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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, October 27th, 2019

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October 27th, 2019, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

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After they cleared off the bodies, Izelda started running down the road as had been her habit. Locke and Schmidt looked at each other and walked off after her. After some distance, Izelda collapsed from exhaustion. Locke and Schmidt walked past the dead mule and, eventually, up to Izelda. They got her up and helped her the rest of the way to the wagon.

By the time they got to where the wagon had finally stopped it was getting late in the evening. Schmidt drove the wagon on through the night while the others slept in the wagon on an uncomfortable bed of spears and leather armor.

Late the following afternoon they crested a small rise out of the marsh and could see a large town sprawling below them. While there were more buildings and a larger area covered (and especially more large buildings), even from this distance the place seemed eerie and full of gloom. There weren't many people in the streets, and what animals were around didn't appear vibrant and full of life.

They crossed a large river as they entered town, and made their way to a large hotel and tavern a few doors down.

Deserea went in with Schmidt and Izelda. Schmidt arranged for a room and immediately went upstairs and went to sleep. Deserea and Izelda stayed at the bar and ordered drinks. While Deserea talked to the bartender to get information about selling a wagon full of weapons in town, Izelda started getting drunk.

After a few drinks, Izelda went out to Locke. "They guy told Deserea there's another tavern," she said. "We should go there."

They started down the street, and a few buildings along, sitting on a bench in front of the blacksmith's shop, whittling, was Leve. Leve and Locke saw each other at the same time.

"Well," Locke said, "I wasn't expecting you to be here."

"What are you doing this direction?" Leve asked.

"Looking for a missing priestess in Dyvvrs. By the way, this is Izelda."

Izelda hugged Leve and grabbed his hand. "We're going to the other bar to get a drink," she professed and started to walk away.

"I'm heading out, Otis," Leve called back into the smithy as Izelda dragged him away.

"You my get used to her," Locke explained.

"What's here?" Izelda asked, "besides the blacksmith and the hotel?"

"Well, there's Mother Screng's herb shop," Leve said, pointing. "She have a wide variety of herbs and remedies, and some foodstuffs."

Izelda was already pulling him along to the shop. Once they got inside, she finally let go of his hand.

"What do you want this time," the grouchy middle-aged woman behind the counter sneered.

"Hruda," Leve introduced, "Mother Screng's assistant."

"Peyote, dream flake, wandercaps?" Izelda asked.

Hruda looked at her briefly, cocked her head, and pulled out a drawer from behind the counter. "3 gold."

Izelda pulled out a purse and drew three coins, placing them on the counter while Hruda wrapped up a parcel.

"Anything else?" Hruda asked, a little less harshly.

"Healing potions?" Locke asked.

They bartered on some potions and some salves before leaving and continuing to the Boatsmen's Tavern.

"Watch showing cash like that," Leve warned. "This place is crawling with cutpurses and thieves." He pointed a couple out to Locke as they walked. Locke took Izelda's purse with the gold in it and tucked it inside his breastplate.

"I've been periodically watching the ruins of an old temple southeast of town," Leve responded when Locke asked what he had been doing for the last couple months. "I tell Otis what I see, and supposedly he is reporting back to Homlet and the capital. I'm not sure how he's reporting, though, as he doesn't leave."

They got to the bar and entered, feeling a hush come over the room. Izelda walked up to the bar. "I'll have a drink!" she proclaimed.

The bartender looked her over.

"As I said," Leve whispered to Locke, "not the best place to go."

"No," Izelda corrected, "I'll buy everyone a drink!"

The bartender scanned the room. "30 gold."

"Isn't that a little spendy, Skole?" Leve asked. "You wouldn't want to disappoint all these customers by pricing the young lady out of her treat."

"Okay," Skole replied, "how about 24."

"Great!" Izelda exclaimed, pulling one of her remaining purses off her belt and counting out a bunch of silver. Locke pulled out some of the gold to help her counting as Skole started pulling drinks.

By this time, Deserea had learned that she needed to talk to Tolub or his lieutenant Grud if she wanted to offload weapons and armor. He had ships that plied the inland sea and could get items to a larger port. She also learned that Tolub was likely in town, and, if in town, almost definitely at the Boatsman's Tavern by the dock.

She went out and climbed onto the wagon. With Biff lying in the back, nobody seemed to have bothered anything. She got out of the wagon when she got across town and walked into the tavern. Again, the room when quiet when she walked in.

Leve looked at the door as did everyone else, then leaned toward the barkeep. "Don't worry, Skole, she'll bring your take up. All her wares are for sale."

Deserea took a moment before recognizing Leve, "Well, if it isn't my favorite little priest."

Skole and several others gave Leve an odd look at this comment.

"Lets go outside," Deserea said to her friends. "I have the wagon here and need to head to the docks."

