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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, April 7th, 2019

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April 7th, 2019, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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This week we started off in town.

Schmidt found it would take two days for the local blacksmith to repair his damaged sword, so they decided to stay in town until it was done. After Schmidt picked up the sword, the group decided to let the word out that they were heading back to the keep in the morning.

The next morning when they headed out to the keep again, Schmidt started looking for prints when they got off the main road. Sure enough, he found one set of boot prints heading out toward the keep. They followed them along and the tracks became more obvious as they left the wooded area and started into the marshlands. These tracks were definitely fresher than the party's tracks heading back to town from a couple days ago.

As they approached closer to the drawbridge, Schmidt thought he heard something from inside the courtyard.

He rushed across the safe side of the drawbridge and into the shadows on the outside of the main gate. Locke stepped up to the drawbridge, Deserea right behind him.

When Schmidt waved them across, the three of them crowded against the broken door.

"I'll head to the right, you to the left," Locke said, gesturing to Schmidt.

Schmidt stepped through the door and ducked to the left in front of the, now closed, door to the tower the spider was in. This put him in full sunlight as the morning sun came over the eastern part of the ruin.

Locke followed Schmidt through the door, but headed right, following the wall into the shadows. As he rounded the corner, he was shot with an arrow from one of the arrow slots across the courtyard.

Deserea bounded into the courtyard following Locke, but passed him and ducked into the corner below the arrow slots. Another volley of arrows came into the courtyard, some hitting Schmidt, many hitting Locke, but none penetrated their armor.

Schmidt ran for the broken door leading into the building, slowing as he crossed the threshold remembering that there were traps laid around this room. As he stopped, he was shot in the back by a bandit that lay in wait behind the broken door. At the same time he realized that the room he had just run into was lit for the first time.

Deserea snuck along the wall in the shadows, hoping there wasn't someone on the other side of the courtyard who could see her.

Several more arrows came out of the arrow slots at Locke as he cut across the courtyard to a space between the arrow slits that seemed to be delivering the best shots.

Deserea moved along the wall toward the broken door, and as she got close, she could see Schmidt through the door with an arrow in his back, and a shadow blocking part of the light through the arrow slit next to that broken door. She cast Sleep on whatever was behind that door, and saw the shadow slump to the ground.

Schmidt turned to see the fallen bandit, took a step back toward the door and readied his scimitar as two bandits ran out of the corridor to his right. Locke came up beside Deserea, and then stepped through the doorway to join Schmidt.

The two bandits who had entered the room charged Schmidt, but neither made good with their strikes. Schmidt struck back at one, landing a solid hit as another two got to the archway the first had entered through. These two, however, tried shooting rather than running into melee.

Locke stepped up to one of the bandits as Schmidt stepped away from the one with the sword. Locke's blow dropped that bandit.

Deserea looked through the arrow slit, seeing arrows coming toward Locke and Schmidt, and cast another Sleep spell, dropping those two bandits.

Schmidt took a swing at the bandit with the sword as two more charged from the other direction. Locke took a solid hit from one of the charging bandits, the other missed Shcmidt. Locke's swing at the bandit who hit him connected.

Deserea stepped into the room, singing praises of Locke and Schmidt's prowess and feats, which encouraged Schmidt to drop one of the charging bandits with a single blow.

"You evil man," Locke said, deliberately targeting the bandit with the sword, and lunged with his scimitar, landing a solid strike against the man, and taking a step forward to get the bandit between himself and Schmidt.

Schmidt swung again, hitting the bandit, and the bandit looking quickly at his fallen comrades (half of whom were asleep, but he didn't know that), quickly retreated toward the back of the room.

Locke charged after him, setting off several of the bandits' ineffective traps along the way, and connected solidly again with his scimitar. Deserea moved over to the two sleeping bandits in the archway and quickly dispatched one of them while Schmidt followed Locke and landed a final blow to the bandit with the sword.

Deserea quietly dispatched another of the sleeping bandits before proceeding to the one who had first shot Schmidt when he came into the building. Locke and Schmidt, meanwhile, started checking the fallen bandits for loot.

Deserea woke the last bandit after tying him up, and let him look over the room.

"So, who came out and let you know we were coming?" Deserea asked.

"What? No one," the bandit replied, obviously shaken.

Through a confusing and disorienting succession of intimidation, seduction, and gentle comforting Deserea learned that the bandit's name was Frederick and he wasn't aware of anyone coming out to tell them that the party was returning to the ruin this morning. She also learned that the one bandit who had tried to run away at the end was Gallen, their leader. There was one other bandit in the group, Alice, who was waiting somewhere on the road to the east watching for a suitable target to come along, and would then come back to get the rest of the group to set up an ambush. Frederick also revealed that the bandits had been operating out of the back room which the group had bypassed previously because the door was barred.

Now they walked over and made Frederick open the door, which was simple since it was not currently locked.

The room had several bunks along one wall, with most of the floor covered with carpets, some of which were obviously looted from other parts of the ruin, but others were in very good condition. The walls were similarly draped in rugs and tapestries, some of which were in good shape, others showed signs of age, deliberate damage, or partial burning. By scurrying over some rubble in one corner where the wall had partially collapsed, a person could get outside without going through the building.

Looking around, Locke noticed where some of the rubble looked looser than the rest, as he started clearing it away, he found a large chest. While Locke was uncovering the chest, Schmidt noticed a secret door in the east wall. "Where does this lead," he asked Frederick while opening the door.

"I've never seen that before. Gallen may have known, but he never told us about it."

The group debated going down the stairs behind the secret door, but decided against it due to their injuries, and the volume of stuff they were carrying. They decided the better option would be to head back to town, turn Frederick in, and heal up. Then they could go find Alice and bring her in.

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