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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, September 1st, 2019

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September 1st, 2019, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Ar shot an arrow at the guy by the column, but missed. Deserea stepped back and the two guys she had been next to both swung at her and missed. Deserea then tripped one of the guards with her whip. Someone hit the door behind Izelda with something heavy, shaking the door. From the other end, several bad guys came out of the door in the column by Schmidt, one of whom hit him, another missed. Then the area around Schmidt went silent as a spell was cast. Izelda healed herself again and stepped away from the door she was blocking. The paladin stepped up near the ranger and power attacked, missing his target. Schmidt, however, was able to hit that assailant, while Biff ran up and bit the guy Deserea had tripped..

Ar moved up toward the combat. Deserea stepped back, started singing encouragement again, and tripped another of the assailants. Two guys missed Schmidt, and a group of gnolls poured in from the stairs up to the old pantry where the rats had been, attacking Izelda. There was another pounding on the door Izelda had wedged shut. Izelda hit one of the gnolls and then ran to Locke tapping him to get his attention and point out the gnolls. Locke ran back to the gnolls and attacked the nearest, stepping between him and Ar. Schmidt missed the foe standing beside him, but Biff the wolf bit the prone guy he hit previously, killing him, then stepped to the side to give Schmidt flanking.

Ar moved back and shot at one of the gnolls. Deserea swung her whip at one of the guys by the column, but missed. The door Izelda had wedged shut finally broke down, and several men came through it. The gnolls stepped up and one stabbed Locke. The cleric at the column behind Schmidt just defended himself, while his two guards missed Schmidt and Deserea respectively. Izelda moved away from the combat until she was able to hear herself breathing, then cast stonecall, apparently dropping the stone ceiling on the gnolls and the men who had come through the broken door after here, but amazingly missing Locke and Ar. When the dust settled, the gnolls but their leader were dead, but the humans were still up. Locke stepped up to the leader, but missed with his scimitar. Schmidt turned on the caster, but missed with his swing as well. Biff bit the other prone guy.

Ar shot from the silence toward the apparent leader of the people who came out after Izelda, but missed again. Deserea tried to trip the caster with her whip, but failed. The humans who had been chasing Izelda changed tactics and surrounded the paladin. Two hit him, but he was able to strike back at another. The remaining standing guard in the torture room with Schmidt swung and missed, and the caster stepped back into the column and dropped down the ladder. Izelda charged to Locke's aid, hitting one of his assailants. Locke hit the gnoll leader and stepped back where only one of the attackers could reach him. Biff bit at the guy on the ground again but missed, while Schmidt hit the standing guard solidly.

Ar missed with another arrow. Deserea tripped the remaining guard in the torture room with her, Biff and Schmidt. The guy on the floor at Schmidt's feet dropped his sword and tried to beg for mercy, but the magical silence prevented anyone from hearing him. The gnoll missed the paladin, but one of the humans made a solid hit on him while another made a similar hit on the druid. Locke dropped into the rubble, losing consciousness. Izelda hit and killed the guy who hit her, shouted, "You're next, big guy," at the leader and stepped back into the silent area. Schmidt stepped to the side and, realizing he was out of the silence, cast barkskin on himself. Biff stepped around behind the ranger.

Ar ran up and healed Locke. Deserea stopped singing and cast expeditious retreat on herself. In the front room, the remaining bad guys stepped up toward Izelda, the rubble on the floor keeping them from moving quickly. The guy at Schmidt's feet continued to cower and beg in silence. Izelda healed herself and moved to Deserea. Schmidt realizing what was going on in the other room, ran to Ar and Locke's aid, while Biff stood guard over the dowering guard.

Ar hit the gnoll, killing him. Deserea healed Izelda. One of the remaining humans hit Schmidt, but Schmidt was able to counter-strike and kill him. The leader turned and fled. Izelda moved toward Schmidt, Locke, and Ar and threw her spear at the fleeing human. Schmidt charged after him, caught up, and delivered a killing stroke.

Ar moved over and checked the stair for anyone else coming down, but it appeared to be clear. Deserea walked across the room and healed Locke. The one guy on the floor cowered under Biff's snarling gaze. Izelda healed herself, and Locke, now somewhat active, used his wand to heal himself. Schmidt came back in and pulled the one remaining assailant from the ground and Biff's feet and started to tie him up.

They regrouped in the larger room and worked on getting everyone healed up. Deserea went to question the prisoner, but started to aggressive and took him from cowering to completely incoherent in a matter of seconds. They decided that Ar should take the prisoner back to town and turn him in to Rufus to be dealt with officially. The rest of them would try to track the caster who had run off in the middle of the battle.

Schmidt and Biff were able to get the caster's trail and follow it from the bottom of the ladder, through the crypt, and back through the corridors to the hallway where they had been ambushed several weeks earlier. The door to that last hallway was locked, and Biff wanted to continue past the door down the dark hallway to the east, but Schmidt and Deserea wanted to pick the lock. Finally Izelda and Locke prevailed and they followed Biff down the corridor. After a few hundred yards, the corridor began to slope upwards. Then it started to veer to the south and they could smell fresh air.

