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Frontier Pathfinding - Sunday, December 8th, 2019

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December 8th, 2019, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Dewey Basement
1631 Dewey
Butte, MT 59701

Larger map and driving directions

After much discussion, during which Deserea butchered the pigs and started smoking what meat she could, the group decided to start into the brush and see just how many of these creatures were in there and how much of a threat they posed. They decided to start where they were at the southeast corner of the area, and try to make a direct path to the road coming in from the west. From there, they would move north into the ruin.

Just a few feet into the scrub, a vine lashed at Locke, but he didn't notice. Izelda, however, did. She cast and pointed it out to the rest of the group. Deserea stepped back to watch for others. Schmidt cast as well, and sent Biff behind Deserea. Locke attacked, now that he knew it was there, and hit. Locke hit it again and it died, all of its branches drooping.

Schmidt looked around and spotted another one. He stepped up to it, swung, and hit. The vines and tendrils thrashed at Schmidt, hitting several times. Deserea held her action, watching for another to join in. Izelda stepped up beside Schmidt and cast again. The vine tried to hit her, but missed. Leve used his liberate power and closed the significant distance between himself and the vine attacking Schmidt and Izelda.

Locke stepped over beside Izelda and swung at the vine, connecting. Schmidt attacked and killed it. Deserea pushed her way through the brambles to the plant they had just killed and examined it. Just touching the sap burned her hand, so she didn't risk further injury. She let the team know that just contact with the sap was enough to cause harm. Izelda cast on Leve, and Leve moved up to another, swung, and missed.

Locke moved over behind Leve and attacked.Schmidt used spring attack to move up to the vine by Leve, attack it, and kill it. Deserea moved back to Biff and continued to observe. Izelda moved forward and looked for another vine. Schmidt pointed a vine near Izelda out to Leve. Leve moved up but missed on his attack.

Locke moved up beside Leve and hit the vine. Schmidt joined them and also hit, killing the thing. Deserea moved up closer, but still continued to observe. Schmidt told Biff to stay with Deserea. Izelda moved past them, saw another one, and called it out to the party. Leve moved up and dodged the thing's attack.

Locke stepped up beside Leve and attacked. Locke was hit in turn by the vine. Schmidt stepped up and killed this one as well. Locke looked around at them more intently, then declared that they weren't evil.

The group decided to head back, realizing that they had only moved about 30 feet into the scrub of the thousand or so they would need to cover just to get to the road, let alone into the ruin. Deserea pointed out that it wasn't nearly as difficult to move around the brambles, and there weren't however many of these plants that keep attacking them if they stayed about 120 feed away from the ridge that was all that was left of the outer perimeter. They walked out around the thickest of the brambles until they got to the road.

Once on the road, they started back to the ruin along the road. Just where predicted Schmidt spotted one of the vines. He charged it and killed it in one attack. Leve spotted one across the road from Schmidt and attacked, but missed. Locke joined Leve and hit the thing. Deserea held back again, observing what the vines were doing. Izelda threw a javelin at one, but missed.

Schmidt joined Leve and Locke, attacked, and missed. The vine hit Leve, Schmidt, and Locke. Deserea continued to watch, spotting several other vines along the road. Izelda threw another javelin and hit one across from the boys.

Schmidt killed the one they were in front of. Locke and Leve watched as Izelda walked up and killed the one she had hit. Deserea pointed out that while several could have attacked, only the ones they hit seemed to do so.

They waited for a minute, watching, then Izelda walked past one. Then past another. Schmidt and Locke followed her. None of the vines attacked. They continued down the road until they were within sight of the old gate. Or, rather, where the old gate used to be.

The road continued through a gap in the rubble pile which used to be the wall. From the distance they couldn't see a lot, but Deserea confirmed there was no magic at the gate and Locke confirmed there was nothing evil there. The plants continued to ignore them while they followed the road. Deserea confirmed as they approached that the walls used to be very thick, probably more than 20feet thick from what she could see, and fairly tall. The rubble pile, though overgrown, was still over 10 high. The road continued to be passable, but as they got further along, it became more clear that they wouldn't have gotten their wagon down the road easily between encroaching growth and lack of repair and maintenance.

