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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, July 28th, 2019

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July 28th, 2019, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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With the paladin out of commission while he healed, the rest of the group decided to follow Deserea's suggestion and go to a bigger city to get more supplies.

Before leaving, they checked with the local craftsmen to see if there were any trade goods to take to market, but beyond their own cache of weapons, the only thing they got were three wheels of cheese from the cheesemaker. they paid three gold for the cheese, rather than trying to figure out what they could make and what transport costs would be and what they would owe the cheesemaker when they came back (not to mention needing to entice the cheesemaker that they were trustworthy with that amount of product and could take it to market and would actually come back with the money owed...).

They bought a mule to harness to Leve's wagon, and Deserea took the opportunity to threaten the merchant, "If he doesn't make it because of some lameness or illness or defect you know about, I'll make sure you regret it."

They headed north to Verbabonc on the road through the hills. After a few uneventful days and nights, Biff and the mule were startled by something in the darkness during the midnight watch. Schmidt threw his everburning torch in that direction, revealing a large bear. Schmidt didn't need to wake Deserea and Izelda, as the growling of the wolf and the braying of the mule had already done so.

Schmidt stood and shot the bear, getting a solid hit on its left quarter. The bear hesitated, giving Deserea enough time to get her shot in. After the two hits, the bear turned and fled into the night, but not before the mule broke his line and headed in the opposite direction.

Izelda spent the rest of the night following, and eventually catching and bringing back, the mule.

It took another 8 days with the wagon and the mule to get to Verbabonc. A large tent had been set up outside the south gate, and a guard approached them as they came down the road.

"Any goods to declare?" the guard asked.

"Cheese, brandy, leather armor, and spears," Deserea replied.

The guard looked in the back of the wagon and waived them through.

"He didn't even comment on our weapons?" Schmidt questioned, surprised.

"Apparently not," Deserea replied. "Maybe they're watching us more than we think."

After a little teasing, Deserea paid a random street urchin a copper to point them toward a market square where they could find a cheese seller. They went and got settled into an inn near the gate first, and left Schmidt with the goods while Deserea and Izelda went to sell.

After some discussion with a local cheese seller, and Izelda running back to retrieve a sample, they talked him into buying the three wheels for 12 gold. Izelda ran the three wheels over one at a time while Deserea waited with the cheese merchant.

With the cheesemaker's recommendation that the best inn was the Steel Shutter over by the west gate, Izelda and Deserea made their way over there to sell the brandy. It was a little harder to attest to the quality or consistency of the brandy since they had not produced it, nor had they tapped the kegs, but eventually the innkeeper agreed to 50 gold per keg.

They were also able to find a local weapon shop and sell the armor and weapons they had hauled up.

In their wanderings across the south part of Verebabonc, they had spotted an alchemist and a "purveyor of magical oddities." From the former, they were able to purchase some healing potions, and a few others, and Deserea was able to sell her potion of undead control. From the other merchant, they acquired 4 healing wands.

A couple days out of the city, they came across a tree on the side of the road with several dead foxes hanging from the branches. They couldn't see any magic related to the tree, and Izelda climbed it to see if there was any significance to the three she could determine. Finding none, she skinned a few of the foxes that weren't damaged or decayed enough to make the skin worthless, and set the skins to dry so she could tan them.

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