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Frontier Pathfinding - Saturday, June 1st, 2019

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June 1st, 2019, 6:00pm - 10:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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This week we started in the lower corridor with our heroes standing over the corpses of two bugbears. At Schmidt's strong recommendation, they again hauled the bodies out of the dungeon and out to be buried. As they were finishing up, Schmidt saw someone standing on the path leading up to the old broken drawbridge.

Approaching carefully, the paladin determined that the stranger was not evil, and as she had not entered the building, it seemed that she was not the one who had been coming out to the ruin ahead of them frequently. They spoke briefly, learning that the woman was trying to get into the building because she was drawn to something below it, but couldn't be clear about what it was that was drawing her.

Entering the building again through the main doors, but heading down the secret stairs from the bandit's den, they decided the best way to "block" the secret door heading further down was to lean a stick on it and faintly mark where the stick was propped so they could see if the door had been opened.

They then went over to the secret door in the large column in the room where all the skeletons had been chained to the walls, and after some further investigation, opened the door. This revealed that the column was hollow and there was a ladder leading down into the darkness. Locke dropped his everburning torch down the ladder, revealing that it went down about 15 feet and that they appeared to be a tunnel leading to the east at the bottom. There was a stench from rotting flesh coming out of the shaft, and pieces of rotting flesh hanging from some of the rungs of the ladder.

Locke, Schmidt, and Izelda, the new girl, climbed down the ladder, but Deserea looked over the mechanism. "Schmidt," she called down the ladder, "climb back up here and see if this actually will release the door from the inside."

As Deserea closed the door, Schmidt climbed the ladder and pulled the release lever, which opened the door. "What was that for?" he asked.

"I just don't want to get stuck without a path of retreat," Deserea explained, climbing down the ladder behind Schmidt.

Schmidt then shuffled around to the front of the group and headed down the narrow passage which turned sharply to the right after about 20 feet. About 30 feet beyond that the passage ended. After some investigation, Locke spotted a release for the secret door at the end of the corridor.

The door opened onto a 5 foot square alcove in a room with numerous other alcoves, all polished smooth. As Schmidt cautiously stepped into the room, he spotted something moving at the edge of his torchlight. Locke stepped up behind to the edge of the alcove, Izelda right behind him.

"Ghouls, I think," Schmidt shouted as the creatures charged forward. "Don't let them bite you."

The ghouls charged past Schmitd and straight to Locke, where three of them attacked. The fourth could not reach Locke, so it turned on Schmidt, biting his arm. Locke swung at the first ghoul and missed as Deserea started reciting poetry to inspire them. Izelda thrust her spear through between the paladin and the wall, and pierced a ghoul, dropping it to the ground. Schmidt swung and hit the ghoul that bit him.

The ghouls stepped in on Locke again, but again couldn't penetrate his armor, and Schmidt got another blow in on the one that turned its back on him, dropping it. Locke swung again, but couldn't get purchase on a ghoul, and once again Izelda struck and dropped a ghoul. Schmidt stepped in and swung at the one remaining ghoul, missing.

The ghoul again lunged for Locke and missed. Locke connected this time, but Izelda missed. Then Schmidt felled the final ghoul.

As they started moving around, Deserea stepped up and cast a healing spell on Schmidt. Looking around the room, the floors and walls were cleaned and polished, with the exceptions of the remains of some coffins piled in the back of a few of the alcoves. Locke had begun to haul the ghoul bodies out of the crypt. One of the alcoves in the south wall had a hole in the back, but before they could address that, Schmidt spotted a pair of bugbears coming in from the main corridor to the east dragging a human corpse.

Schmidt immediately charged and hit one of them with his sword. Izelda followed and hit as well, and Deserea began to sing encouragement. Schmidt was able to hit that bugbear again and drop him before they could do anything.

The remaining bugbear dropped the body and turned and ran. Izelda ran after him and threw her spear at him through the shadows of the corridor. Schmidt ran past the bugbear before turning around. With the ranger in front of him, the bugbear turned back toward the crypt.

Izelda had lost light, with Schmidt being around another corner, and dropped to a knee to try to light a torch, not realizing she was now kneeling at the bugbear's feet. However, before the bugbear could do anything, Deserea tripped him with her whip.

Izelda got a fire started as the bugbear started to crawl away. She crawled after him, and Deserea struck again with her whip. Schmidt came back down the hall and hit the bugbear with his sword. The bugbear started howling and tried to crawl away, but another strike from Schmidt's sword silenced him.

They dragged the bodies - ghouls, bugbears, and the corpse the bugbears were dragging - back into the secret tunnel where they came in, and waited quietly to see if anyone else was attracted by the noise of combat and the bugbear's wail. After several minutes of nothing, they started dragging the bodies out of the building. Fortunately, Izelda was strong enough to pull the bugbears up the ladder and then up the stairs on her own. As they got them outside where Locke was working on burial, Izelda called the giant frogs over to eat the bodies. "This way is a lot less work," she explained.

As they were coming back down the secret stairs from the bandit's room, the door heading further down into the tunnels opened and a bugbear struck Schmidt from behind. Deserea stepped back, and Schmidt and Izelda charged after the creature, who was retreating down the stairs. Locke was still outside with the frogs and the bodies.

Izelda hit one of the bugbears at the bottom of the stairs and Deserea and Schmidt cornered another and made short work of it, though it hit Schmidt in the scuffle.

Izelda exchanged misses with the one she had initially hit, until it hit her with a devastating strike. Fortunately, Deserea was able to magically cure her as she moved past toward Schmidt and the last bugbear.

Before the third bugbear was blocked by Schmidt and Deserea, it started wailing like the earlier one had. Schmidt was able to injure it, and Deserea's keeping it off guard with her whip definitely helped. However, just as they finished with that group, Schmidt heard yipping and barking coming down one of the corridors.

Five gnolls rounded the corner and Schmidt took one look at them, "Can you fall back up the stairs?" he asked.

"Yes," Izelda and Deserea both replied.

Schmidt moved past the two women to the corner as Deserea pulled out a flask of lamp oil and threw it to the floor at the junction in the corridors. "Light the oil," she told Izelda.

Just then the gnolls charged. The first two slipped in the oil, falling to the ground, but the others cleared their companions and the oil and ran after Schmidt. Izelda and Deserea both missed the gnolls running past them. Two were able to attack Schmidt, one was still too far back.

Izelda stepped into the oil, over one of the prone gnolls and cast spark, igniting the oil at her feet and lighting herself and two gnolls on fire.

Deserea threw her whip into the group of gnolls attacking Schmidt, and then, stepping back, drew her sword. Again, two of the three standing gnolls attacked Schmidt, one hitting, but Schmidt was able to fight back, taking out one of their number. The two burning at Izelda's feet failed to get up, or get out of the oil, but Izelda was able to step out and kill one with her spear.

Deserea stepped back to Izelda's side and took out the gnoll still in the fire. The two remaining gnolls attacked Schmidt, one hitting him again. Schmidt was able to effectively counter, but both gnolls were still standing. Izelda put out the flames remaining on her clothing, and started moving toward Schmidt and the two remaining gnolls.

Deserea ran back to Schmidt and hit one of the remaining gnolls. One of them swung at her, and the other swung at Schmidt again, both missing. Schmidt struck the one he and Deserea had already injured, taking it out. Izelda came up behind the remaining gnoll and with a surprisingly furious lunge, took it out with one hit from her spear.

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