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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, August 11th, 2019

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August 11th, 2019, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

Larger map and driving directions

Shortly before they reached Homlet, but not close enough to run for backup, Izelda, who was walking ahead of the wagon, was struck by two arrows and rushed by a pair of swordsmen.

Another arrow hit her, then the smaller of the swordsmen slashed her from the left. She stepped back as Schmidt shouted, "There's ogres."

Izelda cast entangle up the hill the direction Schmidt pointed, hoping for the best. Deserea stepped off the back of the wagon to take cover from the archers and started singing encouragement to her companions. One of the ogres was able to step out of the entangled area, but the other was stuck for now.

Schmidt shot at one of the swordsmen, but missed. The swordsmen ran past Izelda and took out the mule in two fell strokes. The two archers both missed Izelda, and approached. Izelda cast obscuring mist and stepped toward the wagon in the gloom. Deserea shot the nearest swordsman from here point of cover. The one ogre moved around the entanglement, while the other struggled and broke himself free.

Schmidt shot again and missed, then stepped back from the front of the wagon. Izelda struck from within the mist, killing the swordsman Deserea previously hit. The leader ran over to the wagon and was still able to strike Schmidt with his greatsword. The two archers moved forward in the trees, but missed Schmidt and Deserea. Izelda ate a handful of her goodberries to address her wounds. Deserea shouted, "I am going to mess you up!" to the nearer ogre in his own language, then cast invisibility and stopped her singing. The threatened ogre doubled his speed to get up to where Deserea was, while the other kept moving along the edge of the entangled area.

As the leader stepped past Schmidt to the back of the wagon, Schmidt landed a good blow against him. The archers missed Schmidt and Biff again. Izelda peeked out of the mist and cast another entangle from a scroll on the running ogre, just missing Deserea even though she was not visible, but catching the leader. Deserea ran up the hill away from the road, and used her whip to disarm one of the archers (making herself visible in the process). The entangle, unfortunately, only slowed the ogre, and he got up where he could reach the wagon and swung at Schmitd, missing. The other ogre continued around the edge of the entangled area.

Schmidt took one last swing at the leader, dropping him, and ran for the front of the wagon, only to be hit by the ogre. The disarmed archer drew his sword while stepping up to Deserea, and hit her. The other archer missed Schmidt with his bow. "Des, get in here," Izelda shouted from the mist, handing Schmidt a handful of goodberries to help deal with his wounds. Deserea ran toward the mist, and started singing again. The two ogres moved forward, one coming across the wagon, the other around the entangled area.

Schmidt ate the berries the druid had handed to him and retrieved a potion from his pack. The archer missed Deserea who was just on the edge of the mist while the other archer retrieved his bow. Izelda moved back into the mist, and Schmidt sent Biff after her. Deserea cast ghostsound to create the illusion of troops marching over the hill and shouted, "Listen, is that reinforcements coming?" The one ogre jumped off the cart, swinging at Schmidt and missing while the other continued around the entangled area.

Schmidt enlarged himself and stepped back from the ogre. The one archer fired at Schmidt and missed, while the other said, "We gotta get out of here, man," and started away from the mist enshrouded area. Izelda cast bull's strength on herself, and moved toward the center of the far edge of the mist. Deserea healed herself, and moved toward Izelda. The ogre stepped forward and Schmidt struck him as he moved, but the ogre was able to hit Schmidt as well.

Schmidt swung again and dropped the ogre. We're killing ogres, now," he shouted. Izelda looked out of the mist to the west, but didn't see anything threatening. The second archer took off after his buddy. Deserea moved forward and healed Schmidt. The ogre by the entangle started moving toward the wagon and the mist.

Schmidt healed himself and headed back to the edge of the mist. Izelda tripped over Biff while moving through the mist, and cast shillelagh on her staff. Deserea turned herself invisible again and looked out of the mist to the east. The ogre moved toward the mist.

Schmidt cast leadblade on his sword, then stepped out of the mist up onto the wagon. Izelda moved around the trees to come up behind the ogre and struck him. Deserea stepped out of the mist and attempted to disarm the ogre with her whip, but missed. The Ogre swung for Izelda, but missed.

Schmidt stepped off the wagon and swung violently at the ogre, dropping him in one heavy stroke.

Schmidt, Biff and Izelda immediately started tracking the fleeing archers, who were running to the east. As they crested a hill, they were able to see the two archers running into a wooded area. Izelda was able to close the distance between them fairly quickly, and came up on them as they were winded and trying to catch their breath in the trees.

Izelda, also winded, demanded their surrender, but wasn't very impressive until Schmidt told Biff to go to her whistle. The presence of the wolf quickly cowed the exhausted archers. Schmidt caught up with them and bound the prisoners, taking their weapons.

The four people and the wolf came back to the ambush site where Deserea had been butchering the mule. "No need to let good meat go to waste," she stated to Schmidt's puzzled look.

Going through their belongings, the ogres didn't have much to speak of, but each of the humans had a sword, bow, arrows, and some gold. The leader had a black leather talisman with a yellow eye of flame embroidered on it, and the other three each had black cloaks with the yellow eye in their packs.

"So," Schmidt said finding these, "They're assassins, not just highwaymen..."

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