashing burning oil on several of the creatures. Deserea threw her unlit flask toward the flames, only spilling oil on the ground.

Lock pulled out one of his flasks, and stuffed a scrap of tapestry into it, and Schmidt did the same. Deserea again pulled one out and just removed the cap. Lock grabbed the lantern he lit earlier and stepped back followed by Schmidt, as the hoard of rats advanced on them. Schmidt and Lock got their rags lit and threw the two make-shift grenades at the rats at nearly the same time, both hitting and decimating the squealing mass of mangy fur. Deserea saw more piling over the smoldering remnants of the tapestry Schmidt had laid across the doorway and threw her unlit flask at the burning edge. The flames erupted again, and caught the oil from her previous flask that had been leaking on the floor as the rats were pouring across it. Schmidt had lit another flask, but pulled out the wick as one lone rat ran off down the hallway toward the dead tick and away from the trio.

Deserea got up and stepped toward Lock and Schmidt and another batch of broken glass and scraps of meta was flung at her face. "No more rats?" she asked.

"Looks that way," Schmidt responded.

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