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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, September 15th, 2019

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September 15th, 2019, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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Our heroes went through the bodies in the torture room, the ogre's room, and the room where the skeletons were and collected any valuables and usable equipment and weapons. Izelda hauled the bodies out one or two at a time once they were divested of loot and fed them to the frogs.

Izelda and Schmidt then built a cage to try to trap the crayfish. With the trap in place, Izelda and Schmidt went down in the pool and started sifting through the muck at the bottom, occasionally coming up for air. There was no sign of the crayfish. However, after some time, they did find the pin that Schmidt had dropped earlier.

they spend some additional time trying various things to get the crayfish to come out, from using the remnants of the mule's head as bait to Deserea casting ghost sound to try to scare it out. but there was still no sign of the critter.

After this, they meticulously went through the lower level of the structure. At least Deserea and Locke were expecting that there should have been some shrine or temple in the building, even though it was only an outpost, but they couldn't find any places they hadn't been.

Gathering everything up, they headed back into town. Schmidt and Locke took the equipment to their stash in the church, while Deserea went to the Inn. Izelda wandered off to the Druid's Grove in the middle of town, that seeming as an oddity, and this being the first time she was in town when they didn't have something particularly pressing to address.

As Izelda wandered up to the grove, she found herself wandering away from it to the south. coming up to it again, she found herself wandering away from it again, this time to the east. She came up to it again, but this time didn't try to go in, but rather tried to walk around it. Walking around it, she did find a path leading in from the road, right across from the blacksmith's forge.


Deserea went over to the Inn and took a seat in the tavern near the door where she could watch the room. She ordered a beer and observed various people. Her attention was drawn to a young man near the fireplace who was challenging people to arm wrestling - and repeatedly loosing. As the young man started to get belligerent, a large, oafish man walked up to the table.

"Let's get you some food," he said, seating himself opposite the young man. "Bring stew," he shouted at the bar.

The oafish man introduced himself as Elmo, and eventually got the young man to give his name as Sun Witchbane. Elmo managed to calm Sun somewhat, and flagged over another man who bore a striking resemblance to Elmo.

"Hello, Sun," the third man said, "I'm Otis, head of the local militia. Rufus and I could use a man like you with us. I know you've been staying at the church, we could billet you at the worker's camp until the keep has a barracks, if you're willing to sign on."


Schmidt and Locke dropped stuff off at the church and headed over to meet Deserea at the Inn. They got there as Otis was talking to Sun. Locke walked up to their table and nodded to Elmo. "Otis, I've worked with Sun, here on the church for the last few weeks," Locke said. "If he's available, I could take him out of town to try to track down the remains of the cult that was holed up in the old ruin, recruiting gnolls and bugbears to your fine town."

"Well, bring him back in one piece, then," Otis said, "he owes Elmo a dinner."

"I don't think you really want to be stuck in one town in the militia," Locke said to Sun.


The next morning they were preparing to leave. Deserea went over to the trader's shop, and argued over the price of a mule. "Well, I got a good deal," she said by way of explanation when she came up the path to the church with four surly mules in tow.

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