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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, March 24th, 2019

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March 24th, 2019, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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This week we started off where we left off last time, with the group standing around a smoldering chunk of tapestry...

"Should we head down there?" Locke asked, gesturing toward the archway the rats had come out of?

"No," Deserea responded, "I really don't like leaving something behind me, and there are at least a couple places we didn't really check out. That snake came at us from nowhere, after all."

So the group headed back across the great room toward where the snake had been. Checking the first room on the left, and looking through the piles of broken furniture, they found a great sword. Deserea checked it and confirmed that it was magical.

In the second room, they found only the broken up remains of fine bedroom furnishings, including what had been a very nice canopy bed.

The room at the end of the hall where the snake was had nothing further of value, and inspection confirmed that the snake probably came and went through the rubble in the corner, but there was not room for any of our heroes to get through.

Heading back toward the main room, the remaining room again revealed just the two nice daybeds, but everything else was broken and ruined.

Another inspection of the stairs up confirmed that there was too much rubble, piled on too much rubble and it could not be cleared out.

Heading back across the main room the kitchen revealed nothing new. The two rooms across from it also revealed nothing useful, though they spent some time investigating the remnants of pelts and taxidermied hunting trophies in the one room, and a single torch sconce on the wall next to the arrow slit in the other.

The room at the end of that hall, however, revealed a pair of giant lizards who pounced on the paladin as he entered. The ranger stepped in and struck one with his scimitar, Locke following suit.

The two lizards lashed out at Locke again, the one getting in a solid bite under his shield. Deserea started reciting poetry to encourage their prowess while she watched the hall behind them in case of an ambush.

Locke and Schmidt both attacked again and one of the lizards fell dead at their feet. The second lizard chomped at Schmidt, but just got a mouthful of armor.

Another swing from Locke and Schmidt and the injured lizard started scurrying backwards up the rubble in the corner of the room. Schmidt stepped forward up the rubble and gave the beast a final blow from his scimitar, dropping it.

Searching around this room, they found a large chest partially buried in the rubble. Deserea let them know there was something magical behind it, but she couldn't see what, exactly it was. After a great deal of discussion and some shifting of rubble and debris, they finally got the chest out without too much rubble falling in behind it. What was revealed was a shield, which Deserea confirmed was magical. While Schmidt worked the shield loose, Locke opened the chest. The chest contained some copper coins and a crossbow and bolts. More interesting is that behind the shield was a suit of scale mail armor. It took Schmidt some additional careful work to get that out without the pile of rubble coming down on top of all of them.

Examining Locke's bite, Schmidt was able to tell it was poisoned. "I know a bit about that," Deserea offered, and helped to treat it so the poison would not spread.

They then proceeded to the archway where the remnants of the oil-soaked tapestry had finally quit smouldering. Heading through the archway and down a tight corridor, past shelves of foodstuffs which were probably quite old before they were decimated by rats. The corridor turned sharply on itself, and stairs descended into the darkness. Locke lead on with his lamp in front of him, scanning ahead. The stairs came down to a landing and turned on themselves again. As they started to descend down these stairs, Schmidt grabbed Locke's shoulder. "What's that?" he asked, pointing to something green and dripping that appeared to be covering the ceiling and walls ahead. A heavy oaken door at the bottom of the stairs seemed to be mostly rotten through or eaten away by whatever the slimy substance was.

"It doesn't go that far," Locke suggested, "we can probably just walk under it."

"I'm not sure," Deserea said, stepping forward and poking it with a stick. She pulled the stick away and the end was partially dissolved. She tossed the stick on the ground.

"Okay, so it eats wood," Schmidt said, reaching over Locke and scraping some off the wall with his new greatsword.

"And metal," Locke commented, looking at the sword, "but not the stone. Maybe we could get some of the rubble from above to carry above us to get past it?"

"There's no way we can lift a large enough piece of stone over our heads for that," Deserea quipped.

"Well, I still have a couple flasks of oil..." Locke started.

"We are not starting a fire at the bottom of a chimney when we are above it," the bard reprimanded.

After some additional discussion, Locke finally lit a torch from his lamp. "Lets at least see what fire does to it," he explained.

As he held the torch to the goop, it quickly dried, splitting an curling like the dried mud from the bottom of a puddle on a hot and sunny day. It took several minutes, but Locke was able to dry out all the stuff, and as far as Deserea could tell, it was not coming back.

"Well, there's a couple columns over to the left, and another to the right along with a pile of junk," Locke relayed from his position ahead of the group and away from the stairs with the torch and lamp. He worked on extinguishing the torch. "Left or right, guys?" he asked.

"Right," Schmidt responded, stepping into the lamplight behind him.

The pile of debris seemed to be broken weapons and armor, and it looked like most of it had previously been hanging neatly on the walls of the room. Looking around, they could see where the room appeared to extend back under the stairway, indicating the the stairs came down in the middle of this room. Deserea looked back under the stairs, confirming that the place just looped around and came back. Lock and Schmidt, meanwhile, had started clearing the debris from the west wall and piling it against the wall of he stairway. "It looked like a door behind this," Schmidt explained.

As they cleared the debris they did reveal not one, but two doors both of which were locked. They then went around behind the staircase and not seeing any doors or passageways heading to the north, followed the east wall around until it turned and had a door. Locke covered the lamp and after a minute Deserea said that she didn't see anything to the south, just another couple columns and closed doors.

When they tested the door they were standing in front of, it was unlocked and opened easily. It revealed a dirty 20'x20' room with a door in the opposite corner. Deserea took up a position looking behind them as Locke and Schmidt checked through the room. As Locke prepared to open the other door, Schmidt ducked back out through the door they came in through and stepped past Deserea.

Locke opened the door, which creaked slightly and charged into the room, saying something about Serenrae, Deserea and Schmidt looked at each other and started into the room between.

Locke had charged at an ogre in the room, which he had determined was evil. He was able to get a solid hit in on the ogre before the ogre moved. Schmidt ran into the room and stepped to the side as the ogre got up, and Deserea snuck along the back of the dirty room where she could shoot at the ogre through the open door.

Locke hit the ogre again, connecting solidly and Schmidt hit the ogre from the flank. The ogre swung at Locke, but the blow bounced off his shield. Schmidt swung again and gashed the ogre, and lock also landed a solid blow. The ogre swung again at Locke and connected, but only barely. an arrow from Deserea drew his attention as Schmidt and Locke struck again. The ogre fell.

After confirming the ogre was dead, Schmidt again checked Locke's bite from the lizard. "It looks like the poison isn't spreading," he stated.

The group rummaged through the items in the ogre's room and found a cloak of elvenkind in among the skins and pieces of cloth that made up his bed. In a trunk next to the bed were hundreds of glass beads with a small assortment of coin.

After this, and with their estimate of what time it was getting to be, they decided to head back to town before it got too late.

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