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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, July 7th, 2019

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July 7th, 2019, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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On their way out of town after two days of healing, Schmidt, Izelda, and Locke ran into Rufus and Burne on the road. Being paranoid now, Locke checked to confirm they were not evil (and they weren't) before talking to them. Rufus and Burne confirmed that there were some "ill-aligned" folks in town, and that they were keeping an eye on them, but it really hadn't been any problem, and as long as no crimes were committed, there wasn't much they could do. And overpricing items in the shop was not a crime. Rufus also advised them against just wholesale slaughter of anything they found in the dungeons under the old moat house, as they may need allies in the future.

Burne let them know that the moat house used to be an outpost for an evil temple, and there had been humans working with demons to build power, but that had been mostly wiped out over a generation ago.

Rufus and Burne walked the party around the fortress they were constructing, and Burne purchased one of the potions of undead control they had acquired, while Rufus purchased a fair portion of their javelins, spears, arrows, bolts, and shields.

Locke, Schmidt, and Izelda then proceeded on to the ruins and scrambled into the old bandit's quarters through the rubble pile and down the secret stairs into the dungeon.

They made their way down into the crypt to where the first ghouls had been, and decided to block the hole in the wall to the maze of caverns where the second group of ghouls had been. They used various debris that had previously been piled in front of the armory doors, as well as sections of the armory doors that Locke had broken through with the old broken axe head several days earlier. Once they were confident that the hole was blocked off, they headed into the hallway to the east they had not explored before. After a short distance, they could all hear water dripping.

At an intersection, they could turn right and go down stairs toward the water, or left and stay on a level, dry floor. They decided to head left. Before long, there was another split, where they could go forward to a door at the end of the passage, barely illuminated by their torchlight, or sharply to the right and back through an open archway. They proceeded to the right for some distance before coming to a door in the end of the corridor.

Through this door was another long hallway, sloping gently upward, and a door immediately on their left. Schmidt listened at the door for a short time before opening it. An arrow immediately came through the open door, hitting Locke. Another narrowly missed Schmidt's wolf, Biff. Biff ducked behind Izelda through the door and out of the line of fire.

Schmidt charged in toward the archers in the hallway, and whistled for Biff who followed, overcoming his fear. The archers fired again, missing, but started howling, raising the alarm. Izelda drew her bow and fired at one of the archers, missing. Locke ran in and made a brutal attack on the closest archer, dropping him in one blow.

Schmidt closed on the second archer, and Biff flanked him, allowing Schmidt to drop the guard in one blow. The remaining archer of the originals fired and hit Biff, while another coming into the end of the corridor put an arrow through the ranger. Izelda moved up to the two archers at the end of the corridor, and the paladin ran up behind her.

Schmidt took a parting shot as he retreated out the door. "We gotta back off," he said, "there's too many of them coming." Two shots flew past the ranger, another two missed the paladin, and a fifth missed the druid. Izelda ran the last few steps to the next row of guards, but missed her attack with her spear. Locke laid hands on Schmidt as he passed, healing the ranger.

The three continued their withdrawal, the paladin being hit with three more arrows. Izelda cast Shillelagh, making her weapon more powerful and killed the nearest guard before she joined the withdrawal.

At the entrance to the corridor, Schmidt grabbed his claymore and strapped on his shield. Two more of the archers successfully hit the paladin, dropping him to the ground near the door. Izelda turned back to drag Locke out of the field of fire, taking an arrow herself for the effort.

Schmidt pulled out a vial of alchemist fire and cast leadblade on his claymore. Izelda healed Locke, but he was shot with another arrow as soon as he stood, dropping him again.

Schmidt threw the vial back, and prepared to shut the first door as soon as Izelda and Locke were through. Biff he sent running back down the corridor the way they had come. Izelda pulled Locke through the door and Schmidt closed it behind them.

Schmidt healed Locke, and then ran through the door after Biff. Izelda pushed Locke through the door, then closed it behind her before running down the corridor. Part way down the corridor, Locke paused to heal himself.

The doors opened behind them, and two archers took shots at Locke, hitting him and dropping him yet again. Izelda turned back and pulled Locke around the corner where she healed him.

The trio staggered down the corridor the way they had come, taking a right when they got to the top of the stairs and rushing back into the crypt.

They crawled through the tunnel and up the column into the torture room, then across and up the stairs to the old pantry where the rat swarms had been.

the trio continued running some distance from the moat house before slowing, fairly sure they were no longer being pursued. However, as they slowed down, they heard a moaning sound off the trail a distance. Izelda and Schmidt went off the trail to try to locate the sound, while Locke continued along the path. The two could not find any source of the sound, or even evidence of where someone may have been...

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