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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, August 25th, 2019

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August 25th, 2019, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Izelda took the head of their mule and put it on a pike, conducting a ritual over it and then covering it with a burlap sack.

Deserea and Izelda took turns questioning the two prisoners. They found that the two had been sent from Nulb by Pias to assist in this area, but were originally from Sekter. They only had met Laris and Virgil in a clearing in the woods and were sent to the ambush to stop Deserea, Izelda, and Schmidt if they were coming back to town. Their group was working with the Elements to return them to power and to return the universe to its true nature where the elements are in balance and harmony and not disrupted by things like worlds and men.

When Deserea, Schmidt, and Izelda got back into town, Locke had been hanging out with an elf who had wandered in from the north. Ar, the elf, had been helping with repairs on the church that Schmidt was working on, but wanted to get into something else.

Deserea took the two prisoners across town to Rufus to deal with. When she returned to the church, her messenger was still there. He had been waiting for her return for nearly two weeks.

She read the information provided, and asked the messenger if he had read it.

"No," he replied, "it was sealed."

"Well, I have a simple message for you to take back." Deserea told him. "Go to whoever you got this information from and tell them, "They're back." and have them pass that information on to whatever officials need to know."

In the morning they headed back out to the ruins with the elf in tow. They watched the building from the treeline for quite a while before they decided to cross the marsh and stream, and climb back in through the rubble into the old bandits' hideout. After a little discussion, they decided that Deserea would sneak down the secret stairs and see if anything had changed downstairs before the whole group came tromping down with torches, armor, and everything. She removed any unnecessary gear, particularly anything likely to make noise or reflect light, and quietly opened the secret door and headed down the stairs into the darkness.

As soon as she released the catch on the door to the ogre's room she could see light coming around the edge of the door. She snuck back up the stairs and pushed that door back open, casting message on the rest of the group. "There's light in the ogre room. Be ready to charge in on my signal," she whispered through the spell.

She snuck back down the stairs, turning herself invisible, and pushed the door open. "Two archers, looking at the door," she whispered.

Taking a deep breath, she steadied herself and moved forward into the room, catching a third person sneaking up to the door from the side with his sword out. She quietly and cautiously moved past him toward the northeast corner of the room. When she was several feet past him and he was taking up position next to the door she messaged, "Now. Guy on the right when you come in."

Deserea cast ghostsound behind the archers, making it sound like something was howling in the room to the west. They turned away as Schmidt charged into the room and up to one of the archers. The swordsman at the door swung at Schmidt but missed. Locke followed Schmidt into the room and stepped to the other side of the archer Schmidt was beside. Ar stepped up to the door and swung his sword at the swordsman who attacked Schmidt.

Deserea used her whip to trip the swordsman at Ar's feet. The swordsman attempted to tumble away from Ar, but failed. Seeing what was happening, the archer who was not surrounded ran through the door to the west, but not before Schmidt was able to hit him with his claymore. The other archer seeing his companion flee, took a step back and turned and shot the paladin. Izelda saw the archer take off and ran past Ar and Schmidt after the fleeing archer, stopping as soon as she got into the room with the stairs to the larder, where there were several more archers waiting for her. Locke stepped up and power attacked the archer who just shot him, dropping the archer.

Deserea used her whip to disarm the swordsman, who again tried, but failed to tumble away from Ar. This time, Ar was able to hit him for his attempt. Two archers in the other room shot Izelda, a third missing, and a swordsman in that room slashed at her as the archer she was chasing ran through the archway into the skeleton room. Izelda dropped the mule head and stepped back into the storeroom between the two groups of cultists. Deserea shouted, "Help Izelda," and Locke ran through the door she had disappeared into. Biff ran into the room and bit at the swordsman at Ar's feet, and Schmidt followed Locke into the next room, casting leadblade on his sword. Ar stepped to the swordsman's side and attacked again, hitting the prone adversary.

Deserea stepped up to the prone and disarmed swordsman and growled, "move or die." Izelda healed herself, and Locke healed her too. Schmidt drank a potion of bull's strength in preparation to attack the enemies who had shot Izelda in the next room. Biff, the wolf, ripped the throat out of the prone swordsman and loped over to Schmidt.

Ar followed Biff into the other room and Deserea moved over to the door. Izelda cast bull's strength on Locke, and Locke healed Izelda again. Schmidt prepared to run into the other room as soon as Izelda quit blocking the door. "Just a second," Izelda soothed.

Ar healed Izelda again, and Deserea cast cat's grace on Locke. Izelda, Locke, Schmidt, and Ar waited for Deserea to start singing.

As Deserea started singing, Izelda opened the door and stepped out of the way. As the door swung open, the enemy on the other side fired several arrows in. One of those hit the paladin. Locke charged out, power attacking and cleaving hitting one guy then killing the archer next to him. Schmidt and Biff moved out and stepped over the corpse Locke just left, to flank the next archer in line. Biff missed biting the archer, but Schmidt hit.

Ar stepped in and cast magic missile at the nearest archer. Deserea moved up and tripped the archer between Schmidt and Biff. He tried to tumble away, but Schmidt stopped him with a fatal thrust of his claymore. Izelda heard something behind her and ran to the door, slamming it shut as she saw 7 more of the cultists coming through the room. Locke killed the cultist he was facing and moved to Deserea. Schmidt took out the last of the archers and followed Locke, sending Biff to watch the secret door in the column that led to the tunnel to the crypt. Biff immediately started growling.

Ar cast gravity bow in preparation for whatever Biff was growling at. Des cast cats grace on Ar. Then Biff was hit by a sword, attacked through the now open secret door in the column. Izelda wedged the door she was leaning against. Locke healed himself from the arrow shot. Schmidt charged whatever was coming through the door and attacking Biff. The wolf ran back to Deserea.

Ar moved up behind Schmidt. Des healed Biff. Several cultists came out through the secret door and around Schmidt, Schmidt taking a swing at the first. Locke ran back to help Schmidt, who took a swing at the next person on the ladder and killed him, then took a step to the right of the ladder.


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