Eventually this opened between some boulders and through some brambles into a wooded area. As best they could tell, Izelda and Schmidt figured they were somewhere southeast of Homlet.

The tracks continued to the east, and they followed them about a quarter mile to a small corral where some horses had been kept, but the horses were no longer there.

"If he's on horseback, we won't catch him tacking by foot," Schmidt informed.

They returned to the brambles and found their way back into the hole and back to the doors. Spending some time at it, they were able to get the lock picked and get the door open. The corridor behind it was dark and empty. The corridor led to some rooms which had evidence of being hastily abandoned. They gathered up some supplies that had been left behind, but there wasn't a lot of value.

The returned down the corridor toward the crypt, and instead took a right to the closed door they had not been through. This led to a room maybe 40 foot on a side. They were entering through an alcove at the east end of the south wall. There were two other entries from the south, one from the north, and one from the west.

They entered the room and Schmidt and Izelda headed to the center entrance on the south wall, while Deserea and Locke stayed out in the room. There was a door ten feet back in the hallway, and Schmidt checked it carefully before opening it. It opened to reveal a stone wall, but Biff suddenly turned and faced the corridor directly opposite to the north.

Izelda turned and threw a torch down the corridor that way, revealing that it went for at least twenty feet, but showing no threat.

Deserea and Izelda started down the corridor that had riveted Biff's attention, and saw as if wound back and forth and eventually came to a familiar hallway with a portcullis blocking to the left. Deserea found the secret door and raised the portcullis. They went back to the guys and went through some testing to see what did or did not raise the portcullis, then went through and prevented the mechanisms from working in case they needed a quick egress.

Locke then went down to the west while everyone else waited. His exploration found some equipment, and a space where the gnolls had obviously been sleeping.

A couple gold richer, they checked out the westernmost of the three hallways off the south wall, and found it opened to a ten foot square room which was empty other than dust.

They returned to the southeast door and headed south, passing the corridor to the southeast that would lead eventually to the exit and the passage to the west that lead to the crypt, and down the stairs to the occasional dripping noise.

Deserea snuck down the stairs ahead of the rest of the group and peaked around the corner at the bottom of the stairs. She could see some debris scattered around, but mostly on the far side of a pool that occupied most of the room. The pool was deep, but she couldn't tell how deep. There didn't seem to be anything moving in the room, but remaining cautious she cast detect magic and revealed two items, one under the water at the far side of the pool, and one in the debris in the southwest corner of the room straight across from the entryway.

"There are a couple magic items, but I don't see anything moving," she whispered back through her message spell.

The rest of the group carefully came down the stairs, and as their light started to spill around the corner into the room, a giant crayfish sprang out of the pool and hit Deserea. She was able to twist away from it, only taking the hit from one claw.

"Let me talk to it," Izelda hissed.

Schmidt gave her a look, but let her step passed. Locke watched as well. Deserea dove past the three of them as the crayfish dove back into the pool.

Schmidt waited as Izelda peeked around the corner. Locke took one of Izelda's spears and prepared to strike if necessary. Deserea stopped at the top of the stairs and healed herself. The crayfish leapt out of the water and tried to grab Izelda, but missed.

Everyone backed up slightly.

Izelda stepped back up trying to soothe the animal, but the crayfish grabbed her with both claws and tried to rip her in half. Schmidt charged and slashed at the creature and Locke struck with the spear. Deserea healed herself again and moved back down the stairs. The crayfish dropped Izelda and grabbed for Schmidt.

Schmidt swung again and hit the thing, followed closely by Locke while they watched Izelda bleed on the floor. Deserea started singing again, and stepped up to the combat. Having been hit several times, the crayfish dove back into the pool.

Schmidt dove into the pool after the thing, his everburning torch illuminating the water as it became submerged.. Izelda continued to bleed on the edge of the pool. Locke stepped over to her and healed her; and Deserea followed suit.

Schmidt swam around under the water, reaching the silt covered bottom where he could feel a current, but couldn't find any sign of the crayfish. He swam back up toward the surface and looked to where Deserea had indicated there may be something magical. His torch reflected off something metallic sticking out from under a human skull on a ledge, and he grabbed for it. However, it was slick and under water his judgement of distance was off, and the metallic thing fell away into the water. He dove after it, but it landed somewhere in the silt.

Returning toward the surface, he saw another item on the ledge, some kind of bone or ivory case. This he was able to grab and surface with.

While Schmidt had been swimming around, Izelda had used one of the wands to heal herself. Locke made his way carefully along the south edge of the pool to some items piled in with several bones. One of those items was a sword. He was also able to gather up some coins that were scattered among the bones.

The item Schmidt had retrieved from the ledge was a bone scroll case containing several scrolls. That and the sword were the two magic items that Deserea had spotted before the crayfish had attacked.

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