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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, April 28th, 2019

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April 28th, 2019, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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This week we again started off in town. After a couple days to heal up, Locke and Schmidt decided to head out and see if they could find the bandit's observation point, and find out if Alice was still there. Bringing her in would mean all the bandits from that particular group were dead or awaiting trial.

About a day out of town, Schmidt spotted something on the edge of a bluff on the north side of the road. As they climbed up to investigate, Locke startled a boar out of his hiding place under a bush. The boar ran straight for Schmidt, turning at the last minute and squealing as it dove into another bush and continued around the side of the hill.

Schmidt and Locke waited quietly, watching up the hill to see if anyone was investigating. After a few minutes of nothing, it appeared that they did not attract anyone's attention.

proceeding on up the hillside, they came across a campsite. The fire pit was cold, but there seemed to be plenty of gear for someone for a few days. A bedroll was out under a lean-to, with pots hung across the entry.

"It looks like someone is still here," Schmidt offered.

"Yeah," Locke asked, "but where?"

The decided to hide for a while, and see who came back. Schmidt helped Locke to hide since that wasn't something that the paladin was particularly good at. When a couple hours passed and nobody came back, they decided to move on.

Schmidt looked around for tracks, and determined that the most likely case was that whoever was here was following a trail leading off toward the east and further up the hill. They decided to follow these tracks. The path led up to the crest of the bluff, and across to the east slope.

As they started down the other side of the hill, Schmidt noticed where the path went into a fairly dense cluster of buckthorn. Peering in carefully, they could see a woman in the brush looking away from them to the east through a spyglass.

Locke decided to charge in and grab her, but tripped over a root as soon as he entered the bramble. She turned and reached for her blade as Locke tried to grab her from the ground. Schmidt snuck around the bramble to get behind her and attack through the bushes.

The woman thrust her rapier at Locke on the ground, barely making contact through his armor, and he tried again to grab her, unsuccessfully. Schmidt stepped into the bushes and made an awkward swing with his great sword, connecting well.

The paladin was then able to get his sword out and get to his feet. In the close quarters between the bushes, the woman was unable to get in a swing. Schmidt also missed, due to being cramped in the bushes.

Locke hit her once with his sabre and declared, "You're surrounded. If you give up now, you'll live to make it back to town."

She dropped her sword and asked, "What are you doing here? How did you find me?"

"You're Alice, right?" Schmidt asked.

"Frederick gave us a pretty good idea of where you would be," Locke replied to Alice. "From there it was just a matter of trying to find which vantage point you had been using."

Locke and Schmidt restrained Alice and took her back to town. They explained to the magistrate that they believed they had gotten all of this group of bandits, though some ran into accidents and could not be captured to face trial.

The next day, Schmidt and Locke returned to the ruin to head downstairs and see what the Ogre was up to. On their way, they ran into four more of the giant frogs that were such a pain the first time Deserea and Schmidt came out with Leve. It took a couple minutes, but they were able to dispatch all four frogs, without getting in range of their tongues except when one jumped up on the drawbridge right behind Schmidt.

Instead of taking the main stair down to the lower level where the swarms of rats had been, they decided to head down the secret stairs behind the bandit's lair. At the bottom of those stairs was a nondescript ten foot by ten foot room. After looking around for a minute, Schmidt realized that there was a secret door in the southern half of the west wall.

Opening this door, they were accosted with the stench of an ogre body that had been decaying for 8 days. They chopped the body they had left there previously into manageable chunks and hauled it up the stairs, over the rubble pile, and outdoors.

On one of their several trips, Schmidt noticed a second secret door in the ten-by-ten room. Opening that door, he saw additional stairs leading down into the darkness beyond their torchlight. Unfortunately, they couldn't find a way to bar the door to keep it from opening, so the decided to leave it and finish removing the remains of the ogre.

After they finally got the ogre cleared, they opened a door in the south wall. It revealed a room with three people, two humans and a gnome, chained to the walls. At first these three appeared to be dead, but closer inspection revealed that they were just nearly unconscious and extremely dehydrated. Locke and Schmidt carefully let them down from the wall and carried them upstairs to the bandits' old headquarters. Once secured, they started treatment - carefully administering water and with Locke laying hands to try to heal them.

One of the humans regained consciousness first, and explained that he was a merchant and had been traveling south toward Homlet when he was ambushed by men in black cloaks with a flaming yellow eye, then given to the ogre as food. He offered a reward if they could take him and his partner back to civilization.

Eventually the gnome came around. He offered Locke an iron ring if he could take the gnome back to town.

They stayed over night in the old bandits' lair, trying to nurse the three prisoners to the point where they could be assisted to walk back to town.

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