Inside the wall, the plants seemed less healthy and vibrant. The feeling of uneasiness was more pervasive, and the absence of normal animal noises from a forest more oppressive. Scattered on the ground, mostly half-buried (or better) were the remains of innumerable skeletons. Most of them were human, but there were plenty of gnolls and orks, and occasionally other humanoids, and a fair number of horses. The skeletons had clearly been there for decades, if not longer.

The temple building still appeared intact. Izelda and Schmidt couldn't even see any windows broken out. The large main doors were made of some kind of metal and had to be at least 30 feet high and 30 feet wide.

In front of the temple, but still at least 100 feet away the road turned back to the west as Izelda had seen from above. A wide path continued up to the front steps of the temple, but in the same disrepair as the road.

They opted to continue along the road and followed it to where it intercepted the rubble of the wall. There didn't appear to have been a gate at this location previously, and there certainly wasn't one now. Spending quite some time looking around, they didn't see any signs of a door, passage, or a continuation of the road.

They decided that the next thing they should check out was the orchard behind the temple. The didn't want to enter the temple while there were still questions out here. Izelda started into the scrub toward the orchard and was almost immediately attacked by one of the vines. She stepped back, but it followed. Schmidt and Locke made short work of it, and no others followed.

They returned to the front door, agreeing that it wasn't worth trying to kill hundreds of those vines to see an orchard or a ruined tower or probably an empty foundation. From about 50 feet away, the sheer evil of the place hit Locke, knocking him down. "I think we already knew that," Leve commented.

The steps up to the entrance were very steep. The treads were only about 4 inches deep, but there was a foot of rise between them. The sickly green stone they were made from was clearly worn from thousands of feet climbing these steps. The landing at the top of the stairs was 30 feet deep and over 100 feet wide. At either side of the path the vines and brambles crowded the steps, but did not go over them. The stairs and the landing were clear.

Deserea and Schmidt agreed that the front doors were made of bronze. They were chained shut with heavy iron chains. There was something carved in the door, but from the path it was impossible to make out details. Schmidt and Deserea looked for any signs of traps without actually stepping on the steps, but couldn't find anything.

Still being concerned, Deserea used a scroll to summon a dog out of the ether, and sent it onto the landing and to the door. The dog leapt easily onto the platform and immediately backpedaled and jumped off the landing and started down to the road before the spell expired and the dog ceased to exist.

"Well," Izelda commented, "nothing seemed to actually hurt it, it was just forced away." and she stepped onto the landing. She immediately had an urge to get away from the doors and leave this place, but she forced herself to step toward the doors.

Schmidt stepped up and walked up to the doors. He could feel the magical repulsion of the doors, but wasn't overwhelmed by it. They were engraved, and the glyphs or runes on the doors were filled with some kind of white metal. The seams between the doors and around the sills were filled with lead. Schmidt walked to his right around the corner of the building where the landing was much narrower and walked to another door. This door, while will wrought of heavy wood did not seem to have anything carved on it.

Deserea stepped up after Schmidt and also walked right up to the door. Like Schmidt, she could feel the repulsion from the doors, but it wasn't overwhelming. She looked at the symbols, and tried to puzzle out their meaning.

Eventually Izelda made her way to the door as well. She was feeling lethargic when she got there, but the feeling didn't seem to be getting any worse.

Schmidt decided he did not want to risk whatever that was, so he stepped onto a lower step and started to sidle his way to the east, but almost immediately fell off the narrow ledge. In frustration he got up and just strode into the brambles, getting hit several times by some of the vines and clambered up onto the platform to the side, but apparently still within the effect. He, like Izelda, wanted very much to move away from the doors. Stepping further to the side he discovered a point where he was no longer uncomfortable. From there he was able to walk to up Schmidt.

As Locke approached, Schmidt declared that he had the side door unlocked if they wanted to go in.

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