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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, November 10th, 2019

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November 10th, 2019, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

Larger map and driving directions

Everyone got into the wagon, but then Izelda jumped back off. She dropped her pack in the wagon and handed Leve her shield. "I'll catch back up with you - I can turn into a fish and swim away if I get into trouble," she explained. "I'll double check that there isn't anyone stuck in the hold."

Schmidt got the wagon going as Deserea jumped out and ran ahead. She peeked around the first corner and, seeing just normal traffic, waved the wagon on, jogging to keep pace.

They rolled on a few blocks, then made a left onto the main road out of town to head back to their campsite and still had no signs of pursuit.

As they got out of town, Deserea ducked off behind a hedge and watched for anyone following.

Meanwhile, Izelda ran back to the sinking ship. She climbed down into the hold that had an unpleasant smell, but not that of a slaver. She did find a dog and helped him up the ladder to the deck. As soon as he was on deck, he ran off, down the gangplank and off across town.

She directed several rats and spiders out to the deck and which way to head to get to dry land, and then checked all the bodies to see if any were still alive. None were, so she dumped them all into the harbor.

She then looked for some planking. She was able to find some, now floating, in the hold of the ship, and lower them along the side of the ship to be pushed into the holes by the pressure of the water flowing in through them, but not enough to really stop the influx of water.

As the wagon headed down the road, Leve was removing armor, clothing, and items from the two bodies, and starting to prepare them for burial.

As they got to their camp site, Leve was mostly prepared. They started to dig a grave for the two bodies, but before they got far, Deserea caught up to them.

"The militia is turned out," she said simply when she arrived. "There were more than twenty in the group I saw."

There was some discussion about turning the wagon on its side and using it for cover in their field, but they ended up deciding to leave the bodies and move on in the wagon. Schmidt grabbed a field mouse and used animal messenger to sent it to Izelda on the dock with a note that they were headed further down the road. They all climbed in the wagon, and Schmidt got them started up again and headed down the road as fast as their mules would take them.

When the mouse go to Izelda, she was swimming around the ship trying to figure out other ways to stop it from sinking, but was not successful. She climbed on the dock and took the note. She did her best to calm the mouse, then went somewhere out of sight with it and turned into an eagle. She took the now terrified mouse in her talons and flew back to the field where they had camped.

She shooed the mouse off and looked in the pit where the bodies had been thrown. She tried to push some dirt over the bodies with her wings, but that was quite ineffective. The message had said they were continuing out of town, so she took back to the air and followed the road. From altitude she could see the mass of the militia moving as a unit. They appeared to be rather organized. She followed above, and eventually spotted the wagon and her companions a distance ahead.

After they had gotten a start down the road and had gotten around a couple curves, Schmidt let off the mules and let them move at a more leisurely pace. It certainly wouldn't do to have the Bill fall over from exhaustion and have the other two already worn out from running all afternoon. Deserea and Locke were trying to keep an eye out behind them for signs of pursuit, but weren't seeing any. Maybe Deserea had gotten back to them quick enough and they had gotten started down the road quick enough to elude the militia.

It was several hours further along the road when Izelda swooped down and met them. "They turned back a couple miles back," she said. "Their captain, I guess, was pretty upset, but I guess they have some limit on how far they will go."

They went on a little further, then pulled the wagon off the road into a wooded area. They put many of the valuables from the cart into their chest, and Izelda hoisted it far up a particularly tall tree. She then did her best to hide it while the rest of the party hid the wagon.

As night started to fall, they headed back toward town. They had decided to go to the ruins of the temple and see if Y'Dey was being held there, or if it was just a distraction. Deserea decided she would head back to town, and skirt along the edge of town and to the road back to the Temple. From Leve's description it sounded like this would be a faster route, and since Deserea could disguise herself, could make herself invisible, and could see in the dark, she probably wouldn't be caught. This would give her a chance to get to the ruins first and scout around a little before everyone else got there.

The rest of the group got to a point where Leve thought they were about even with the ruin, and started to cut through the marsh and woods, guided by the stars.

As Deserea got near the ruin, she could smell the stench Leve had described, and did notice the tendency that Leve had described of thorns that seem to reach out of the brush to snare clothing and of vines and roots on the trail that almost seem to actively trip if you are not watching your feet. From some inspection, coupled with the description Leve had left, this was some kind of carnivorous plant, not some magical effect. Though the rot and evilness of the location was probably contributing to the plant's growth.

As the remainder of the party made their way with the three mules cross-country, they eventually found themselves in thigh-deep water in a clearing in the marsh. Izelda was in front holding a torch (which was lit with a light spell), Schmidt followed her with the three mules, and Leve and Locke were each carrying their everburning torches. At nearly the same time, Schmidt and Izelda noticed something coming up between them in the water. They called Leve and Locke's attention to it.

Schmidt readied an action to attack anything that attacked and sent the mules off in the opposite direction with Biff. Locke called divine spirit to his sword and moved up to where the mules had been. Something in the water reared up and tried to bite Locke, who swung at the thing as it tried to move past him. Three more tried to get Schmidt and he hit one as soon as it was in range, and a second as it moved past him. Another tried to get Izelda. Leve called judgement against these foes, and cast a spell. Izelda moved back and attacked one. "Giant leeches," Schmidt said.

Schmidt attacked one that he had already hit. Locke waited to move with Leve, since they could help protect each other. The leeches all attacked, one hitting and latching on to Izelda. Locke stepped forward, turned, and hit the leech that had attacked him. Leve stepped up behind Locke and swung at the leech and missed. Izelda escaped from the leech's maw.

Schmidt attacked and killed one of the leeches. The one leech again bit and grabbed on to Izelda. The other leeches missed. Locke hit one and killed it, and swung through into another one, and took a step toward the rest of the party. Leve moved up behind Locke again and hit and killed the leech beside them. Izelda escaped, again.

Schmidt hit one and killed it. The remaining leeches all missed. Locke moved up to where he could almost reach the nearest leech. Leve moved up and past Locke. Izelda hit one of the leeches between her and Schmidt.

Schmidt killed a leech and moved toward the last. The leech missed Schmidt. Locke moved up toward the leech, moving slowly due to the water. Leve stepped up and healed Izelda since he couldn't reach the leech yet. Izelda stepped up to the leech and tried to talk to it, asking everyone else to give her a minute.

Schmidt, having seen the damage these did to Izelda already, swung and hit the leech. The leech missed Schmidt. Locke stepped up and killed the leech. "If you want to talk to some animals, Izelda," Schmidt suggested, "maybe you could go get our mules and Biff..."

Leve asked if they wanted to look inside the leeches for treasure, and Locke and Schmidt shook their heads. Leve gathered up the bodies and strung them together on his silk rope, so he could drag them out of the water and onto land, knowing that they had to get to land sooner or later. After all, they were heading in the general direction of the temple ruin, and it was on pretty solid land...

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