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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, October 13th, 2019

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October 13th, 2019, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

Larger map and driving directions

While on watch later that same night, Schmidt heard a howl in the near distance to the northwest and Biff loped off to the edge of the firelight, ears perked up. Schmidt stepped over and woke the paladin, who, in turn, woke the druid. As Lock was getting up he and Schmidt saw two humanoid figures with wolves' heads and strong, hairy limbs at the edge of the firelight.

Locke sensed evil with the attacking creatures as one of them attacked Izelda. The other barked something at Biff. Izelda transformed into a wolverine still in her bedroll. At Schmidt's direction, Biff ran around behind the creature who barked at him as Schmidt charged and hit the monster with his sword. However, he observed that the blow didn't seem to do as much damage as he would have expected. Deserea reached over and healed Izelda.

Locke stepped over to get one of the creatures between himself and Izelda, but missed his attack. The creature between Lock and Izelda stepped to the side and attacked Deserea, delivering a massive blow. Izelda waited, watching what Locke was going to do next. Schmidt withdrew to try to figure out what was happening that his attack was not very effective. Biff ran around to get back with Schmidt. Deserea played dead to see if the creature would move away and give her an opportunity to better assess the situation.

Locke attacked, using his ability to smite, but missed. Izelda attacked from the ground doing minor damage. The creature turned its back on Deserea and attacked Izelda, missing, but his companion stepped up behind Lock and hit him with her sword. Schmidt puleld out a scroll and cast versatile weapon on his own blade. Biff ran up to the female's side and bit at her, but missed. Deserea continued to play dead.

Locke and Izelda missed, but their opponents both hit. Schmidt ran up and critically hit the female, but Biff missed again. Deserea started singing encouragement from her prone position.

Locke missed again, but Izelda hit. The female ignored Schmidt who had just hit her, and hit Locke. The other missed Izelda in her wolverine form. Turning her back on Schmidt was a mistake, as he was able to fell the female, who turned into a human as she hit the ground in front of Deserea. Schmidt stepped forward to take on the male werewolf with Izelda and Locke. Deserea continued to sing.

Locke finally hit, killing the second werewolf. Izelda and Schmidt dragged the bodies out of the middle of their camp and into the swamp with the ghouls and lizardmen. Deserea didn't even bother to get out of her bedroll, just found her wand of healing and started.

In the morning they continued northeast on the road. When they stopped for lunch and were getting off the wagon, the mules all became restless. Deserea looked out over the expanse of marsh and couldn't see anything, but then a dozen ghouls sprung out of the water just 30 feet away.

Deserea jumped on the wagon and started to sing. Locke jumped up beside her and drew his bow. The ghouls moved up but not quite in reach of anyone or the mules.Schmidt and Biff jumped onto the wagon. Izelda jumped up as well and grabbed the reigns.

Deserea drew her bow and shot at one of the ghouls. Locke also shot and missed. The ghouls moved up and one of them hit the mule tied to the right rear of the wagon. Schmidt shot the one that hit the mule as Izelda got the wagon underway. As the wagon moved by them, three of the ghouls hit the already injured mule, killing him.

Deserea and Locke both shot and hit their targets, but the ghouls were still able to keep up with the wagon as it was dragging a dead mule. Two ghouls swung at Locke, but missed. Schmidt shot over the dead mule and dropped his bow. Izelda kept the mules going, continuing to build up speed in the wagon. Several ghouls hit the dead mule again, and one hit the other mule behind the wagon.

Deserea shot and hit one of the ghouls. Locke dropped his bow and jumped out of the wagon. The ghouls moved up to the wagon again, and Locke was able to kill one as it stepped past. Another of the ghouls hit Locke. Schmidt jumped out of the wagon and tumbled over the mule corpse, drawing his sword. Izelda jumped out of the wagon after everyone else, but tripped as she hit the ground.

Deserea dropped her bow and drew her sword, cutting the ties on the dead mule. All the time, screaming obscenities in various obscure languages about everyone else jumping out of the moving wagon. Locke stepped up, power attacked and cleaved two adjacent ghouls. The ghouls moved toward the party, and Locke killed one as it stepped past. Another ghoul hit Locke. The others missed. Schmidt stepped in and killed a ghoul, and Izelda got up and stepped toward the melee, casting guidance on Schmidt as she got there.

Deseree shouted at the mule to stop, grabbing the reins. Locke power attacked and cleaved again, killing another of the ghouls. The remaining ghoul missed the paladin three times. Schmidt finished it off.

Looking down the road, Izelda, Schmidt, and Locke could see that the wagon had covered considerable distance and was still moving. "Eventually it will stop," Izelda said, "Deserea doesn't know how to drive a mule..."

As they were moving the corpses off the road into the marsh, they found a silver magical dagger and a potion. Once the bodies were cleared, the three started down the road in the direction the wagon had gone.

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