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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, June 16th, 2019

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June 16th, 2019, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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There were five gnoll corpses at their feet, and evidence that there may be other creatures around listening and coming to find out what all the commotion is.

"String them together and I can take them outside to the guy with the weird symbol thing on his tabard," Izelda offered, referring to the paladin.

They tied the corpses together with Schmidt's rope and Izelda started dragging them up the stairs. Schmidt and Deserea helped keep the bodied from catching on corners and stairs too much, though Izelda did untie them to pull them over the pile of rubble and outside.

Locke was doing his best to perform last rights for the previous set of corpses while avoiding the frogs Izelda had called to eat the bodies.

After this was all settled, the four climbed over the rubble pile again and into the old bandits' room to rest and heal. Between Locke laying hands, and Izelda's healing skills, they were able to get everyone back in good shape, but by then it was getting into the night. Izelda took the first watch since she was still tending to Schmidt's wounds.

As the night progressed, Izelda work Deserea to take the middle watch. Since she was not injured in the combat, she had turned in early and was well rested.

A couple hours later, Deserea heard some noises from above, something scraping on stone or slate. She crawled through the opening at the top of the rubble pile and looked back over the ruin. Unfortunately, she was not high enough to see much, but what she could see did not reveal any immediate threat. The scraping noise repeated itself a couple of times, but she could not see anything to cause it, only that it was coming from the western part of the building.

In the morning, Deserea work the group with the smell of frog-bacon cooking. After much discussion, they decided they would go back down and investigate where they had encountered the gnolls rather than heading back down the ladder and into the crypt.

As they got to the bottom of the stairs and came around the corner to the intersection, they stopped to listen. Deserea could hear a faint dripping off down the passage to the left, the direction the gnolls had come from, but more immediately she noticed a secret door to her right.

Opening this secret door revealed a dark passage leading back to the north. After about twenty feet, the passage turned back to the west for a short distance, and at the end was some kind of winch mechanism. There were chains going up from the wheel into the ceiling, and they were under some tension, and below was a stop anchored through the floor. Kicking the stop out from under the wheel, the wheel was released and the chain was able to feed out through the ceiling making a lot of noise. Hearing Izelda scream, Deserea ran back out of the secret passage.

"It just dead ends at some machine," she reported.

A grate had dropped across the hallway where Izelda had been standing. Its fall had not only hit Izelda, but had separated her from the rest of the group. Schmidt and Locke were trying to help Izelda treat her injuries through the grate, but it was proving difficult. The grate also proved heavy enough that even with the four of them working together, they could not lift it.

Heading back into the secret passage, Deserea tried the crank on the winch. While difficult, it could be turned, and that did lift the grate. Once the grate was up and Izelda was mostly treated, they proceeded to head down the passage to the left from the fork. This passage wound around and eventually opened up into a room with an archway heading north and three large alcoves with doors heading further east. As Locke stepped into the room to investigate the doors, Schmidt noticed movement in the corridor heading north.

Schmidt charged past Izelda, across the room, and swung at the bugbear coming out of the passage. Three javelins came out of the corridor toward Locke, and a fourth javelin nearly struck Izelda.

Four bugbears came charging out of the corridor past Schmidt and toward Locke and Izelda. Schmidt swung at one of them as he came barreling by. Another couple bugbears stopped and swung at Schmidt, one hitting. Two of those that ran up hit Locke and one hit Izelda. Schmidt swung at the bugbear he had attacked previously and hit, while Lock swung and missed. They both stepped back from the bugbears they were attacking to avoid being surrounded. Izelda swung with her spear and hit one of the creatures next to her. Deserea began to sing encouragement from the hall.

The bugbears closed on their respective opponents, one hitting Izelda again, and one hitting Locke hard. Deserea stepped into the room and swung her whip at one of the bugbears attacking Izelda but missed. Izelda swung her spear and connected. Schmidt swung and hit his original foe hard, dropping him. Locke stepped in and swung through one and into a second, killing both.

The remaining bugbears, egged on by their leader, stepped in. One hit Schmidt, but not that badly, the others all missed. Deserea stepped to the side away from Izelda and tripped the one attacking Izelda with her whip. Izelda attempted to touch that bugbear, but missed, possibly because she was not expecting him to fall to the ground. Schmidt killed one that was facing him, and then stepped away from the leader to realize he was standing beside Locke who stepped up to attack the leader but missed.

The leader swung at the paladin, but didn't connect. his companion similarly missed Schmidt. The bugbear Deserea had tripped tried to grab Izelda and pull her down as well, but was unable to get a hold of her. Deserea stepped up to flank the bugbear on the ground at Izelda's feet, but Izelda still missed. Locke and Schmidt both hit the leader, but he remained standing.

The bugbear at Izelda's feet tried to roll out of the way, but failed. The leader hit Locke again while the other bugbear hit Schmidt. Deserea stepped to her left and cast a healing spell on Schmidt, finally realizing how badly hurt he was.

The bugbear on the ground stood up, and Izelda swung at him as he rose but missed. The leader, now cornered between Locke, Schmidt, and Deserea swung at the paladin. The other bugbear swung at Schmidt. Izelda hit her foe, dropping him, and Deserea stepped back and used her whip to trip the bugbear who had been attacking Schmidt. Schmidt took the opportunity as he fell to land another blow as Locke hit the leader again.

The chief bugbear swung for Locke again as Deserea stepped up again drawing her sword. The bugbear on the ground hit Deserea as she stepped too close, but only as Locke connected with the leader solidly, his sword bursting in flame. Schmidt took one last swing at the bugbear on the ground, ending him.

Quickly assessing the situation, Locke laid hands on Izelda and then Schmidt, helping to heal them. With all the foes down, at least for the moment, Locke went on to check out the doors.

Schmidt noticed that the bugbear leader had a bracelet. Upon unwinding it from his wrist, the ranger realized that it was a silver necklace set with gems.

The door furthers to the north opened, when Locke kicked it, to an empty ten foot square room. The door next to it resisted being kicked, but Izelda pointed out that it was hinged to open into the room, not out. The door opened onto a solid stone wall. As Locke opened the door, Deserea heard a faint rattle and clang in the distance. Examining the door closely, she could see where a cable went from within the core of the door into the wall between the hinges.

Deserea and Izelda went back along the corridor and found, as Deserea suspected, that the center door, when opened, released the grate back at the bottom of the stairs. As long as the door was opened, the stop couldn't be set against the winch, so the gate stayed down unless someone was actively working the winch. They closed the door and lifted the grate, leaving the winch stopped.

The third door, similar to the first door, opened to an empty ten-foot square room.

Turning to the north, the group headed into the corridor. This eventually opened to a thirty foot square room with the corridor coming in right in one of the coroners, so the walls went off at an angle to the northwest and northeast. Straw mattresses were on the ground covered in sections of cloth and animal hide, cured and uncured. This was obviously where the bugbears had been sleeping, though there was no evidence of anywhere to cook. However, rummaging through things revealed a fair sum of gold and silver coins.

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