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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, May 12th, 2019

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May 12th, 2019, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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We started with Locke and Schmidt uneventfully escorting the three prisoners back to the church of Iomedae in Homlet. With the prisoner's condition, even after being looked after overnight by Schmidt, the walk back to town was long and slow.

They met up with Deserea, and sold a bunch of the armor and weapons (and some trade goods) to the local merchant.

Neither Locke nor Deserea knew what the flaming yellow eye crest was, nor did any of the clerics at the temple or the bartender at the Welcome Wench.

With no further information forthcoming, the headed out to the ruin again the next morning. On the way, Schmidt again spotted tracks heading out there ahead of them. The tracks were left by a human wearing soft boots of some kind. The tracks went down the path, across the drawbridge, through the main gate, across the courtyard, through the broken door, across the main hall to the left, and down the stairs formerly occupied by hoards of rats.

As they started down the stairs, Locke and Schmidt brought out their everburning torches, and Deserea asked them to let her go on ahead so she could maybe see where the tracks went without necessarily alerting whoever was down there that someone was coming.

Deserea headed down the stairs and across the room, following the tracks to the columned corridor they had not entered last time they were down here. But as soon as she headed into the corridor, she was surrounded by zombies.

Deserea froze in place, hoping they would ignore her, but that wasn't her luck. Just at the edge of their torch light, Locke spotted one of the zombies moving, but couldn't tell what it was other than it was not Deserea.

Locke and Schmidt charged over to Deserea's aid, but as they arrived, she fell. The zombies came at Locke and Schmidt in numbers. Each hit from the paladin or the ranger nearly dropped a zombie, and Locke was able to hit almost twice as many as Schmidt. It took a couple minutes, and definitely eliminated any chance of secrecy, but Schmidt and Locke were able to dispatch all the zombies. Unfortunately, though, they were both significantly injured in the process.

Once the zombies were dealt with, the two got over to Deserea. She was only nearly dead, and between Locke's laying of hands and Schmidt's healing skills, they were able to get her back on her feet, as well as get each other somewhat patched up over the course of an hour.

However, at the end of that hour, a group of giant rats scurried around the corner from the direction of the stairs.

"Get back through that archway," Schmidt instructed Deserea, pointing to an opening in the wall just past her, that none of the three had been through.

"No," she responded moving toward the end of the corridor away from the rats, "at least I know what's out here."

Lock stepped up and dispatched two of the rats as two others tried to bite him through his armor. Schmidt stepped up and similarly dispatched one of the rats with his great sword. Another swipe from Locke took out two more, and the remaining rats fled back into the darkness.

While Schmidt and Locke started discussing removing the zombie bodies from the building, Deserea started looking around. While she would not step through the archway into the next room, she did see that there were skeletons chained to the walls and the two larger columns in the room.

Locke went over and checked the five doors on the west wall. Each opened into a ten foot by ten foot cell, revealing nothing else.

Eventually Deserea convinced Locke to go into the room with the skeletons and look around. And to poke the skeletons to prove that they were not animated. Locke walked around the room, counting eighteen skeletons, all of which were chained to the wall, but six of which were recently denuded.

After Locke had made a complete circuit of the room with no ill effects, Deserea entered the room and started lighting the torches in sconces on the walls. This did not bring the skeletons to life either.

All this time Schmidt was getting out blankets to use to haul zombie and rat bodies out of the basement and out into the open. When he saw the skeletons, he insisted that those needed to go as well, since they could be animated even if they weren't now.

"Possibly," Deserea agreed, "but before we go anywhere, the tracks we were following into the building went through this archway. Can you find them, Schmidt?"

He looked around the entry, and did spot tracks heading across the middle of the room to one conspicuously skeleton-free space on one of the columns. Locke was able to quickly find the release for the door, but Schmidt reminded him of all the bodies that needed to be cleared, as well as the several rooms on this floor that still had not been cleared.

They started gathering bodies, and decided to head out through the ogre's room and up the secret stairs into the old bandit lair, the same way they had taken out the ogre's body (in pieces). However, when Locke opened the door into the room the ogre had been in, he was surprised to find four armed gnolls.

"Contact ahead!" he shouted, running into the room, dropping the torch and skeleton he was carrying and drawing his sword. Schmidt followed suit, dropping the end of the blanked of zombie bodies he was dragging and drawing his sword as he ran to the door. Deserea shrugged and started singing encouragement where she was standing.

While the rats really posed no threat to our heroes, the gnolls did, landing several heavy blows before Locke and Schmidt were able to dispatch them. As Locke delivered the last slice to the final gnoll, Deserea finally came out into the room and walked past the combat to a person tied up and lying in the corner in front of the secret door to the stairs.

"Hey," she asked, "can I torture this guy?"

Locke looked up a little shocked, but seeing that he was evil despite being tied up, confirmed, "Yeah, sure."

They found out that this guy was also captured by people in black robes with a flaming yellow eye insignia. He doesn't know how he came to be in the custody of the gnolls, just that he woke up being dragged up the stairs by the gnolls, and when they came into this room, they suddenly got really antsy about something. Then the combat started...

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