The four headed outside and Izelda walked up to Bill the mule, still hitched to the wagon and pulled out her bundle of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Deserea told Locke and Leve that she was heading down to the dock to try to sell some of the contents of the wagon. As Deserea started to climb up into the wagon, Leve asked what all they had to sell.

"You probably want to talk to Tolub, then," Leve said after some explanation.

"Yeah, that's what I was told."

"Well, he's inside here, at the Boatsman's," Leve responded, gesturing back over his shoulder.

"I'd probably better stay out here with those two," Locke said, indicating Bill and Izelda, both of whom had eaten some mushrooms.

As they walked inside, Deserea spotted someone who looked like he could be a messenger or page. "How would you like to earn a quick gold?" she asked.

He nodded.

"Go to the Waterside Hostel and get Schmidt from room 7 and have him come here. And there's an extra gold in it for you if you are quick about it."

The man left.

Leve pointed Tolub out to Deserea. He was sitting at a table in the back, with his back against a wall and with a good view of the rest of the room. Leve and Deserea walked up to his table.

"I understand you're who I need to talk to to sell some weapons here," Deserea stated.

Tolub looked her up and down. "I didn't realize it was weapons you were selling."

"I sell a lot of things," Deserea responded, "but right now I have weapons and armor to move. And a couple other things, if you're interested."

Shortly after they sat down together, the messenger came up to the table. "He's on his way," he said, holding his hand out to Deserea. She placed two gold in his palm and gestured him away.

Deserea and Tolub negotiated through a long list of items, him rejecting some, but buying many. Leve kept track of the total negotiated for.

"All right, we can unload this in your warehouse if you have the gold," Deserea said.

Tolub responded, "Tomorrow at noon on the dock. My ship's in the final berth."

"How about half now and the rest tomorrow, then?"

"I don't carry that kind of money on my person," Tolub clarified. "Do I look a fool?"

Deserea chewed her lip a moment. "We can just bring it back tomorrow, Deserea," Leve offered.

"Okay," Deserea agreed, "tomorrow at noon on the dock."

As they were leaving, Deserea whispered to Leve, "I really didn't want to have to keep an eye on it overnight here."

When they got outside, Schmidt was waiting with the wagon and Locke and Izelda. "We're making the trade tomorrow at noon on the dock," Deserea explained.

"Why am I here?" Schmidt asked.

"I thought we may have some trouble," Deserea clarified. "I figured you wouldn't want to miss the fight."

"Well, if there isn't anything else, lets head back to the hotel for the night," Schmidt suggested.

"I really don't want to have to try to watch the wagon, mules, and everything else overnight in town," Deserea said.

"Sleeping out of town is always better," Izelda drawled, looking up at the sky blankly.

Schmidt looked around, grimaced, and agreed.

They switched mules, and Leve and Locke led Bill and Izelda, while Schmidt drove the cart. They headed a ways out of town and found a fair-sized field with a herd of sheep in it and made camp. As they were setting up, Locke explained to Leve that they were headed to Dyvvrs to see what had happened to Y'Dey, the head priestess of Iomedae at the church in Homlet. She had gone for supplies, but hadn't been heard from in well over a month. The trip should not have taken that long. Leve confessed that he had not heard anything about her here.

The set watches, leaving Izelda out of the rotation. Nothing appeared to bother them through the night.

Late the next morning, they made their way back into town. At the smithy Leve went in to talk to Otis.

"Have you heard anything about a priestess named Y'Dey coming through here several weeks ago?" he quietly asked the smith.

Otis grabbed him across the back of the neck and directed him out through a back door into an open yard. "Are you trying to get someone hurt? Or killed?" Otis hissed, obviously upset. "Boy, what are you playing at?"

"Terjon, in Homlet, send my friends to see what happened to her since she hadn't been heard from."

"Terjon's an idiot and has no idea what is going on. Did your friends not think to check with Calmer about what was going on?"

"What?" Leve asked, "Terjon outranks Calmer."

"Have they - or you - talked to anyone else about Y'Dey?"

"I haven't. I don't think they have."

"Don't. At least not anywhere near here."

"All right. But you should know that another comment Deserea made last night makes me feel unsafe here. I think I need to go with them when they leave, which will probably be right after Deserea makes her trade with Tolub."

"What did she say?" Otis asked.

"She called me a priest," Leve responded. "It seemed to have garnered some attention in the Boatsman's..."

Leve headed back out to the wagon. Izelda was ringing horse shoes from a barrel together.

"Come on," he said as he passed her, "let's get moving."

They climbed onto the wagon and headed across town to the docks.

As they were crossing town, Deserea joined Izelda in the back of the wagon. "When we get there, see if you can get into the water and up to the ship without being seen," Deserea whispered. "While I delay, you can set the ship aflame and keep them from attacking or pursuing us."

"Okay. What will Locke and the new guy think?"

"What they don't know..."

