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The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun - Thursday, November 4th, 2004

Montana Role-Playing Calendar

November 4th, 2004, 6:15pm - 11:15pm

Keith's Apartment
217 W. Koch St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Larger map and driving directions

The building is on the corner of Koch and Third. The apartment is at the top of the stairs.

This week, Sama-san's secretary contacted Giggy to let him know that Sama-san wanted to meet with them regarding services they could render. When the group showed up for the meeting, Sama-san was not available and sent his apologies along with payment for the inconvenience. However, Sama-san's secretary also informed them that there was an individual who would be visiting Sydney and would need accompaniment while he was in town. For providing him accompaniment, they would be paid $100,000Y.

When the client, Benga-san, arrived Wednesday morning, our crew was ready to pick him up in Raven's brand new purple Ford Americar. They went to the hotel where Benga-san had arranged for a room for himself and an adjacent room for Buckwheat, Giggy, and Raven. After getting to their rooms, Giggy and Raven went down to the bar, while Buckwheat sat out in the hall to wait. Shortly thereafter, Benga-san came out and told Buckwheat that he had a meeting in two hours and that he was going to take a shower.

It did appear that someone was trying to follow them when they left the hotel, so Buckwheat summoned a spirit to deal with them, and when they did not continue to follow, ignored it. The meeting went uneventfully. Our group went out to eat, then went for a nice drive in the country to pass the time until Benga-san's sext meeting at 11:00pm at the Hippogryph Club.

Our heros being comfortable at the Hippogryph, only Buckwheat stayed in the back hall near the conference room. About an hour into the meeting, while Buckwheat was pacing, he turned around to stare down the barrel of a Super Warhawk. To which Buckwheat responded, "Can I help you?"

The Chinese gentleman holding the Warhawk gestured for Buckwheat to move closer to the meeting room, and as Buckwheat slid past the guy with his hands away from his pockets, Giggy replied over their radios, "If you need help, say 'blueberry waffles.'"

Of course, to this Buckwheat replied quietly, "I could really go for some blueberry waffles," as he started backing down the hallway.

The Chinese gentleman, not yet being willing to shoot Buckwheat, instead hit him across the jaw almost hard enough to knock Buckwheat out, and definitely hard enough to known him to his knees. Meanwhile Raven and Giggy were forcing their way through the crowded dance floor as fast as they could to get to the hallway with the meeting room. By the time Raven and Giggy got to the back hall, Buckwheat had taken several more blows, and a shot from a taser from behind. Just as Raven rounded the corner in the hall to see what was going on, Buckwheat lost consciousness.

Raven charged the Chinese man, whom Buckwheat had been able to hit a couple of times, from behind unexpectedly before he could be warned. Meanwhile, Giggy was able to charge the woman who had just discarded her taser in favor of a Ares Predator. Before Giggy could get to her, she took a shot at Raven and the Chinese man who were grappling on the floor on top of Buckwheat's unconscious body. Unfortunately for her, she hit her companion rather than Raven whom she had intended. At this point, Giggy was able to get up to her and take her out quickly. With the two Chinese assailants unconscious and bleeding, Raven and Giggy broke into the meeting room, where they could hear arguing voices. Armed with the Chinese couple's weapons, Raven and Giggy cam in right behind a Chinese businessman who has a gun pointed at Benga-san. Upon realizing the change in the power in the room, then Chinese businessman lowered his weapon when Benga-san requested that Giggy escort him to building security.

Raven and Giggy took the Chinese businessman and the Chinese couple - and their weapons - and turned them over to Rodregues, one of the Hippogryph's security officers.

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