When they got onto the docks, Leve, Locke, and Deserea hopped off the wagon and approached the ship as Schmidt turned the wagon around. Izelda helped Schmidt get the wagon backed up toward the pier the ship was tied to. She then snuck off toward the end of the dock while Deserea was talking to Tolub.

"We have the goods," Deserea called as Tolub came down the gangway off the ship. "You can unload as soon as we have the gold."

Tolub walked up past Leve and Locke and handed Deserea a sack of coin.

"It feels light," she said, weighing the bag in her hand. "Where's the rest?"

"I assure you, it's all there. Can we start unloading?"

"I asked, where's the rest of it?" Deserea insisted.

"It really is all there," Tolub replied. "Go ahead and count it. I'm a patient man."

Deserea took the sack back to the wagon and opened it, noticing that Izelda was in the water. A large portion of the money was in platinum, which accounted for the weight difference. "It's all here, lets help them unload," she said.

Schmidt, Deserea and Leve helped get the equipment off the wagon, as several sailors loaded it onto the ship. Locke stood on the pier and watched. As the sailors were taking the last of the weapons onto the ship, Schmidt noticed an archer on top of one of the warehouses along the dock. He moved to the front of the wagon and waited. Deserea stood at the back of the wagon, wondering why Izelda hadn't started a fire yet. Locke joined Leve near the rear of the wagon at the base of the pier. After a few seconds, Deserea said, "Well, let's be off, then."

Schmidt got the wagon started, and as soon as it was moving, four half-orc archers stepped out from behind a building in front of the wagon and fired at Schmidt and Deserea. Schmidt cast resist fire on himself and Leve activated his fast healing and held his bow ready to fire at the first threat he could target. Locke stepped back away from the wagon. Izelda continued to hold, treading water at the prow of the ship. Deserea jumped into the wagon and began to sing. The four orcs in front of the wagon fired again, two missing Schmidt and one missing and another hitting Deserea. The six sailors who had just finished loading the ship had drawn bows, and four of them fired at Locke and missed, the others firing at Leve.

Schmidt stopped the wagon and jumped out, signaling Biff to follow him. Leve stepped away from the two mules tied to the rear of the wagon, and fired at one of the sailors on the ship, missing. Locke ran up the pier and onto the gangway and sheared through two of the sailors on the rail. Izelda warped some of the planking just below the water line on the starboard side of the hull of the ship, causing it to start taking on water. Deserea hunkered down into the wagon, trying to get cover. One of the archers on the roof shot Locke. Izelda shouted from the water, "Keep tolub alive, I have a place for him in the depths." The four remaining sailors on the ship all missed Locke, but Tolub stepped up from behind them and hit Locke with his axe. The orcs all fired at Schmidt, one hitting him. A cleric coming up from within the ship cast something, but there was not an obvious effect.

Schmidt leapt up onto the bow of a ship adjacent to the wagon, turned, and fired at one of the snipers on the roof, killing him. Leve ran to the orc archers on the dock in front of the wagon, hit one and killed him. Deserea followed Leve. Locke hit Tolub and killed one of the sailors on his follow through. Izelda cast stonecall, dropping stone and debris on the ship and injuring all the remaining sailors. Deserea used her whip to disarm one of the orcs. The one orc retrieved his bow. Two others fired at Leve and missed, and the final one fired at Izelda and missed. The remaining sniper hit Locke again from the roof. The cleric and the three sailors swung at Locke but missed. Two other sailors jumped overboard. Tolub again hit Locke.

Schmidt fired again, dropping the second sniper. Leve swung at one of the orcs and missed. Locke hit Tolub again. Izelda moved down the dock and cast another stonecall, taking out the two sailors in the water and another three on the ship. Deserea used her whip to trip the orc she had previously disarmed. The three orcs in front of the wagon turned and fled down an alleyway. The remaining sailors stepped up around Tolub to take out Locke, but they all missed.

Schmidt moved off the ship and down the dock toward the paladin. Leve moved and shot down the alley after the fleeing orcs, hitting and killing one. Locke cleaved through Tolub and killed the cleric. Izelda cast another stonecall and took out Tolub and the last of the sailors on the ship.

Izelda stepped up and healed Locke. After waiting a moment, Deserea ran off down the alley after the fleeing orcs. She cast invisibility on herself as she ran down the alley, and seeing where they had apparently turned, went around the corner and hid herself against the wall. After a moment she saw where they were hiding in the shadows of an alcove. She cast ghost sound behind them, and did her best to sound like their captain angry and coming down the alley. The two ran back toward the dock, one actually running into Deserea who stabbed him, killing him. The other turned to attack her, but died for his efforts.

Deserea came back to the dock. "Well, they're taken care of too," she said to no one in particular.

Izelda and Locke had the bodies of Tolub and the cleric, which they were loading into the wagon. "We should be getting out of here," Leve said. "This place may not look like much, but the militia can be vindictive and effective."

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